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Sylkius is the poly ship between Loki, Sylvie Laufeydottir, and Mobius M. Mobius from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


The Nexus Event

Mobius and the TVA monitor the Timeline for any signs of a Nexus Event to find Loki and Sylvie. As the planet crashes into Lamentis-1 to destroy them, Loki and Sylvie hold hands and cause a Nexus Event. The TVA goes to their location, and Loki and Sylvie are apprehended by Mobius and the TVA.

Mobius questions Loki, who tells him that the TVA has been lying to him; Sylvie revealed to Loki that everyone at the TVA are Variants, which includes Mobius, but Mobius doesn't believe him. In questioning, Mobius realizes that Loki likes Sylvie, and their bond could have caused the Nexus Event on Lamentis, and Mobius riffs Loki about it. After looking into things at the TVA more, Mobius realizes that Loki was telling him the truth about everyone at the TVA being Variants, and he goes to help Loki escape and save Sylvie. But Ravonna confronts them and has Mobius pruned as Loki watches. Still shocked by this, Loki is then brought out to see the Timekeepers, and when Sylvie sees him she asks if he's okay, but Loki can't answer.

Journey Into Mystery

After they are all pruned and separately end up in The Void, Mobius and Sylvie meet up first and Sylvie develops a plan to defeat Alioth. As they head back to Alioth, they reunite with Loki, who was also planning to defeat Alioth. Loki runs to Sylvie when he sees her get out of the car, and he's excited to see them both. Loki is skeptical of Sylvie's plan to enchant Alioth, but Mobius supports Sylvie, commenting that she's confident that she can do it. They decide to go with Sylvie's plan.

Loki and Sylvie later talk about Mobius's theory about the Nexus Event on Lamentis, which Mobius also told Sylvie. Sylvie mentions to Loki that Mobius "isn't so bad" and that he cares about Loki.

As they put their plan into motion, Sylvie gives Loki the TemPad so that he can go back to the TVA, but Loki decides to stay with Sylvie and help her. He hands the TemPad to Mobius, who opens a Timedoor to return to the TVA. Before he leaves, he offers Loki his hand, but Loki embraces him in a hug. As they hug, Mobius tells Sylvie that she's his favorite. Mobius returns to the TVA to "burn it to the ground", leaving Sylvie and Loki to handle Alioth. This is the last time that the three of them are all together.


  • Mobius and Sylvie reunite with Loki in The Void.
  • While Mobius and Loki hug, Mobius tells Sylvie she's his favorite.

Behind the scenes

“Mobius opens up Loki’s sense of his own identity and that this might be something that's malleable. And then Sylvie opens up something in Loki about the nature of identity. And that Loki is able to then reflect back to Mobius.”
— Tom Hiddleston[1]


“You're my favorite.”
— Mobius to Sylvie while hugging Loki
Sylvie“Mobius isn't so bad.”
Loki“Or so good. I think that's why we get along.”
Sylvie“He cares about you.”
Loki episode 5 Journey Into Mystery


Sylkius grew in popularity after it became apparent that Sylki (Sylvie and Loki) would possibly become canon after episode 3. Lokius (Loki and Mobius) was the most popular ship from the beginning of the Loki series, and part of the appeal of Sylkius is that it leaves none of the three major characters out of a central relationship.

A few common themes emerge in Sylkius fan fiction and fan art. Mobius's canon comment that Sylvie is his favorite has inspired fanworks that explore themes of jealousy or rivalry between Loki and Sylvie. This can be portrayed either playfully or seriously. The show's first season ends with Loki separated from both Sylvie and Mobius, inspiring some fans to anticipate the possibility of Sylvie and Mobius teaming up to find Loki. Some works portray Loki as seducing both Mobius and Sylvie. Other variations include Mobius joining an established relationship between Loki and Sylvie, Mobius and Sylvie sharing Loki, and Mobius's attraction to Loki and Sylvie being an extension of his apparent interest in Loki variants. One recurring AU is an office romance scenario where Sylvie works with Mobius and Loki at the TVA.



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  • Lokius refer to the ship between Loki and Mobius
  • Sylki refers to the ship between Sylvie and Loki


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