TallJake is the slash ship between Jake and Tallstar from the Warriors fandom.


Jake and Tallstar (then Talltail) first meet when Talltail is cornered by a dog. Later Talltail eats a poisonous rat which makes him sick. Jake somehow finds him and runs over to get his house-folk for help.

After Talltail is rescued he stays in Jake's home for a while before him and Jake escape. Jake decides to travel with Talltail and they become partners in crime. During the journey they become really close. Talltail thinks of Jake during his leadership ceremony.

When it's time to say goodbye Talltail is heartbroken, asking Jake to come with him back to his clan. Jake rejects his offer and says clan life isn't for him but says that he'll always remember him. They both go their separate ways, with Jake going to make a family with two different kittypets, Quince and Nutmeg, Talltail went on to become Tallstar, the leader of WindClan. After his leadership ceremony, Tallstar stands in front of the rows of StarClan cats and thinks about Jake, before announcing that every cat he's ever loved has taught him the meaning of friendship and the unbending power of the warrior code.

Tallstar also was more friendly towards Firepaw when he joined ThunderClan and became its leader, Firestar, because he knew that Firestar was Jake's son due to the resemblance. Due to this, Tallstar refused multiple times to start a war with ThunderClan and aided Firestar's clan against ShadowClan. It is notable that Tallstar never took a mate after separating from Jake.

When Tallstar dies at the end of Tallstar's Revenge Jake appears to him as a ghost and guides him to StarClan, where the pair are reunited.


“He felt lost and empty, and his dumb paws were tugging him who knew where. Would he really be able to let Jake go?”
— Talltail wondering if he'll be able to part with Jake, page 426.
“He paused as Jake filled his thoughts. He pictured his old friend's green eyes glowing with pride. (Tallstar): Every cat I have loved has taught me the meaning of friendship and the unbending power of the warrior code.”
— Tallstar thinking about Jake and speaking during his leadership ceremony, page 502.
“(Jake): But I'll always remember you. You've shown me a life that I've always dreamed about.”
— Jake talking to Talltail, page 433.
“(Tallstar): I never thought I'd see you again, but... I always hoped. (Jake): Come on, old friend. Come with me. I can't stay with you, but I'll see you safely to StarClan.”
— Jake's spirit guiding Tallstar to StarClan


The ship grew by a large amount after the release of Tallstar's Revenge, in which the two are featured prominently. It remains one of the most popular ships in the Warriors fandom. Following the authors' statements on it, the ship was largely accepted as canon.

Many fans of the ship have largely accepted TallJake as a canon ship, due to the heavy implications as well as author's statements. It is also assumed by fans that Tallstar and Jake reunited in StarClan to be lovers in the afterlife, where Jake thanks Tallstar for taking care of his son and Tallstar is simply glad to be with Jake again.

It is the most popular slash ship in the Warriors fandom, followed by RavenBarley.



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  • Tallstar never took a mate or had kits. Kate Cary has mentioned that his heart always belonged "to his Jake".[1]
  • Kate Cary has also said that in her head she sees Tallstar and Jake as mates. However, inside the publisher's head, they are "good friends".
  • Tallstar was also in love with Reena, and Jake was in love with Quince and Nutmeg.
  • Peculiarly, Smudge and Firestar bear a close resemblance to Tallstar and Jake.


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