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Tauradonna is the het ship between Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus from the RWBY fandom.


Blake and Adam are ex-partners and ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend, the two shared a mentor-apprentice relationship. Adam and Blake were originally operatives for the White Fang, however, this connection was eventually severed, as Blake is seen leaving him and abandoning the mission at the end of the RWBY "Black" Trailer. Blake made note that Adam did not care about innocent lives, such as when he went to set demolition charges on the train despite her protests about all the innocent people on board. Adam's callous disregard for the lives of the crew inevitably caused the two to then part ways. However, in volume 2 chapter 1, Blake is shown to have a sketch of him in her notebook, this means that she might still think of him and might even still care about him.

Blake then brings Adam up twice to the rest of Team RWBY, once was about her motives for leaving the White Fang, and the next time was about why she was not immediately able to trust Yang's innocence after the fighting incident with Mercury. The first time she referred to him as her old partner who eventually turned into a monster. The second time she described Adam as someone very dear to her who changed for the worst.

During the siege of Beacon, as he and Blake encounter each other again for the first time since the train incident, he refers to her as his "darling." In volume 3 chapter 11, he then refers to Blake as "my love" and states that all he wants is her. This suggests a romantic history of some kind existed between them. He has been referred to as the "crazy, abusive ex-boyfriend".

As they continue to fight, he begins to manipulate her. He yells at her about how their destiny was to change the world together and promises that she will run away again, but not until after she suffers for her betrayal. Their battle ends with him beheading Blake's clone, but not before stabbing her.

In Volume 4, Adam displays an unhealthy obsession for revenge on Blake as he orders Corsac and Fennec Albain to have her brought to him alive and have her parents assassinated. However, he is unaware that Blake had anticipated the trap laid by them and managed to escape them along with her parents.

In volume 5 chapter 13, Adam is delighted to see Blake seemingly give herself up to him but is later infuriated when she and her comrades foil his plans of destroying Haven. He attacks her in a blind rage, only to be clobbered on the back of his head. Then in the next episode, Adam tries to intimidate Blake but to no avail, as she has clearly gotten over her fear of him. After their brief fight, Adam escapes in an attempt to lure Blake and Sun away and take them down when they are alone, but Blake easily sees through his plan. She then tells Sun not to go after him. After the Battle of Haven, in volume 6, Adam's hatred and obsession for Blake has grown stronger. He hates it when someone mentions Blake's name, which results in him slaughtering his remaining followers upon his return to White Fang headquarters.

He finally finds and corners her atop the Argus radar tower in volume 6 chapter 10 and specifically blames her for his own downfall. Blake then yells at him to leave her alone as they begin to fight. As the fight goes outside the tower and into the forest below, Adam vows to kill Blake for good this time. As the two continue fighting, Adam verbally abuses Blake, calling her a coward for running away from him and then trying to manipulate her again by trying to shift the blame towards her. Then after the revelation of his scarred face to Blake, he claims that she has hurt him the most out of everyone.

In volume 6 chapter 12, Adam reminds Blake of the promise she made to him to stay by his side and that she never kept her word. Yang then shows up and helps Blake take down Adam. Afterwards, Adam is overwhelmed after Blake and Yang manage to impale him and dies.


Tauradonna was a popular pairing going all the way back to the RWBY black trailer. They were also one of the ships in the show that was actually canon at some point. The ship pretty much sunk after his death in volume 6 though. The other more popular ships for Blake are BlackSun, Catmeleon and Bumbleby



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  • Blake and Adam are both based off of the titular characters from Beauty and the Beast.


Blake's Harem — the ship between Blake Belladonna, Adam Taurus, Ilia Amitola, Sun Wukong and Yang Xiao Long


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