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Suselle is the femslash ship between Susie and Noelle from the Deltarune fandom.


Noelle and Susie are both Kris' classmates at school. When Alphys (the teacher) notices the chalk is missing, Noelle volunteers herself and Susie to get some. This attempt, however, is unsuccessful, as Alphys sends Susie and Kris instead. Before Kris leaves the classroom, Noelle tries to comfort Kris by saying that Susie isn't that bad.

Later that day, Kris overhears Noelle talking about her crush on a girl with her father Rudy. Noelle says she can't ask her out. Rudy gives Noelle advice on how to ask her out, but she is skeptical of his methods.

Kris can later find Noelle outside her house and bring up Susie. Noelle asks Kris what Susie is like, saying that she has always been wondering about it. If Kris says Susie is nice, Noelle is pleasantly surprised and wonders if it is actually a trick. If Kris says Susie is mean, Noelle offers to trade partners (for a schoolwork) with Kris, who was paired with Susie. If Kris says Susie eats chalk, Noelle asks what color is her favorite before realizing that giving a lunchbox full of chalk is a bad idea.

While Noelle has a crush on Susie, it is unknown how Susie feels about Noelle. Susie appears to be unaware of the crush, and Noelle has not mentioned her crush on Susie to anyone but her father.


The ship is among the most popular ships in the Deltarune fandom. Supporters of the pairing are hoping their relationship will be further explored in future chapters of Deltarune and that Noelle becomes a party member at some point. Some see it was the Deltarune version of Alphyne, with Susie paralleling Undyne and Noelle paralleling Alphys.

Suselle has support on DeviantArt, with around 200 or more images of fanart dedicated to them. One of the most popular images of the pairing is Out behind the school or something by zarla, which gained over 1,000 favorites in just one day. The user Koalify13 has also made popular fanart of the pairing, with multiple images that have over 1,000 favorites each. Other popular images include Suselle by aeternizare and Noelle x Susie by qqqal with over 200 favorites each.

On AO3, it is the most written ship for the Deltarune fandom. It is also the most written ship for both characters. Susie is also the second most prominently featured character in fanworks involving Noelle (behind Noelle herself, who is first by default).

Suselle is rivaled by Krusie, the ship between Susie and Kris.



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