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“Signora gave you quite the bad impression huh? Tsk, that woman... Can't say I'm a fan either”
— Childe about Signora

TartNora is the het ship between Tartaglia and Signora from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Both Childe and Signora have a professional relationship with each other as they're both Fatui Harbingers, with Signora being the eighth and Childe being the eleventh.

Before having interactions, Childe asks the Traveler if they haven't met Signora in Mondstadt. Childe tells the Traveler that he isn't quite a fan of Signora either. In the Archon Quest Liyue Chapter 1 the two have present interactions. Childe is seen scolding Signora for not communicating during the operation, instead Signora laughs. She then questions her fellow Fatui comrade if isn't he glad was able to bring havoc to the lands of Liyue, and assumes he must've enjoyed it. Then Signora tells Childe that the Traveler and Paimon had arrived.

Childe, the Traveler and Paimon begin discussing and tells them that the real deceivers are Signora and Zhongli. He tries to continue the conversation until Signora tells him to stop wasting time. Zhongli then discusses with the Traveler about being the Geo Archon, after he's finishes Childe questions Zhongli if anyone (including Signora) had any remorse for him for tricking him. Signora laughs and tells Childe that being told thank you is much more appropriate.

She continues to tell her comrade that Childe did not in fact play a small roll as he was able to cause chaos to Liyue. As well that Zhongli should thank him for what he has caused. Continuing, Signora tells Childe if he never had caused the disaster in Liyue, the Qixing, Adepti and God would've had never worked together. Confused, Childe asks Signora on who's side she was on and if he was mocking him, and if they wanted to fight. Signora tells Childe that they should now head back to Snezhnaya in order to go to the Zapolyarny Palace where Tsaritsa resides. Childe groans and tells Signora he'll meet her there later as he didn't want to share a boat with her.


Signora“Heh... Well then, with the Gnosis in my possession, I have no use for such idle chatter. We should return to Zapolyarny Palace and seek an audience with Her Majesty, the Tsarista. Come, Childe.”
Childe“Ugh, fine... I'll meet you there later. I'm not sharing a boat with the likes of you.”
Archon Quest Liyue Chapter 1: Act III


The ship it self isn't quite popular, however most of the works outside of fan fiction can be quite comedical. There isn't as quite many fan written works with the two, however there is fan art that includes them and another fellow Fatui Harbinger, Scaramouche. This ship rivals ChiLumi as it's Childe's most popular het ship. Most of their interactions in fan works tend to be Signora getting annoyed at Childe, or sometimes it's mutual. Their age differences is unknown but it's known Childe is the youngest Harbinger being at least 19-21. Fans of this ship see this more as a friendship rather than a romantic duo.



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  • Tartaglia and Signora are both weekly bosses.


Fatui Harbingers refers to the ship between the two and Scaramouche


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