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This article is about Genocide Jack, the alter of Toko Fukawa. You may be looking for the ship between Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa.

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Syomaru is the femslash ship between Genocide Jack and Komaru Naegi from the Danganronpa fandom.


As two of the main protaginists of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Genocide Jack and Komaru share several interactions with each other, many of which are playful and harmless, with Komaru mainly being weirded out by Jack's bizzare antics. Despite this, she considers her a friend, and eventually grows a strong bond with both her and her other self, Toko Fukawa.

At the start of Chapter 1, after being ejected from the Warriors of Hope's base, Komaru lands on a building where she is pursued by a group of Monokumas. She promptly hides under her parachute and begs for someone to come help her, when she suddenly hears a noise and peeks out from her hiding place, seeing that the Monokumas have been destroyed by a girl with scissors, effectively saving her life. The girl then laughs before turning her head and seeing Komaru, she then rushes towards her and eargerly asks if she is Komaru Naegi, while (likely jokingly) threatening to cut her up if she doesn't comply. Komaru fearfully confirms her indenity, before the two girls notice an army of Monokumas climbing the building, which worries Komaru, but only annoys Jack as she hurls her scissors at one of them, causing it to explode. Jack then swiftly grabs Komaru's wrist and the two of them run and hide behind the ventiliation system. Komaru asks if Jack is here to rescue her, but Jack points her scissors at her and asks where Byakuya Togami is, referring to her as "Dekomaru." Komaru tells Jack that she doesn't know where he is, so Jack begins counting down to zero, threatening to cut Komaru up if she doesn't provide her an answer by the time she's finished. However, Jack suddenly reverts back to her other self, Toko, before she can finish.

The two do not see each other for a while, as Toko has gained the ability to control her alternate personality, and typically only utilizes her to handle swarms of Monokuma Units. However, in Chapter 2, Toko gets struck in the head by a piece of falling debris, and when she awakens, she has turned back into Genocide Jack. The two girls narrowly managed to escape a collapsing subway station, and Komaru asks Jack why her personality changed without the use of a stun gun, and Jack reveals that her personality switches when she goes unconscious too. She also says the same thing happens when she sneezes, which she coincidentally ends up doing, reverting back to her other self.

Later in Chapter 3, Jack breaks out of her holding cell so that she can resume searching for Byakuya, and goes to ask Komaru for help, promising to buy her ramen. However, after seeing Komaru isn't in her cell, Jack realizes that she has been captured, and she runs off to find her. Meanwhile, Komaru is being tortured by Kotoko Utsugi's "motivation" device, when Jack finally manages to trail their location on a moving train, which she breaks into and engages in a fight against Kotoko. Jack manages to defeat Kotoko and rescues Komaru, when the train suddenly crashes into the side of a building. Jack then frees Komaru from her restraints, and Komaru breaks down into tears before collapsing into Jack, much to her surprise. Jack orders her to get off of her, as she isn't into "girl-on-girl," and Komaru apologizes for trying to leave her, but Jack calls her stupid for trusting a serial killer, before sneezing and turning back into Toko.

Towards the start of Chapter 4, the Servant reveals to Komaru that he made a deal with Toko to exchange hostages, promising her Byakuya if she brought him Komaru. To prevent Komaru from leaving Towa City, Toko uses her stun gun to change into Genocide Jack, who attempts to kill Komaru so that she can have Byakuya. Komaru manages to defeat Jack, rendering her unconscious, and awakening as Toko. The two girls manage to reconcile, so the Servant pours pepper over Toko's face, causing her to sneeze, forcibly turning her back into Genocide Jack. Komaru begs her to stop, but Jack ends up attacking the Servant instead of Komaru, slicing his kneecaps so he can't stand up. Jack then tells the Servant that her emotions are telling her to kill him and let Komaru escape, and he comments on how beautiful their friendship is, and attempts to shame her for it, due to her reputation as a serial killer, but Jack laughs it off and denies his claims that she and Komaru are friends, before attempting to stab him in the head with her scissors. However, Jack is suddenly stopped by Komaru, who tearfully tells her that she is her friend, and while Jack tells her to let go, Komaru refuses, reminding her of her promise to Byakuya that she wouldn't kill anyone else to become an official member of the Future Foundation. Komaru then tells her that she never thought of Jack or Toko as abnormal, just a little strange, and that she's a precious friend to her no matter what. The Servant tells Komaru that she's wasting her time, and that Jack won't choose to spare her if it means Byakuya's life will be in danger, but Komaru opts to stay as Jack's prisoner if it means keeping her promise. Jack then demands to know why Komaru changed her mind after being so adamant about wanting to escape, and Komaru explains that she still does and that she's still scared, but that deep down, so is Jack for helping her escape, and that there's no way she'll leave her behind. Jack holds her scissors at Komaru's neck and tells her that she betrayed her, but Komaru tells her she didn't and that she's suffering from guilt, and that she wants to help her if she's hurting, reaffirming her desire to stay in Towa City with her. Jack then walks away, annoyed by Komaru's "lip service," before telling her that there's no way she would say no, and instead, gives her a heartfelt "thanks." Komaru smiles excitedly, thinking it was Toko who said this, but Jack turns her head, revealing that it was still her.

In episode 7 of Future Arc, while on their way to infilrate the base of Monaca Towa, Genocide Jack saves Komaru from a swarm of Monokumas, and jokingly comments that she should lay off the carbs, which makes Komaru flustered. Komaru then proceeds to run ahead into the swarm, but one of the Monokuma Units comes charging at her. Jack manages to save Komaru, and angrily asks why she would so recklessly put herself in harm's way, wondering if she "likes it rough." Komaru tells her to knock it off, and Jack empathetically states that she knows she's worried about the safety of her brother, Makoto Naegi, but that she shouldn't be so careless. Later in the episode, Monaca reveals to Komaru and Toko that she knows one of the survivors of the Killing School Life will become a victim of the Final Killing Game, and Toko actually uses her stun gun to turn herself into Genocide Jack so that she can threaten Monaca to reveal who the victim will be. When this doesn't work however, Genocide Jack attempts to kill Monaca, but Komaru prevents her from doing so, reminding her that they promised the Warriors of Hope that they wouldn't harm her. Monaca then makes her retreat by using four Monokumas to launch her and her van into space, but Jack grabs onto the van and continues to demand answers. Komaru, who also grabbed onto the van, tells Jack to forget about Monaca, but Jack tells her not to worry about her and to get out, but Komaru refuses to leave her, and eventually manages to convince Jack to jump off with her.


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

“Woah there lady, I ain't got that kind of taste! Get off me!”
— Genocide Jack telling Komaru to get off of her.
“You seriously are stupid! Why the hell are you trusting a serial killer!?”
— Genocide Jack asking Komaru why she trusts her.
“There's no way I'd say no... rather... thanks.”
— Genocide Jack thanking Komaru.


The ship sailed primarily from the interactions between Genocide Jack and Komaru throughout Ultra Despair Girls. Although they are somewhat limited due to Jack being less prominent than her other self, fans still enjoy them. The ship was also heavily fueled by the moment shared between the two near the start of Chapter 4, which was a rare display of emotional development from the usually light-hearted and comedic Genocide Jack. The ship is one of the most popular for both characters involved, and is also the most popular ship for Genocide Jack, with its main rival being Syogami. On Komaru's side however, the ship loses in popularity to Tokomaru, which is the ship between Komaru and Jack's other self, Toko. However, because Toko and Jack are physically the same individual, some fans choose to ship both pairings simultaneously.

The main detractor to the ship is that Genocide Jack is, like her other self, hopelessly in love with Byakuya, and doesn't appear to harbor any attraction to women, as she only murders the handsome young men that she is attracted to. However, some fans argue that this would result in a healthy relationship between her and Komaru, as Jack would not try to harm her.



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  • Both girls are 5'4" tall.
  • Both characters wear a sailor fuku, except with different colors.



Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls





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