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Elena“No, no! Gay! Me, gay!”
Syd“Oh. Um, me gay too.”
— Too Zir, With Love

Sydlena is the Non-binary ship between Syd and Elena Alvarez from the One Day at a Time fandom.


Elena and Syd first met through their gamer group. While hanging out at Elena's she attempts to find out if Danny is gay, but is interrupted by Danny getting a text from her girlfriend, and leaving to go meet her. Syd walks over to a rejected Elena, expressing how lucky Danny is to have a girlfriend. Elena realizes that Syd was hitting on her, but Syd takes Elena's reaction to mean that she's straight and was rejecting them, and starts to run away. Elena yells that she's gay, Syd confirming that they're gay too. Lydia and Alex look on, realizing how bad Elena is at flirting and that they're going to have to help her.

The two are about to go to Comic Con for their first date when Elena's building is put on lock down and they have to stay there. Elena is awkward the whole time and doesn't know what to say to Syd. Syd starts to believe that Elena doesn't like them and walks on the balcony outside. Elena tells them that the reason she's been acting so weird is because she liked Syd so much. She grabs Syd by the face and kisses them. When they release them they apologize, but is interrupted when Syd kisses her. They then officially begin to date.

As Homecoming approaches, Elena doesn't really want to go. But Syd come over and wrote a whole song to ask Elena. Elena ecstatically says yes.


The ship was loved by the whole fandom. Many noted on how the two acted like a more realistic young gay couple. Sometime's comparing them to "useless lesbians" and "every gay on tumblr". Non-binary and genderqueer fans were also happy to see themselves represented in a sitcom. Although some did have a problem with Elena referring to Syd as her girlfriend and not her partner.



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  • The costumes they wore for Comic Con were the TARDIS and the Fourth Doctor
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