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Tahnorra is the het ship between Tahno and Korra from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Korra first met Tahno while she was on a date with Bolin. He was sitting with a bunch of women and got up to go talk to her as soon as he noticed her. Tahno trash talked her team and offered her some private lessons. Korra got in his face and Tahno urged her to "go for it." Instead of fighting him, Korra whistled for her Polar Bear Dog Naga which scared him and caused him to shriek. Later, Korra and Tahno's pro-bending teams faced off in the finals. Korra and Tahno faced off in a tie-breaker and Korra said "You and me pretty boy!" Korra ended up beating Tahno in the tie-breaker but Tahno's team won the match because he paid out the referees.

After the pro-bending match, Amon attacked the arena and took Tahno's bending away. Korra later encountered Tahno at the police station. Tahno was clearly depressed and explained that he went to see the best healers in town but it seems that he will never get his bending back. Korra said that even though they were not friends she was still sorry that he lost his bending. Tahno asked Korra to get Amon for him and Korra agreed to do so. Eventually, Korra restored his bending. They fought again in the finals of a charity tournament but the Fire Ferrets won this time.


Fans began to ship Korra with Tahno as soon as a promo was released that showed them standing face-to-face. A lot fans saw the scene of Tahno offering Korra private lessons as him hitting on her. After the episode where Korra was kidnapped by Tarrlok, a fan video was released where Tahno found Naga and eventually found the truck where Korra was tied up in. Many fans hoped that the video was true. A lot of fanon involves Tahno being from the Foggy Swamp Tribe and introducing Korra to his culture.



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  • Korra and Tahno have pet names for each other. Korra calls Tahno "pretty boy" while Tahno incorrectly pronounces "Avatar" in a mocking fashion.
  • Korra saw a memory of Tahno while she was in the Tree of Time. On the DVD commentary, Michael Dante DiMartino commented that he was in Korra's memory.


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