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Venom“It was too much. We were still connected. I should have told you...”
Venom“I love you Eddie.”
— Venom #6

Symbrock is the non-binary ship between the Venom Symbiote and Eddie Brock from the Venom and Marvel comic fandoms.


Spider-Man 3

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Venom (2018)

Eddie is approached by Dorothea, a scientist working for Carl Drake who tells him that Drake is killing people with his experiments. After some time to think over her proposition, Eddie agrees to help her and she breaks him into Drake's lab. While taking picture's of the lab, Eddie see's a woman that he knows and breaks her out. She attacks him, and a black goo, the Symbiote, seeps into him. She lets him go as the intruder alarm goes off, and he takes off. Two security guards attempt to stop him but he is somehow able to get away from them. As more guards chase him, he is able to use super strength and something starts controlling his body. He's able to hide for a bit before escaping.

Eddie gets back to his apartment, and starts to eat everything he can find before throwing it all back up. He brushes his teeth to get the taste out of his mouth, but when he looks in the mirror, a brief appearance of the symbiote appears in the reflection, along with a voice, and he freaks out, accidentally knocking himself out in the process. When he awakens, he reaches out to ex-fiance Anne for help, who takes him to a Dr. Dan for an MRI when Venom freak out inside of him. On his way home, he starts to lose control over his body and starts to hear voices in his head. Once at his apartment he gets a call from Dan and Anne, who tell him that he has a parasite. He asks if the parasite would make him be able to climb a very tall tree, very fast when a voice tells him that it did. Dan says that they'll get him on some meds to get rid of it, when the voice says that that'll never happen. He tells it to be quiet, and says that he'll call Dan and Anne later. His neighbor starts to play guitar very loudly and hurt the "parasite", and he storms across the hall. He tells the man to keep it down, but he dismisses Eddie. The "parasite" then briefly appears, and scares the man.

The parasite tells Eddie not to open the door, confusing him, when someone knocks. He opens the door when several men come in and threaten him unless he gives back the parasite. Eddie tries to surrender, but the parasite asks what he's doing. He says that he's putting his hands up, but the parasite says that he's making them look bad and forces Eddie's hands down. Eddie forces himself to raise his hands again, but the parasite keeps forcing them down. They decide to take care of things themselves and attacks them men as they attack Eddie. Eddie becomes increasingly confused as the fight goes on, goo coming out of him and attacking the men, and his body being controlled. After all the men are knocked out, the parasite suggest biting off all their heads and making piles. Eddie frantically asks why they would do that, but the parasite just says that it'd make a pile of bodies and a pile of heads. Another man tries to enter the apartment and the parasite quickly takes him out. Eddie tries to run when the parasite forces him out a window and onto the next balcony.

Eddie makes his way to the alley, and starts to head towards his bike, when he hears the parasite say his name. He looks into the car window and see's an all black creature with teeth and big white eyes. He assumes that it's not real and just in his head due to the parasite. The creature becomes offended by the term and forces Eddie back against the alley wall. Eddie quickly apologizes when a drone shows up and the creature lets him avoid it crashing into him. He gets on his bike as the drones start to chase him. The parasite protects him from the drone blasts as they fire at him and forces him to duck as a drone flies towards him. Eddie thanks them and the parasite says your welcome. They chase continues and they're able to get rid of all the drones.

Then men chase Eddie down, but they seem to be able to stop them when one of them knocks Eddie off the motorcycle. Eddie lies on the ground extremely injured, but the parasite starts to mend him back together and takes over. He threatens the man that hit Eddie when another one of Drake's men shoots him in the back. He throws the other man to the side and bites the man's head off, just as the police arrive. The parasite then runs through the city before diving off into the ocean and swimming away.

Symbrock Face to Face.gif

The parasite gets to a post in the middle and lets Eddie take control. Eddie becomes increasingly confused and freaked out, when the parasite forms a part of itself out of his body. He asks what they are, and they introduce themselves as Venom. Eddie is now theirs. Eddie says that they bit someone's head off, but Venom just brushes it aside and tells Eddie to listen. Eddie didn't find them, they found Eddie, and he's now their ride. Eddie asks where they're going, and Venom says that they need Drake's rocket. Eddie asks how he knows about that, and they tell him that they know everything about him, since they're inside his head. Eddie asks if he's going to eat more heads, and Venom says most likely, much to Eddie's disgust. Venom says that if Eddie cooperate's, he might survive. That is their deal.

As Eddie walks, he gets a call from Anne. Venom asks who she is, but Eddie says that it's none of their business. Venom says that everything of Eddie's is his business, there's no secrets. Eddie says that means that Venom already knows, and also knows why they're taking a detour to Eddie's old office. Venom agree's, and isn't unreasonable. Eddie tries to convince the security guard to let him upstairs, but Venom interjects and suggest eating him. Eddie freaks out and says no, and quickly leaves. Outside, Venom realizes that Eddie wants to get to the top. He then takes over and scales the side to the top of the building.

At the top, Venom remarks on how peaceful and beautiful the world is from up there. A plane then flies overhead, and the noise causes Venom to hide inside of Eddie. Eddie then starts to fall, and yells for Venom. Venom then comes back and is able to catch them on the side of the building. He says that he has them, and then busts into the main office. Eddie says that they're going to get him killed, but Venom assures him that if he dies, they die as well. Eddie points out that Venom can ditch him and go for someone else whenever he wants. Venom asks why they would do that, when Eddie is far too good a match to throw away so soon. They're also starting to like him. Eddie thanks them and leaves a note and his phone for his ex-boss. Venom then tells him to jump when he's done, but Eddie opts for the elevator instead.

Symbrock Mask.gif

Eddie reaches the ground floor, but is met by a swat team. He puts his hands up and tells them not to shoot, but they don't listen so he tells Venom to take over. Venom fights the swat team, and is about to eat one, but Eddie takes over just in time telling them that they can't eat cops. Anne arrives and see's Venom transform back into Eddie. She starts to run but, Eddie stops her and tries to explain. She then forces him to get in her car so she can drive him to the hospital. She suggests that Dan needs to do another MRI, but Venom says no, since the sound could kill them. Also not a fan of fire. Anne realizes that Venom is talking to Eddie. Eddie says that they always are, despite only being connected for a day. Venom then starts to taunt him about Anne, and suggests that he apologize to her.

They arrive at the hospital, and Dan starts reading Eddie his results. Venom tells him not to listen to Dan, since he can fix what's wrong. He asks Dan if he can fix it, but Dan can't. Eddie asks if he's dying, but Venom insits that he's fine. Anne tries to tell Venom that they're killing Eddie, but Venom denies it. Dan starts walking towards Eddie when Venom shoots out and starts to choke him. Anne then turns on the MRI, as Eddie tells her not to, and Venom is removed from his body. Venom tries to get back to Eddie, but the glass keeps that from happening. Eddie chews out Venom for almost killing him, and without him, they're dying also. Eddie decides that they're done and leaves.

Symbrock Kiss (1).gif
Symbrock Kiss (2).gif

Drake confronts Eddie on where Venom is but Eddie won't talk. Drake then decides to get rid of Eddie and has his men take him out to be killed in the woods. Eddie starts taunting the men when he notices Venom's tentacles taking some of the men away. He tells Roland that karma is a bitch. Roland says that he doesn't believe in karma, just as Venom turns him around and bites his head off. Eddie realizes that Venom took over Anne, and is kinda into it. Venom then grabs Eddie and starts to make out with him, seeping into him and bonding with him as they do. Anne pushes Eddie away as Venom finishes, and Venom informs Eddie that the symbiote with Drake is Riot, the team leader. They have to go stop him. Eddie asks where they're going, and Anne insists that she's coming with. Venom says no, since it's going to get ugly, but both Anne and Eddie insist that she can fight. Venom refuses and takes over Eddie, leaving Anne behind.

Eddie is frustrated that they left Anne behind, but Venom believes that it's too dangerous. They need to stop Riot and Drake before they come back with millions of symbiote's. Eddie asks if their plan was to come back and feed on the whole planet, which Venom confirms. Venom says that things are different now, and has decided to stay on earth. On their planet, they're a loser, like Eddie, but on Earth the two of them could be more. They're also starting to like it there, but there will be nothing left to like if they don't stop Riot. Eddie says that it's only "we" when it comes to getting annihilated, but Venom says that it's always we. It's going to take both of them to stop Riot. Eddie demands that Venom actually tell him what made them change their mind, and Venom admits that Eddie was the reason.

They get to the ship, just as Riot runs towards it. Eddie asks if Venom can take them, but Venom says that their chances are pretty much zero. Eddie decides to go for it, and Venom takes off to stop Riot. The two start to fight, when Riot gets the upper-hand and rips Venom from Eddie. Riot is about to destroy Venom, but Eddie is able to reach out and bond with Venom again. They continue their fight, reaching the top of the rocket. Anne then causes the speakers to turn up and separates Riot and Venom form Eddie and Drake as they fall. Riot is able to re-bond with Drake and ends up stabbing Eddie, before heading back to the rocket.

As Eddie lays dying, Venom is able to get back to Eddie and heal him. They then get to the rocket and are able to destroy it. The resulting explosion causes them to fall. Realizing that the explosion will kill Eddie, Venom says goodbye to Eddie and uses himself as shield. Eddie yells for Venom not to, but it's to late. Eddie hits the water, Venom seemingly destroyed.

The next day Eddie and Ann talk, and Eddie accidentally slips talking to Venom in his head, making Ann suspicious. Eddie quickly leaves and tells Venom that he doesn't have a problem with them sticking around, but there have to be rules. Starting with not eating whoever they want, much to Venom's confusion. Eddie explains that there are good and bad people in the world, and Venom is only allowed to hurt the bad one's. Venom is fine with that, but doesn't know how to tell the difference. Eddie says that there are ways, and Venom reluctantly agrees. Although they should find something to eat soon, since Eddie's liver is starting to look good. Eddie knows a place and starts to head to Mrs. Chens.

We are Venom.gif

Inside, Eddie asks what Venom wants for dinner, and they decide on tater tots and chocolate. A man then walks in with a gun and threatens Mrs. Chen. Venom asks if he's a bad guy, and Eddie confirms. Venom takes over and threatens the man, who asks in fear who they are. Venom removes half of their face, and they and Eddie simultaneously say, "We are Venom." before eating the man. Eddie then takes over and Mrs. Chen asks what that was. Eddie says that he has a parasite and wishes her a goodnight. Once outside, Venom becomes offended by the term parasite, but Eddie assures them that it's a term of endearment. They tell Eddie to apologize, but Eddie says no. Venom demands again, and this time Eddie gives in and apologizes. Eddie asks what they want to do now, and Venom thinks they can do whatever they want.


Venom (2018)

  • Eddie hears Venom in his ear say that he's hungry.
  • Venom assures Eddie that he's not going to die.
  • Venom boops Eddie on the nose.
  • Venom calls Eddie a loser.
  • Venom tells Eddie to get in the car.
  • Eddie tries to get Dan not to call Venom a parasite.
  • Venom watches Eddie get taken by Drake's men.
  • Roland teases Eddie on not being very tough without Venom.
  • Eddie is offended by Venom calling him a loser.
  • Anne tells Eddie that she's sorry about Venom.
  • Anne says that the kiss was Venom's idea.
  • Eddie asks Venom what they want for dinner and they tell him tater tots and chocolate
  • When Eddie drives off to an interview for work, he tells Venom that they have to stay quiet, and Venom reluctantly agrees.




Venom found that they were with their sixth child, but didn't tell Eddie. It isn't until their captured by the Symbiote Recon Task Force that Eddie finds out that Venom's about to have a baby. After a long tiring delivery, Sleeper is born. Worried that being bonded so young would cause Sleeper to become a killer like their siblings, the two opted to leave the baby in the care of Alchemex, visiting the often.

Sleeper was later taken hostage by Venom's first host, Tel-Kar, and threatened to corrupt it unless Venom returned to him, which he complies. In order to save Venom, Sleeper bonds to Eddie and the two go off to save them. They track him down, and are able to save Venom, Sleeper taking a brain dead Tel-Kar as his new host. Despite Eddie's protests, Sleeper then set out to explore the cosmos.


“I'm coming love. Whoever's got you...they're in for a surprise.”
— Eddie going to save Venom
“We share everything. Thoughts. Feelings. A purpose. It's not human, but it's given me things no girlfriend ever could. I used to live for words. But the Other's shown me how small and useless they really are. We talk to each other with moods and pictures, memories and heartbeats. Some things are the same in any language. Like the one thing I thought I'd never hear.”
— Eddie after Venom leaves; Venom: The Hunger
Eddie“Where am I?”
Venom“Safe, Eddie. Safe.”
Eddie“Back in the church...?”
Venom“Where we bonded Eddie. Just like marriage.”
Eddie“Why did you bring us here?”
Venom“Important place Eddie. Bonded forever. No one will break that bond.”
— Venom Vol. 3 #150
Priest“Do you have love in your life? Someone who matters to you?”
Venom“ He sleeps now. But he is always with me.”
— Venom Vol. 3 #154
Venom“Outstanding! Now, let's bite all their heads off and pile them up in a corner.”
Eddie“Why would I do that?”
— Venom (2018)
Eddie“What the hell are you?”
Venom“I'm Venom. And you're mine.”
Eddie“You bit somebody's head off!”
Venom“Fuel in the tank! Think of yourself as my ride!”
— Venom (2018)
Anne“He's talking to you?”
— Eddie has had Venom for a day at this point; Venom (2018)
“You were killing me? What happened to we, man? What happened to we? Yeah, look at you now. Now you're dying too. We're done.”
— Eddie to Venom; Venom (2018)
Eddie“Cut the bullshit. What really made you change your mind?”
Venom“You. You did, Eddie.”
— Venom (2018)
Eddie“You wanna talk about that kiss?”
Anne“Oh, that? That was your buddy's idea.”
— The Kiss between Venom and Eddie; Venom (2018)
Eddie“Yeah, it's a term of endearment. That's all.”
Eddie“Fine, fine. I'm sorry.”
— Venom (2018)


The ship has been popular among Venom fans for awhile. It began to take off more during the 2018 run of the Venom comic, as well as after the announcement of the film. Those that saw the film felt that the relationship was the best aspect of it. The relationship between Eddie and Venom was hailed by both critics and fans.

Those that ship based around the comics, believe that the two are already in a committed relationship. Often they site the two raising one of Venom's offspring together. More recently there was the canonical statement of Venom's that they love Eddie.

Once the film was released fans were quick to create jokes about their relationship. Many comparing them to the demon possession vine, or how Venom became emotionally attached to Eddie. He got physically attached pretty quickly as well. There's also the contradiction between their two personalities. However more popular are jokes about Venom being a very annoying voice in Eddie's head.

Fan art of the two became extremely popular after the film, and began to overtake the tags on tumblr and twitter. The fan art ranged on content. Some artist would draw the two in more "fluffy" or domestic moments. Such as eating together, or Venom taking care of Eddie. Redrawing the two as popular vines and other memes are also popular. Other artists draw the two in more risque situations. Typically the two kissing and artist each exploring how a physical relationship would be shown between the two.

On AO3, Symbrock is the most written ship for both the Venom Symbiote and Eddie. It is also the most written ship in the Venom (Movie 2018) and Venom (Comics) tags, as well as the fifth most written in the Spider-Man (Comicverse) tag.



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  • Several news outlets have written stories on the post movie ship, or the relationship between Eddie and Venom being interpreted in a romantic context
    • described the 2018 film as "A fun twisted rom-com disguised as a bad superhero movie"[1]
    • The Mary Sue reported on "'The Internet Is Shipping Eddie Brock/Venom," and how "We’re Feeling It Too".[2]
    • The Atlantic called the film the "Strangest Romantic Comedy of the Year"[3]
  • The Blu-Ray trailer marketed the film as a Rom-Com[4]
  • Symbrock is apparently shipped by the Epic Voice Guy. Or just ScreenJunkies in general[5]
  • Marvel released an article listing all the times that Eddie and the Symbiote broke up[6] and even referred to them as a couple.
  • The Wikipedia article for the 2018 Venom film, the audience reaction talks about Symbrock "Shipping"[7].
  • On July 25th 2020, Sony released a video titled "10 Awesome Symbrock Moments" listing the top 10 moments from Venom (2018)[8].
  • CBR listed Eddie and Venom as number 6 on their 10 Most Evil Supervillain Couples In Marvel list[9].





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