Tailouge is the het ship between Tails and Rouge from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



Tails and Rouge had their first meeting in Sonic Adventure 2. The two did not meet until the final story, where the two along with Sonic, Knuckles and Eggman teamed up in order to get into the Cannon Core, where they planned to neutralize the Chaos Emeralds in an attempt to stop the ARK from falling.

The two had another encounter in Sonic Heroes, when their teams had a team battle in Lost Jungle. Both Tails and Rouge were the flight formations of their respective teams. The two later teamed up with other heroes in the final battle against Metal Sonic, where Rouge, along with the rest of Team Dark, distracted Metal Sonic, after which Tails and the rest of Team Sonic fought against the transformed Metal Overlord in super forms.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the two were both among the group of heroes who came to the Black Comet in order to tell Shadow not to give the Chaos Emeralds to Black Doom. The two heard as Black Doom explained his plan. However, when the group of heroes tried to stop Black Doom, he used his mind control power to freeze them. Only Shadow, who had Black Arms blood in him, was immune, and Tails and Rouge rooted for him as he went after Black Doom. The group of heroes managed to escape the Comet, and were in a city when Shadow defeated Black Doom and destroyed the Black Comet.

Tails and Rouge met again in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), where the two found themselves stuck in the future along with Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow. The five teamed up in order to find two Chaos Emeralds, which they could use to get back in time. After Tails and Rouge returned to the present, they parted ways. They later met when Mephiles fused with Iblis and sent the two along with other characters to a mysterious place, where they found Sonic dead. The two, along with five others, went to look for the Chaos Emeralds, which they then used to resurrect Sonic.

In Sonic Generations, Tails and Rouge were among the guests attending Sonic's birthday party. The two were also cheering Sonic on during the final battle against the Time Eater.

Tails and Rouge fought together against Infinite in Sonic Forces.

Sonic X

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In "Prize Fights", Rouge and Tails fought each other in the second round of the martial arts mash-up. As Tails swoops towards the bat, she subdued the two-tailed fox, kissed him on the cheek, and threw him off the ring, winning the match. Rouge said she is going to touch off her lipstick right after that fight.


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This ship is fairly popular. It is only superseded by Tailsmo and Taiream for Tails, and Knuxouge and Shadouge for Rouge.



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