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TNT is the femslash ship between Tulip and Tonks from the Harry Potter fandom.


Tulip and Tonks both started Hogwarts in 1984, and Tonks was sorted into Hufflepuff while Tulip was sorted into Ravenclaw. They did not have any major interactions in their first two years, as Tulip was still friends with bully Merula Snyde. Who Tonks' friends were during that time period, or if she even had any, is unknown.

Tonks and Tulip both became friends with Jacob's sibling in their third year. Initially, they were not shown to interact much. Eventually, the two became close, presumably due to their common interest in pranks and breaking the rules. They often encouraged Jacob's sibling to prank activities as well, and commonly went to Zonko's Joke Shop alongside them.

In their fourth year, it was announced that a Celestial Ball would be held for students of their year. The two became members of the Decorating committee, lead by Penny Haywood. After Professor Flitwick told them not to use magic, Tulip and Tonks insisted on still using magic, but agreed not use it if Jacob's sibling told them not to. Tonks went to the ball without a date, but would hang out with Tulip unless she was Jacob's sibling's date.

In their fifth year, Tonks and Tulip shared Defence Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic classes. In the latter class, students often got bored, and occasionally Jacob's sibling played Exploding Snap with Gryffindor boys. After the game, Tonks and Tulip showed up and challenged Jacob's sibling to play by the Bavarian rules. During these classes, Tulip and Tonks also tasted Fizzing Whizzbees with Jacob's sibling and Charlie Weasley.


The ship has some support due to the two both being pranksters and their in-game friendship. It is one of the most popular femslash pairings in Hogwarts Mystery (excluding pairings with female Jacob's sibling), as well as the most popular ship for Tulip. The ship name of the two was declared in this Tumblr post but it is rarely used.



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