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Tabitharonnie is the femslash ship between Tabitha and Veronica from the Riverdale fandom.


Tabitha and Veronica meet when Tabitha comes to Riverdale to take over her family business, Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, as her grandfather is retiring. Tabitha and Veronica appear to share similarities; both ferociously ambitious women, highly competent, and meticulously dive into independent business ventures, always aiming high in their quests to succeed. Veronica attends the retirement party at Pop's[2] and they later both hang out at the Whyte Wyrm, albeit not together, where Tabitha watches Veronica perform at karaoke night, impressed.[3] They're both at the Whyte Wyrm when Cheryl invites everyone to a key party at Thornhill, which they later both attend. However, Tabitha doesn't stay long as she helps and drives home a wasted Jughead, and she and Veronica don't interact.[4]


In order to help Archie with his quest to reestablish the town of Riverdale, Veronica asks Tabitha if Pop's would host a pancake breakfast to gather the town around the football team. Tabitha agrees, prompting Veronica to surreptitiously ask if she would consider becoming the official sponsor for the Riverdale High Bulldogs. Tabitha agrees to try it out and they later attend the football game together, cheering in the stands.[5] When Tabitha and Betty come up with a plan to gather the truckers at the Whyte Wyrm, they ask Veronica to help by being one of the girls dancing on the bar while the guys check trucks for anything suspicious. Veronica agrees and hey meet at the Wyrm to go over the plan. Later in the evening Tabitha and Veronica perform alongside one another, where both sing a number and dance together.[6]

Tabitha asks V to invest for her.

Tabitha“Veronica, do you have a minute?”
Veronica“For you, Tabitha, I've got five[7]

Tabitha later asks Veronica if V can invest for Tabitha, as she came to Riverdale with plans to franchise Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe and it is still in her aim. Veronica explains that, while she would, her situation with her estranged husband means that she won't be able to produce anything valuable for a while. Tabitha expresses sympathy for Veronica's situation and wishes her good luck with everything. When one of Chad's clients, coincidentally Veronica's acquaintance from New York, Alexandra Cabot, arrives in Riverdale to pull her money out as she has seen no revenue, Veronica, who can't pay Xandra, suddenly opts to keep Xandra's money with her by supposedly allotting them in Tabitha's franchise. Despite knowing that Veronica's in financial limbo, Tabitha agrees to have Xandra invest in Pop's, possibly as Veronica has presented it as new money, but this is never clarified. They meet with Xandra at Pop's and Veronica presents Tabitha as her friend. They show the franchise plans to Xandra, but she is already on board as long as she can add tweaks, including making Pop's a musical diner.

Meeting Toni's little boy, Anthony.

Xandra presents this argument by doing a performance in '60s gear with Tabitha and Toni, after which she asks Tabitha to see the books from Pop's. While having enjoyed performing, Tabitha seems bemused by this request. When Xandra's looked over the books, she wants to change the milkshakes and is very blasé about it; Tabitha puts her foot down and schools Xandra in the legacy of Pop's, pulling out of the deal. Xandra reiterates her desire to pull her money and Veronica looks squeamish. After seeing Josie, Val and Melody perform at the Whyte Wyrm, Xandra feels more secure about making an investment, without the changes she proposed, and Tabitha agrees, much to Veronica's relief. The girls wait together in a booth while Toni gives birth in the kitchen. When Cheryl announces the sex, the girls delight at Toni's blessings. The following day, they see Josie, Val and Melody off on their tour and Toni makes it in time to present her new baby. Tabitha and V coo and exchange a knowing look of joy over the new baby.[7] When Riverdale votes to reincorporate the town, Tabitha and Toni are nominated and elected to a council of four who will preside over the town. Veronica and Reggie propose a casino to draw in business and create jobs, but Tabitha and Toni ask them to draw up a full proposal and return in a month, which Veronica agrees to but in reality decides to illegally circumvent.[8]


Veronica“And, what if, hypothetically, Pop's became the official sponsor of the Bulldogs?”
Tabitha“Let's give it a shot[5]


When the character of Tabitha was announced, the ship took off immediately on twitter, and has remained popular despite the characters only having two interactions on the series thus far. Tabitha owning Pop's, which Veronica used to run (and thought she owned) has fans liking the prospect of these two capable, ambitious women as a pairing.[9] Some also prefer it to Tabitha being positioned as a possible 'roadblock' on the way to Bughead reconciliation, given the show's offensive history with characters of colour, and Veronica being shoved back together with a guy who cheated on her. Generally, viewers want to see Veronica form meaningful relationships with other women, as she's often relegated to dealing with her father in storylines separate from female characters. Despite minimal screentime, the pairing has only gotten more popular as the season has progressed.


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