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Sveith is the slash ship between Sven and Keith from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 3


Team Voltron gets a distress signal from an Altean ship, and Allura is adamant they check it out. They cross through to an alternate reality, where having searched for any beings in distress, two figures drop down from a ceiling hatch. One figure takes aim for Lance and Keith cuts his gun, the two then engage in hand-to-hand combat for a moment before the figure gets the advantage over Keith by landing a powerful kick, knocking him down. The figure goes for Lance again, but Pidge is able to save Lance by breaking the man’s helmet, revealing his face. Keith is stunned when it’s Shiro’s face he’s seeing. As the Shiro-look-a-like takes aim at him and the others, Keith raises his hands and deactivates his weapon, saying, “Shiro, please.” The man immediately replies back, “My name is not Shiro.” Following a short exchange of how the man looks just like their Shiro, his partner and fellow Gun, Slav and Pidge determine them to in an alternate reality. Before any more could be said, Alteans aboard the ship and the two leave.

Later, Hunk, Lance, Pidge, Slav and Sven are escorted in handcuffs to the room where Keith and Allura are discussing with leader of the group of Alteans. Upon seeing this, Keith is enraged and a fight breaks out. The bombs Sven and Slav had planted earlier go off and everyone starts running down a hallway, shooting droids. Keith and Sven work together as allies for the first time when Sven leaps to shove Lance out of the way of a laser blast, taking a hard hit to the chest. Slav tells Team Voltron to get to their Lions while he stays back with Sven. Not wanting the enemy Alteans to get the upper hand and take hold of the same material that Voltron is, Keith and others fly back through the portal to their own reality.

It’s unknown if Sven survived.


Some Sheith shippers like to ship them for the potential angst: Sven and Keith finding bittersweet comfort in each other from being away from their beloveds; Shiro for Keith and Akira for Sven. In most Sveith works, Shiro is gone and Keith seeks comfort and/or distraction from him, while in others Sven is featured as another Shiro/Shiro’s clone (ie. Kuron, Kuro). As Sveith is most often shipped by Sheith shippers, to Keith, Sven is seen as another version of “the love of Keith’s life”.



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  • When Keith and the rest of Team Voltron believed Sven to be their Shiro, Keith was the only one to lower his weapon.


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