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TaiQrow is the slash ship between Taiyang Xiao Long and Qrow Branwen from the RWBY fandom.



Qrow and Taiyang were once part of Team STRQ, along with Summer and Raven. Upon meeting Qrow at Beacon, Taiyang tricked him into believing that the skirt was part of the boys school uniform by telling him it was a kilt. Little else is known about their school days, though at some point after graduation Taiyang and Raven had a daughter together, Yang, however Raven soon left them both. Despite Raven being Qrow's sister, Qrow maintained a close relationship with Tai and his family, leading both Ruby and Yang to call him uncle, although only Yang is his true biological niece. Qrow also seems to have been the one who told Taiyang that Raven or Summer was not coming back, something that still weights on him.

They both went on to teach at Signal Academy and had a huge influence in raising Yang and Ruby. Yang learning much of her fighting style from Tai and Ruby basing her weapon off of Qrow's scythe. They appear to have different parenting styles as Tai is more protective of his daughters. Often keeping them in the dark about their own family history, and going so far as to ask Qrow not to talk about Raven to Yang. Qrow is much more upfront and eventually does tell Yang where Raven is, as well as telling Ruby about her silver eyes.

RWBY Chibi

In RWBY Chibi, the non-canon comedic spin-off of RWBY, Taiyang and Qrow's dynamic of bickering parents is played up. They often disagree with how to raise the girls, with Taiyang in the role of a loving stay-at-home dad and Qrow as the cool uncle. This is most notable when they are both called into school by Ozpin because of Ruby and Yang. The meeting is quickly derailed by Taiyang arguing that Qrow doesn't appreciate the loving home he is creating for their family. In another episode Qrow helps Tai set up a dating profile.


TaiQrow is a fairly common ship, though not the most popular in the fandom. The fact that Taiyang had relationships with two of his three teammates in the series made fans quickly joke that Taiyang actually dated everyone on Team STRQ, including Qrow. Also after the events in rwby chibi fans have jokingly said the two act like a married couple. Tai being the "wife" and Qrow being the "husband". Also the facg that the two might have bonded quite a bit after losing both Summer and Raven.



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  • Qrow calls Taiyang "Tai"


Poly STRQ — the ship between Taiyang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, Raven Branwen and Summer Rose


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