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Team Boom is the friendship between Sticks, Perci, and Zooey from the Sonic Boom fandom.


Sticks and Perci debuted in Rise of Lyric as NPCs within the unnamed village. Zooey, on the other hand, debuted in "Battle of the Boy Bands" of the TV series. Zooey's debut appearance is also one of the few episodes where all three characters appear.

In that episode, all three girls were some of the brainwashed Justin Beaver fangirls obsessed with his mind control music. Amy influenced Sticks to join the bandwagon. They attended a Justin Beaver signing with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles standing on the side. They later attended a concert in which Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' band challenged the beaver to a sing-off. After Justin sang a high note to impress the fangirls, Tails found the counter-frequency, prompting Sonic to play on his guitar using that same frequency towards Justin. As a result, Sticks, Perci, Zooey, Amy, and those other fans under control were freed. The entire audience then cheered on the trio under a new name, Dude-itude.

The only other episode with all three girls appearing is in "If You Build It They Will Race". Sticks was one of the competitors on race day. Both Perci and Zooey have cameo appearances at the finish line, cheering on Dr. Eggman and Sonic.


Given that all three characters are exclusive to the Sonic Boom universe, fans tend to team the girls up by analogy of other named trios in the franchise. The first known attempt for a Team Boom fan art is in late 2016 by DeviantArtist TobyandMavisforever, using elements from Sonic Heroes. Since then, interest on this ship has increased slightly.

In a tweet by Doot Doot, if Team Boom is implemented in Team Sonic Racing, Sticks can be classified as Speed, Perci Power, and Zooey Tech.



Sticks, Perci, and Zooey on DeviantArt




Persticks - the ship between Perci and Sticks
Zooicks - the the ship between Zooey and Sticks
Zooerci - the ship between Zooey and Perci


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