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Taiream is the het ship between Tails and Cream from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Tails and Cream are often on good terms, although on some instances, such as in Sonic Heroes, they have fought or had a rivalry.


Cream and Tails had their first known meeting in Sonic Advance 2, the game in which Cream made her first appearance. Cream and Tails, along with Sonic and Knuckles, teamed up to save Cream's mother, Vanilla, from Eggman. The four seemingly defeated him and saved Vanilla, only for Eggman to kidnap her again. In Sonic Advance 3, Tails and Cream teamed up with Sonic, Knuckles and Amy to stop G-merl. In Sonic Heroes, Tails and Cream had a less pleasant meeting. Cream, along with Amy and Big, challenged Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in a fight, hoping they would reveal the whereabouts of Chocola and Froggy. Later, the teams, along with Team Dark and Team Chaotix teamed up to defeat Metal Sonic.

Tails and Cream were also on friendly terms in Sonic Rush and the DS version of Sonic Colors. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Cream could become a party member, while Tails was already a party member by the time the party found Cream, and as such, they could appear together. Tails and Cream were also among the guests in Sonic's birthday party in Sonic Generations, although no major interactions were shown between the two. In Sonic Free Riders, their teams were competing against each other in the first round. If Team Rose (Cream's team) won the race, Tails complimented Cream's extreme gear.

Sonic X

Tails and Cream were good friends, and among the inhabitants of Sonic's world to get teleported to Earth. Cream and Tails both lived in the Thorndyke Mansion until they found a way to return to their world. Later, they were among the ones to travel to space to help Cosmo defeat the Metarex. Both Tails and Cream had a close relationship with Cosmo, as Tails was her love interest and Cream was her best friend.

Archie Comics

In the Post-Super Genesis Wave universe, Tails and Cream were both members of the Freedom Fighters.


Taiream is a popular ship in the Sonic fandom, and among the most popular ships for both characters. It has gained popularity due to both characters being young. It rivals Tailsmo as the most popular ship for Tails, and rapid shippers of the two pairings have had ship wars. Taiream is often shipped alongside Sonamy, as Tails and Cream are the best friends of Sonic and Amy, respectively, and Sonamy has mainstream popularity and canon implications.



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