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Lance“Sven! Are you okay? You saved my life!”
Sven“I’ll be fine. Just get me to space hospital.”
— After Sven takes a laser blast to the chest for Lance, Hole in the Sky.

Svance is the slash ship between Sven and Lance from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 3

In “Hole in the Sky,” Team Voltron gets a distress signal from an Altean ship. Allura is adamant they check it out. They cross through to an alternate reality, after searching for an beings in distress, two figures drop down from a ceiling hatch. Lance immediately charges a figure, as he’s about to shoot him, Lance is saved by Hunk and Keith. Minutes later, the figure goes for Lance again, but Pidge is able to save Lance by breaking the man’s helmet, revealing his face. Lance is stunned when it’s Shiro’s face he’s seeing. Soon Alteans board the ship and the two figures leave.

Later, Lance, Hunk and Pidge are standing in a hallway discussing what happened minutes prior - how the Alteans are turning their enemies into slaves. Sven and Slav, his partner and fellow Gun of Gamora member, show themselves from an air duct. At this point, it’s assumed Sven gave Lance and the others his name as Lance says it later. The five of them are captured by the Alteans and are taken to where Keith and Allura are. Upon seeing this, a fight breaks out and the bombs Sven and Slav planted earlier go off. Everyone starts running down a hallway, shooting droids. Lance is looking around for the way to go next when a droid is just about to shoot him. Sven leaps to shove Lance out of the way, taking a hard hit to the chest. Sven lands at Lance’s feet, with Lance pulling him to safety behind a wall. He cradles Sven’s head in a hand, saying, “Sven! Are you okay? You saved my life!” Sven weakly answers, “I’ll be fine. Just get me to space hospital.”

It’s unknown if Sven survived. After this episode, Sven is never seen or heard from again in the show.


After Sven took a laser blast for Lance, the ship gained in popularity.



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  • The way Sven saved Lance is also a reference to the classic Voltron episode The Right Arm of Voltron. In the episode, Haggar plans on taking out one of the Voltron Force members so that they can’t form Voltron. Lance is caught by her, but Sven notices and saves his life, getting severely injured in the process and sent to Planet Ebb for recovery.


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