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Tangaze is the femslash ship between Tangle the Lemur and Blaze the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


The two first met when Tangle's hometown was getting attacked by Badniks. Blaze felt the call of the Sol Emeralds, which told her to go to Sonic's world as a disaster was about to happen there. Blaze appeared in the middle of a battle where Tangle and Sonic were fighting against Badniks. Blaze helped the two win the battle, after which Sonic introduced Tangle and Blaze to each other. Tangle thanked Blaze for the help. After Tangle learned about Blaze's reason for coming to Sonic's world, she brought up the possibility that something worse could be on its way. Blaze decided to stay in Sonic's world until she figured out what her purpose there was. Tangle and Blaze decided to stay in the town to put out fires and Sonic left.

Later, Blaze and Tangle were called to the Resistance HQ along with other Resistance allies. They were informed that they needed to free Angel Island from Neo Metal Sonic, who had conquered the island and turned into a flying fortress, as well as taken the Master Emerald for himself. Tangle was confused when others in the meeting talked about Burning Blaze but was amazed after Blaze gave an explanation. Blaze wanted to use this ability to fight Neo Metal Sonic, but Tails refused, saying it was too dangerous as Neo Metal Sonic could copy the ability and become even more powerful. Instead, Tangle and Blaze, along with other Resistance members, were tasked to break the island free while Sonic and Knuckles fought Neo Metal Sonic.

After Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow failed at defeating Neo Metal Sonic, the robot transformed into the more powerful Master Overlord. Knuckles requested the help of Burning Blaze, but she could not transform at the moment due to the low power of the Sol Emeralds. Instead, Blaze, Tangle and various other Resistance members fought the robot. Blaze and Tangle successfully destroyed one of Master Overlord's wings.


As of January 2019, the ship is not massively popular. It gained some popularity in 2018 following the introduction of Tangle and her appearance with Blaze in the IDW comics. It is one of the most popular ships for Tangle, along with Whispangle, but not so much for Blaze as Blaze is way more popular. A tweet of the two together as a ship got 74 likes.



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  • In the IDW Comics, Blaze is the second major character to meet Tangle, the first being Sonic.


Tangazamy - the polyship involving Amy Rose


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