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Team Chaotix is the friendship between Vector, Espio, and Charmy from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



For the purpose of this section, Team Chaotix will consist of the original three members: Vector, Espio, and Charmy.

Knuckles' Chaotix

A few months after the events on Angel Island, a mysterious island appeared in the southern seas. Knuckles, Espio, Mighty, Vector, and Charmy all arrived on the island separately in order to investigate, only for the latter four to be captured by Doctor Robotnik - who had found the island first and turned it into a massive resort - and petrified by his Combi Catchers. Not long after arriving on the island and finding out Robotnik was involved, Knuckles freed Espio from his Combi Catcher and the two agreed to stop the mad scientist. The two traversed the island collecting the Chaos Rings that were key to Robotnik's plan, all the while rescuing the other captives from their Combi Catchers as they join the hunt. The group is ultimately able to get all of the Chaos Rings and defeat Metal Sonic - empowered by an artificially-created Dark Ring - to end Robotnik's plan.

Sonic Heroes

At some point, Vector, Espio, and Charmy reunited and formed a detective agency, one that prided itself on completing whatever job they're paid to do. During a slow day at the office, the trio receive a walkie-talkie in the mail. The one on the other end of the device - in truth, Doctor Eggman - contacts them for a job, one that will pay substantially. Espio expresses unease about the client, but Vector brushes off the concern by noting the Chaotix's policy on never turning down paid jobs, which Charmy reaffirms. While still hesitant, Espio agrees and together the three make their way out to the job.

After first demonstrating their skills to the client, the Chaotix are faced by who appears to be Eggman - but is actually an upgraded Metal Sonic masquerading as him - in a large aircraft. The three manage to drive him back before making their way into a massive city under "Eggman's" control for the first real job: destroying as many of Eggman's robots as possible, and later securing the Power Plant. As the Chaotix leave the city for the next job, they're stopped by Rouge the Bat and her group demanding to know who they are. Espio and Charmy determine them to be enemies of the client, prompting the two teams to fight each other.

Following the fight, the Chaotix arrive in a casino to collect rings for their client and later acquiring a set of casino chips to access a nearby Eggman base. Before the Chaotix are able to leave the casino, "Eggman" arrives and swarms them with a significant force of robots that they destroy with ease. Wasting no time after the fight, the Chaotix enter the base through the nearby canyons and begin destroying the various weapon capsules across it per the client's orders. They encounter "Eggman" again, this time in a massive battleship containing secret weapons which the client wants destroyed. After destroying the battleship, the trio discover that the Eggman they've been fighting was a fake. The client nearly blows his cover before ordering the Chaotix to head for the jungles to the north. As they make their way to the jungles, Charmy notes how much the client seems to know about Eggman, with both Espio and Vector revealing that they've been suspecting that they're related somehow.

After arriving in the jungle undetected, the Chaotix are ordered to rescue the Chao within. While doing this, they run into Team Rose. Thinking that Cream's Chao Cheese is among those they're sent to protect, Espio asks the trio to hand it to them, only for Cream to accuse the Chaotix for stealing Cream's brother Chocola, prompting a fight between the teams. The Chaotix are understandably miffed about the misunderstanding even after they arrive at their next jobsite, a castle they must find the keys to enter. After entering and investigating the castle, they run into "Eggman" with another significantly-sized force of robots that they deal with.

The Chaotix eventually reach "Eggman's" fleet of airships and quietly traverse the ships until reaching the flagship. Once the Chaotix are onboard, the client reveals he's being held aboard and get the Chaotix to find the cell he's in and the keys required to open it. Before they're able to reach the cell, the Chaotix face off against "Eggman" one more time and finally defeat "him". Examining the wreckage reveals that "Eggman" was another fake, which Vector nonchalantly notes he suspected. The three find the client's cell and discover that it's the real Doctor Eggman. The three are understandably angry that they've been duped and, despite Eggman's pleas, beat him up.

After everyone calms down, Eggman tells the Chaotix that the reason he's locked up in a cell was because Metal Sonic had usurped him. The four join Teams Rose, Dark, and Sonic in witnessing Metal Sonic dropping its disguise and use the biodata it acquired from all of them to ascend into a monstrous new form. When Eggman expresses that they need the Chaos Emeralds to stand a chance, all present reveal they've already gotten them, with both Espio and Charmy holding two of them. The Chaotix assist Teams Rose and Dark in distracting Metal until Sonic goes into Super mode and, together with Tails and Knuckles, finally defeat it. After the battle, Vector and Espio note that the their job is done until Charmy points out they still need to get their pay. Noticing that Eggman is trying to sneak away, the Chaotix pursue him.

Shadow the Hedgehog

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They stationed aboard the Space Colony ARK searching for information regarding the black hedgehog’s past. Shadow can choose to fulfill or not the tasks of each team member, alongside with the other major characters over the course of the game. In the Last Story, they tried hacking the computer to initially no success, but Charmy rammed it, revealing a message from Shadow’s creator that is broadcasted in front of the hedgehog and Black Doom. This revelation allowed Shadow to defeat his “father”.

Sonic Generations

They were in Sonic’s birthday party, and greeting the hedgehog with the other major characters. They later feasted on the chili dogs and other food, then were sucked into a time-space void. Sonic and his classic self eventually freed them across different zones. Once the Chaotix members and the rest were freed, they cheered on the Sonics as they faced the Time Eater.

Sonic Forces

All three were members of the underground Resistance when Sonic disappeared. They, alongside Amy and Silver, were present when Knuckles introduced the rookie to them. They later joined with the other main characters in defeating Infinite and his army.


Sonic the Comic

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The Chaotix Crews comprises the original four members from the Knuckles’ Chaotix video game: Vector, Espio, Mighty, and Charmy. Ray did not appear in the original run of Sonic the Comic (save mentions in the News Zone), but he did on the later online issues.

Archie comics

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

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As with Sonic the Comic, Knuckles formed the Chaotix after asking Vector, Espio, Mighty, and Charmy to help him defeat Metal Sonic. Ray, Saffron, and Julie-Su join sometime later, motivated by their close relationships among some of the founding members.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

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The team has been indistinguishable from its counterpart in the games. Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray are now allies instead of being fellow members of the team.

IDW Publishing comics

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Following the end of the Eggman War, the Resistance hired the Chaotix in order to find where Eggman had disappeared to. The three searched through the remains of both Eggman's city and various abandoned bases, but were met with dead ends at every turn. Their luck turned around when an anonymous tip took them to a small, idyllic village, where they finally found Eggman - only to discover he was amnesic and was helping the villagers as "Mr. Tinker". While glad they found Eggman, the Chaotix were left with the dilemma of punishing someone for crimes they don't remember committing. With little options, Vector had Espio bring Sonic - the most qualified to make a judgement - to the village in order to get his perspective on the matter.

Once Sonic arrives, the Chaotix inform Sonic about the situation before asking him, with further information from the village's leader, what to do. Before a decision is reached, a small force of Badniks arrives near the village. Thinking that Eggman's finally dropping his act, the Chaotix are sent to deal with the Badniks while Sonic confronts "Mr. Tinker", though he arrives a little later to help in the fight. After Sonic informs them that Eggman was scared of his own robots, the Chaotix come to the conclusion that he really has lost his memories and the four agree to leave Mr. Tinker alone, though Vector says they'll still look for "Eggman" just in case. Things finally seem to settle down until Sonic and the Chaotix overhear Mr. Tinker refer to "Eggman Land", suddenly calling his sincerity into question again.

They're soon met by Shadow and Rouge - who also overheard Mr. Tinker's mention - intent on stopping him. As Sonic and Shadow's ensuing fight leads them out into the surrounding forests, the Chaotix are unsure what to do since they can't catch up with either hedgehog. Vector instead decides to interrogate Rouge about brining Shadow to the village in the first place. Rouge reveals that she's the one that gave the Chaotix the anonymous tip that led them to Mr. Tinker with the intent of them, and Sonic, getting there before Shadow. The three see Shadow returning to village and intend to stop him before he reached Mr. Tinker in the building behind them, but the dark hedgehog Chaos Controlled past them into the building, only for him to ask he show them what "Eggman Land" was. After discovering how harmless "Eggman Land" was, everyone was ready to head out, with Vector thanking Rouge for the job.

Battle For Angel Island

The Chaotix are brought to Resistance HQ, along with other allies, and informed about something Sonic discovered from an abandoned Eggman base: Neo Metal Sonic - now in control of Eggman's forces - had captured Angel Island and the Master Emerald. The plan the Resistance hammers out is that Sonic and Knuckles will secure the Master Emerald while everyone else, including the Chaotix, destroy the defenses that Metal had installed around the island. After the plan is hammered out, everyone boards one of the Resistance's airships and departs for Angel Island. On the way there, the Chaotix pass the time by playing cards with Silver and new recruit Tangle the Lemur. Vector tries to get Knuckles to join in the game, but the echidna's worry about his island and the Master Emerald overpowers the need to relax.

The ship eventually reaches Angel Island, but is quickly shot down by the installed defenses. After leaving the ship, Amy orders the Chaotix to "do their thing" as they begin destroying Metal's forces alongside the rest of the group. The three eventually reconvene with everyone onboard an Eggman battleship that Tails commandeers, just as Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow are forcefully brought to them by a Master Emerald-enhanced Neo Metal Sonic. The trio soon assist the others in distracting Metal while Knuckles removes the Master Emerald until it shakes them all off, forcing Silver to use his psychokinesis to save everyone. The distraction ultimately works as Knuckles succeeds and returns the Emerald to its pedestal as Metal reverts to base form and falls defeated, with Vector tiredly telling Espio and Charmy that the case was now closed. Before departing Angel Island, the Chaotix approach Amy about their pay for finding Eggman, discovering his impersenator, and taking it down, with Sonic leaving the four alone to deal with it.

Crisis City

In their office in Seaside City, the Chaotix are informed about Eggman regaining his memories and about the currently developing crisis concerning his new virus. The three are suddenly intruded upon by a horde of Zombots breaking in. Espio finds his kunai don't affect them and Vector has to stop Charmy from stinging them lest he be infected, forcing the three to escape into the streets - only to find the city in panic as Eggman's Faceship begins infecting it. The Chaotix make their way downtown while Vector contacts Amy about the situation. After being assured that help will arrive as soon as possible, Vector decides to get the uninfected to the docks for evacuation, a plan that Espio doubts will work but ultimately agrees with.

As the Chaotix are holding off the Zombots and getting the survivors to the docks, they're joined by Sonic - who's fighting off his own infection with his speed - as Vector brings him up to speed about what the plan is. While Espio and Charmy are escorting a group of survivors, they find one in the early stages of infection and are unsure what to do since she's frantic about not wanting to be left. The matter is settled when Vector blocks her off with a set of cars - an act that Charmy is against for seeing it as cruel. While still mad about it, Charmy relents as he continues helping Vector and Espio with the evacuation. As the survivors enter the evacuation shuttle, Vector and Espio hold off the Zombots while Charmy counts.

Charmy disparages that there were so few healthy survivors and, against Vector's and Espio's orders, goes out to find the one that Vector trapped earlier. Unfortunately, that survivor had completely changed and Charmy is soon swarmed by more Zombots, becoming another casualty of the crisis. Espio has to hold Vector back from going back into the city by to find Charmy by the time Sonic arrives to find out what happened. Sonic promises to go in and find Charmy as Vector and Espio despondently board the evacuation shuttle. Sonic eventually returns Espio and Vector in Restoration HQ without news about Charmy's whereabouts.

Flock Together

Several days later, Vector and Espio still haven't found Charmy. Vector is extremely worried about Charmy's wellbeing but Espio tells him to remain calm, saying that they will find each other eventually. This is interrupted when a flock of Zombot Flickies run into the evacuation shuttle they're on - complete with a Zombot Charmy among them. Vector goes outside to try and catch Charmy, but has no luck while the Flickies begin ganging up on him. Espio arrives and throws a smoke bomb at the Flickies, which separates the flock and temporarily confuses them. Vector takes the opportunity to listen for Charmy's buzzing and finally capture him in a capsule. With the Chaotix somewhat reunited, Vector remarks that they always return to each other even during an apocalypse.

The Last Minute

Vector and Espio return to Restoration HQ with the infected Charmy and the survivors from the village they just evacuated, only to be accosted by Gemerl wanting to throw Charmy out. Vector vehemently points out that the Chaotix don't leave their own behind and nearly fights Gemerl until Cream arrives and diffuses the situation. With the temperature cooled, Espio informs Gemerl that Charmy would be held in Tails' lab until a cure for the Metal Virus could be found, a plan that Gemerl goes along with.

The calm is broken when one of the other survivors is discovered to be infected and quickly becomes a Zombot. In the chaos of the other survivors running away, Charmy breaks out of his capsule and begins infecting them. Espio manages to activate the HQ's quarantine alarm as he and Vector get the uninfected to an escape shuttle. Just as it looks like the survivors are clear, Charmy flies through the door and tries to reach them. Without any other option, Vector grabs Charmy and has Gemerl open the door so he can stop the Zombots on the other side. Before the door closes, Vector tells Espio that he's in charge now. Although Espio is heartbroken about losing Vector and Charmy, he quickly recovers and joins the other survivors in escaping.

All or Nothing

Having arrived on Angel Island - the only place unaffected by the Metal Virus - Espio discovers along with the other survivors from Eggman that the Deadly Six have taken over the scientist's plan and participates in a plan to defeat each member simultaneously for the Chaos Emerald they possess. Espio is initially sent to fight Zazz with Knuckles, but when the echidna refuses since that would leave Eggman alone with the Master Emerald, Espio agrees to fight alone by citing that Vector and Charmy had fought the Zombots on their own and he could do no less. During his confrontation with Zazz in Riverside, Espio manages to take the Zeti's Chaos Emerald and replace it with a piece of paper featuring the Chaotix's insignias and a message of "justice is served". As Espio escapes back to Angel Island, he muses that while he was alone in body, Charmy and Vector were with him in spirit.

Espio returns to Angel Island, only to find it under attack by Zavok and a horde of Zombots, including Charmy and Vector. Espio is forced to fight his teammates while Sonic, Silver, and Metal Sonic attempt to get the last Chaos Emerald from Zavok so the former two can go into Super mode. With that achieved, they siphon the Metal Virus from the world, curing all of the infected. Now completely reunited, the Chaotix celebrate the occasion by joyously singing.

Out of the Blue

While everyone on Angel Island is waiting for Sonic to return, Zavok attempts to destroy everyone in desperation. After Tangle disorients him with her tail, the Chaotix arrive via Silver's psychokinesis and blitz him. Zavok manages to shake them off but is ultimately defeated when Silver holds him down with his powers. After finding out that Eggman is trying to escape in the chaos with Omega as a prisoner, Charmy attempts to fly after him, only for Vector to stop him from rushing off again. With Eggman gone, and Sonic still missing, everyone heads home to start with the reconstruction efforts.

When the Chaotix return to their office in Seaside City, they find themselves swamped in missing persons cases. As Vector laments for when they didn't have so many cases, the group are suddenly greeted by Cream and her family bearing snacks. Espio and Charmy are pleased by the food, and Vector is happy with the praise coming from Cream's mother Vanilla. Upon noticing how much work the Chaotix have, Vanilla organizes her family to take over the clerical duties. Realizing what this means, the Chaotix excitedly exit the office so they can go out into the field.

Some time later, the Chaotix join a party at Spiral Hill Village to celebrate the end of the crisis. The party is soon crashed, however, by Eggman in a new mech powered by Omega. With Amy no longer leader of the Restoration, and new leader Jewel frozen in fear, Vector orders the Chaotix and everyone else to attack the mech. While Vector and Espio try to damage the mech's joints, Charmy tries to reason with Omega to get it back on their side only to fail as Eggman asserts his control. The fight ends when Sonic returns from his time in Blaze's world, frees Omega, and drives Eggman into retreat. With Eggman gone, the Chaotix join in a group hug to celebrate Sonic's return before assisting with putting out the fires that cropped up from the battle.

Zeti Hunt!

The Chaotix are brought to the rebuilt Restoration HQ to investigate some mysterious attacks that have been happening. While exploring the HQ, Espio notes how impressive it is considering they technically destroyed the previous one, with Vector musing on offering the Restoration a discount on account of that. The three are eventually met by Jewel, who informs them the attacks are being perpetrated by "horned monsters". The Chaotix quickly deduce it's the Deadly Six by pointing out the attacks are where the members were last defeated and reminding Jewel about Zavok's recent jailbreak. They quickly get the word out to the Restoration and formulate a plan to deal with them: the Chaotix will wait to ambush them in one of the two towns they plan to attack next while Sonic likewise waits in the other, giving Tails an opportunity to stop them with his newly-created anti-Zeti devices.

This plan backfires when the Deadly Six instead attack Restoration HQ with the intent of destroying it, with Vector cursing that they've been tricked. The Chaotix attempt to return to assist, but they get stuck in traffic and miss the entire assault. However, they learn that one of the Restoration's new allies - Belle - had been kidnapped during the assault by Eggman's former protégé Doctor Starline. The Chaotix manage to find the location of the two and Espio attempts to secretly free Belle, but she panics - thinking he was a ghost - and blows his cover. With the quiet way over, Vector and Charmy come out of hiding and together with Espio attempt to catch Starline. The scientist manages to escape with Espio and Charmy attempting to pursue while Vector tries to comfort Belle over what she had experienced.

Trial by Fire

The Chaotix are informed by the host of a local radio station about strange electrical problems that are plaguing Sunset City. While waiting in traffic to get to the city, Espio expresses doubt that the problem required the Chaotix, but Vector vouches for the radio host. Eventually Vector gets tired of waiting and - not wanting traffic to keep them from the action, again - has Charmy fly him and Espio the rest of the way. Upon arriving in the city, the Chaotix find lots of crashed cars and the citizens arguing amongst each other about who's responsible. One tells them about the recent electical glitches until he, and other nearby civilians, start turning hostile towards them. After one of the citizens raves about a "mutant crocodile" in the sewers being the one responsible, theydecide to investigate the sewers for possible answers.

The Chaotix find signs of a large creature stalking the sewers, but soon find a mysterious individual - the mercenary Rough - carrying a crate. They pursue him until a wall of garbage blocks their way and are forced to retreat. They return to the crate Rough dropped and find it came from the shipping yards and full of scrap metal. The Chaotix reach the shipping yards, only to find them abandoned. They notice that the smell from the sewers was there, too, and decide to follow it. The trail leads them to a boarded-up house that Espio decides to sneak into.

Investigating, Espio discovers that the individual from the sewer was Rough and is alongside his brother Tumble working for criminal mastermind Clutch to rebuild his empire. Clutch eventually discovers Espio, forcing Vector and Charmy to charge in and join the fight against the three. Espio manages to catch Clutch while Vector and Charmy fight the skunks, who he interrogates about the power problems. After confirming that Clutch had nothing to do with the current problem, Vector destroys the crates of scrap metal and is ready to apprehend him until Clutch and the skunks escape via some of Espio's smoke balls he managed to take. With the trail cold, Vector has Espio and Charmy wait for what comes next.

Sonic X

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In “Defective Detectives”, the three mistook Sonic and co. being Cream’s kidnappers. Espio attempted to infiltrate using his stealth, The hedgehog greets the crocodile as the kidnapper. Vector immediately tells Charmy to return to their headquarters, but Sonic welcomes them to stay at the mansion for a while. The hedgehog senses "a little uneasiness" in the detective, ending the episode.

In “Galactic Gumshoes”, they initially besiege the Blue Typhoon. After hurting themselves for being mistaken as Metarex, the three resorted to more peaceful terms. After some planning, they kidnapped Cream (and indirectly Cosmo) into a bag. Sonic caught up to their fighter and had a short brawl with Vector. Cosmo stops the flight, and allowed Chris to let the rabbit decide her next move, which the latter says that she wants to stay with her friends. Vector reminds the young rabbit update her mother on what is going on during their journey, in which she accepts. Charmy took a picture of the rabbit climbing the ladder, which is faxed to Vanilla.

The three later witnessed Sonic and Shadow fighting the Metarex and Cosmo’s sacrifice in third-to- and second-to-last episodes.


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Whether it is the original trio or the extended Pre-Super Genesis Wave group (example by FinikArt), this is a popular friendship in the fandom. In terms of fan-made fictional works, there is currently at least twelve as of May 2022.

Fans have gone as far as to make Sonic Boom-ified forms, or even team up with Sonic from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

One motivation for making works featuring the three (or more) together is their differing personalities, which may be strengths to solve various problems like during detective work or facing their foes.



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