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Svav is the slash ship between Sven and Slav from Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.



In their debut episode, Sven and Slav are partners working for the Guns of Gamora, against the Altean Empire. They’re already aboard a stuck ship between two realities when Team Voltron arrives. They drop from a ceiling hatch and during a small fight with Team Voltron; they work together, telling them they’ll never get “the comet.” Sven is mistaken for Shiro, being his alternate reality counterpart. It’s soon realized that they must be from an alternate reality. Lance makes a comment about the Slav from his reality, “one that talks about alternate realities a lot,” to which Sven says, “Oh, that’s him.” Slav gives him a side glare. Slav gets an alert to more Alteans which leads to him booting Sven back into the ceiling hatch, then him pulling Slav up.

Once escaping, they’re on the outside of the ship where they plant the last of their bombs. Sven asks if Slav thinks their plan will work, which Slav calculates it should. He then also questions if the people from the other reality will join the Alteans. Slav tells him, “If they’re really my friends from another reality, there’s a 72% chance they’ll figure out what’s right.”

Sven and Slav aboard back onto the ship where they startle Lance, Hunk and Pidge opening a wall hatch. Moments later the Altean scientist’s suspicions were proven true about the Guns of Gamara being aboard the ship. All five are captured and are walked to Commander Hira, the leader of the Alteans.

An argument breaks out, with Slav laughing at what he knows is about to come-bombs. The bombs planted earlier go off and Sven yells, “Dogpile!” shoving everyone on top of each other. As everyone is running out they’re shot at by the Altean droids. Lance is about to hit, when Sven launches himself in front, taking a hard laser blast to the chest. Slav opens a hanger gate and tells the paladins to get to their Lions while he stays back to take care of Sven. It’s unknown if he survived or not.


Some fans have taken a liking to their relationship as they work well together, compared to their counterparts in another reality.

On AO3, Svav has 15 works in its tag.



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