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Talina is the femslash ship between Talia al Ghul and Selina Kyle from the DC Comics fandom.


The Rules of Engagement

As Selina and Bruce fight off Talia's men, Talia asks about Selina. One of her men tells her that they're engaged, and she says that the men can do what they do.

When Selina and Bruce are tired out, Talia comes out and fights Bruce, stabbing him and he fall unconscious. Selina runs to his side and calls Talia insane, but she just asks if she has a sword. Selina says that she doesn't, and Talia tells her to get one. Selina then pulls the sword out of Bruce and the two get ready to fight.

As they fight, Talia tells the story of how her father trained her, and how she knows that Selina is going to die in this fight. Selina is "impressed" and tells Talia that she never knew her dad and only held a sword once or twice in her life and asks how impressive she is.

Talia finds it laughable that someone who is no one and came from nothing would be able to marry Bruce. Selina isn't laughing and Talia asks if she sees herself as Bruce's equal. Selina says that she does, and Talia says that she's laughing now. Selina points out that Talia has tried, and that if she sees herself as Bruce's equal. Talia says that she's tried, because only Bruce could possibly be her equal. Selina asks if Talia really thinks Bruce is the best in the world. He's completely broken and will put his war on crime over any love, including her. He's not the best, but whatever he is, he's the man she loves.

The two keep fighting and Talia asks if Selina loves Bruce, and Selina says that she does. Talia thinks that Selina is more of a fool than she thought, and that they both are. Talia pushes Selina to the ground, and says that she fought well. Selina then grabs the sword and kicks her off. She then has Talia "hold" her sword while she talks with Holly. Talia pulls the sword out of herself and tells Bruce that she likes Selina.



Issue 34

  • Selina makes many comments about Bruce's ex being behind the attack.

Issue 35

  • Selina tells Damian that since Talia stabbed Bruce in the back, she stabbed her in the back.


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Talina is a rarepair for both Selina and Talia, but specifically in the Batman/Batfamily fandom. Some ship the two due to wanting neither of them to end up with Bruce Wayne, preferring to get rid of the axis of the love triangle. Some also think it would be funny since Damian doesn't like Selina, and having her date both his parents would make him angrier.

On AO3, Talina is the eighth most written ship for Selina and the sixth most written for Talia.



Talia/Selina tag on AO3


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