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Dean“Well this is it.”
Sam“This is what?”
Dean“Team Free Will, one ex-blood junkie one dropout with 6 bucks to his name and Mr. Comatose over there.”
— The Song Remains the Same

Team Free Will is the family ship between Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Castiel from the Supernatural fandom.


Season 4

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Sam enters the motel room, when he sees a man and pulls out his gun. Dean stops him, explaining that it's Castiel and Dean asks Castiel who his friend is. Castiel instead asks if they've stopped the raising of Samhain, Dean asking why. Castiel then asks if he's located the witch, Dean confirms so. Castiel asks if she's dead, and Dean saying that they know who it is. Castiel tells them that the witch knows who they are, and shows them the hex bag that was in the wall of their room. If they hadn't found it, they would be dead. Castiel asks if they know where the witch is now. Dean says that they're working on it. Castiel says that's unfortunate, and Dean asks why they care. Castiel tells him that Samhain is one of the seals, Dean realizing that it's about Lucifer. Castiel says that it has to be prevented, and Dean says that they should tell them where she is so that they can kill her. Castiel tells him that they can't find her. Sam says that since they know who she is they can work together to find her but Uriel interrupts them. Dean asks who he is again, and Castiel says that he's a specialist. Dean asks what kind, and what they're going to do. Castiel tells them that they need to leave town. Dean asks why, and Castiel tells him that they're about to destroy it.

Dean asks if that's really their plan. Castiel tells him that they're out of time and that the witch has to die, that there's a bigger picture. Dean is reminded that they're bigger picture people, Castiel tells him that if Lucifer rises so does hell, and asks if that's something Dean is willing to risk. Sam says that they'll stop the witch before she summons Samhain, that way no one has to die. Castiel says that they have no choice, but Dean says that they do. He asks if they've never questioned a bad order, or if they just follow blind. Castiel tells him that they don't understand, and that it is just. Sam asks how he can say that and Castiel says that if comes from heaven. Dean sarcastically says that it must be nice to be so sure of themselves, and Castiel asks if Dean ever disobeyed his father. Dean doesn't answer and just says that they're plans are going to have to change, and that if they kill the town they kill him. He looks to Castiel and says that going to so much trouble to get him out of hell must mean that he's worth something. He walks over to Castiel and says that they can do it. Uriel tells him that they need to stop listening to them, but Castiel interrupts him. He tells Dean that they have to work quickly, Dean nods, agreeing.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Dean, Sam and Ruby gear up to fight what they think is a demon, but instead it's Castiel and Uriel. Dean asks if they're there to help and Castiel tells them that they're there for Anna. Sam asks if they're there to help her, but Castiel says that she has to die.

On The Head of a Pin

Dean and Sam enter their motel room where they find Uriel and Castiel waiting for them. Uriel tells Dean that he's needed, and he becomes angry, since they just got back from Pamela's funeral. Uriel tells them that something is killing angels, and Sam asks what they want them to do about is, since it's probably out of their league. Uriel says that they can handle the demon, Castiel explaining that they just need to find them. Dean asks if they actually need his and Sam's help finding a demon, and Castiel says that's not quite what they need, since they have Alastair. Dean says that Alastair should be able to tell them, but Castiel says that he won't tell them. Dean says that that level of torture is out of their league, and Uriel says that's why they came to Dean. Castiel says that Dean is their best hope, but Dean says no and begs Cas not to ask him to it. Castiel watches Uriel walk up to Dean. Uriel then takes them away, leaving Sam alone in the motel room.

As Alastair is about to kill Dean, Castiel saves him, but Dean is knocked out in the process. Alastair gets the upper hand on Cas, but Sam saves him just in time. Later, as Dean lies in a hospital bed, Sam sits next to him, and Cas stands outside the room.

Season 5

Sympathy for the Devil

As Zachariah tortures Sam and Dean, Cas suddenly appears and kills one of the angels. He gets Zachariah to fix Sam and Dean before the angel disappears. Cas tells them that they need to be more careful, Dean agrees, given that the angels are bigger dicks than he thought. Cas says he doesn't mean the angels, but Lucifer. He looks between Sam and Dean and touches their chests, carving enochian sigils to hide them from the angels. Sam asks Cas if he was really dead, and Cas confirms so. Dean asks how he got back but doesn't give an answer. He just looks to Dean before disappearing.

Good God, Y'all

Dean shows Sam the X-Ray of his lungs that Cas gave them, just as Sam answers a call from Cas and tell him where they are. Cas comes to the hospital, and Dean asks since when he's needed a cell phone. Cas reminds him that they're hidden from all angels, including him, when Bobby interrupts them. After telling Bobby he can't heal him, Cas turns to Dean and tells him that the needs to talk quickly. He tells Dean that his plan to kill Lucifer can't be done, and Dean sarcastically thanks him for support. Sam watches Dean and Cas talk. Cas says that there is still someone strong enough to take on Lucifer, and Sam asks who. Cas tells him god, surprising both Sam and Dean. Dean calls Cas chuckles and tells him that if God is real, then he's either dead or doesn't care about them. Cas tells him to stop, and that with god they can defeat Lucifer. Dean calls it a pipe dream, but Cas tells him that he killed two angel, is hunted, and rebelled all for Dean, and in the end he and Sam failed. Sam looks down at his feat as Cas mentions him starting the apocalypse. So Dean can keep his opinions to himself. Bobby interrupts saying that Cas didn't just come to be angry at them. Cas reveals that he came for an amulet that can find god. Sam compares it to a god EMF, and Cas agrees. He looks to Dean then, down at his amulet, indicating that it's the amulet. Cas asks to borrow it, but Dean says no. Cas asks again, and Dean takes a moment before taking it off. As he's about to hand it over he tells Cas not to lose it, Cas takes it and tells him he'll be in touch before disappearing.

I Believe the Children Are Out Future

Dean and Sam arrive back at their hotel room where they find Cas. Sam guesses that he got their message, and Cas tells them that they're lucky they found Jesse. Dean asks what they do with him, and Cas tells them to kill him, shocking Dean and Sam. Cas reveals that Jesse is actually the anti-christ. Sam is confused since he thought the antichrist was the son of Lucifer, but Cas tells them that it's just the child of a demon, not the child of Lucifer, but is one of his weapons. Dean asks what Jesse is doing in Nebraska, and Cas tells him that the demons lost him. Dean asks how, and Cas tells him that the power hides him from both. Dean assumes that solves the problem, but Cas tells him that Lucifer causes the kids powers to grow stronger and will draw the demons to him and use him to destory heaven. Sam tells him that they're not going to kill a child. Cas reminds him that he would have done whatever to stop the war a year ago, but Sam tells him that things change. They stare at each other till Dean steps in and tells Cas that they won't kill him, but they can't leave him either so they'll take him to Bobby's and figure it out from there. Cas tells him that this is what Jesse is like when he's happy, it'll be so much worse if it's angry, and starts pointing out the holes in their plan. Sam decides that they'll tell Jesse the truth and stop him from going dark side, but Cas reminds Sam that even when he had everything layed out, he made the wrong choice. He can't take the chance and leaves.

Sam and Dean get to Jesse's. Dean asks Jesse if there was a man in a trench coat there, and Jesse points to Cas he made into a doll. Sam and Dean look to each other in shock. Dean picks up Cas and places him on the fireplace mantle.

Sam and Dean find Jesse's room empty, and Cas come up and tells him that he's gone and turned everyone back to normal. Dean asks how they'll find him, but Cas says that they can't, unless he wants to be.


Sam and Dean are forced in a sitcom when Cas walks through the door. Dean asks if he's okay, and Cas says he doesn't have much time. Sam asks what happened, and Cas says he got out. Dean asks from where, but Cas just tells them that the trickster is more powerful than it should be, if it is one. Sam asks what he means but Cas is thrown against a wall before he can answer. Gabriel then walks in, and magics tape over Cas' mouth. He says hi, before sending him away. Dean asks where Cas was sent, and Gabriel says that Cas will live...maybe.


Cas works on a spell as he tells Sam and Dean about Anna. Dean can't believe it, but Cas says that it's true. Dean compares Anna to Glenn Close, and Cas asks who that is. Sam asks if Anna's plan will stop Lucifer, but, after a look from Dean, Cas assures him that it wouldn't. Dean asks why they're trying to find Anna, and he explains that Anna won't stop till Sam is dead, so they need to kill her first. He performs the spell and finds out that she's in 1978. Sam asks why, since he wasn't born yet. Cas says that she's going to kill John and Mary, since she can't get to Sam because of him. Dean tells him to take them back, but Cas says no. Dean insists since it's their parents, but Cas says that'd it's now more difficult since he's cut off from heaven. Cas says that the trip will weaken him, but Dean still insists and Cas gives in. They pack and he asks if they're both ready. Sam says not really, and they go back to 1978.

Sam and Dean find Cas injured and rush to him. Cas says that he's better than he expected and coughs up blood and passes out. Sam checks that he's breathing, and asks what they do. Dean checks Cas into the Honeymoon sweat at a hotel. Dean suggests buying some stock in Microsoft, and Sam says that they might have to if Cas doesn't recover. He asks if Cas is okay, and Dean says that he doesn't know, but Cas is tough so he'll wake up.

Sam and Dean are getting ready to leave in the motel room, when Cas appears. He starts to fall and Sam catches him, Dean grabbing his other side. Dean is amazed that he made it, as is Cas. He then passes out, and the two drag him to the bed. As the two pour themselves a drink, Dean says that they're it. Sam asks what he means. Dean says that they're Team Free Will, and Sam says it's not funny. Dean agrees.


After finding Enochian sigils on two hearts, Dean calls Cas and to meet them. Sam asks what the sigils on the hearts mean, and Cas explains that if means that the couple were intended to be together. Dean asks who put them there, and Cas explains that it was a low ranking angel called a Cherub or "Cupid" as humans call them. They have to stop it before it kills again. Dean and Sam both say of course, but are kinda dumb founded by the whole thing.

The three head to a restaurant, and Dean asks how Cas knows that Cupid frequently goes to places like it. Cas then says that the cherub is there, and tells them to meet him in the back. Sam and Dean head back, Sam asking Cas where the cupid is. Cas has him tethered and says the incantation to manifest him. Dean asks where he is when the cupid comes up from behind and hugs him. The cherub let's go of Dean and hugs Cas and Sam. Cas and Dean start to interrogate the angel on why his targets are murdering each other The cupid becomes upset, and Sam walks towards Cas and Dean. Sam asks if someone should talk to him, and Dean tells Cas to give him hell. The cupid reveals that he had nothing to do with the murders, and they're left to find the real reason.

Sam and Dean open a briefcase from the demon, and a flash of white light appears. Cas then appears and tells them that it's a human soul, and everything is starting to make sense. Sam asks how that makes sense, and Dean asks since when does Cas eat. Cas says that's a clue, since the town is in Famine. Sam asks if he means the horseman, and how that affects the things besides food. Cas explains that if could be for anything, and Dean says that it explains the cupid victims and asks how that effects Cas. Cas explains that his vessel is affecting him and that Famine needs to devour the souls of his victims.

Sam asks if the town is just gonna eat itself to death, and Cas says that they need to stop it. Dean asks how, and Cas asks how they stopped War. Dean explains the ring that war had, and asks if Famine has one. Cas says that he does, and Dean says that they now need to track him down. Dean tells Sam it's time to go, but Sam says that he can't since Famine is making him crave Demon blood. Dean tells Cas to get Sam out of there, but Cas just tells him that he's already infected. Sam tells him to go cut off the ring, Dean telling Cas he heard the man, but to lock him up first.


Season 4

Death Takes a Holiday

  • Castiel reveals that he's the one that tipped off Sam and Dean about the case.

Heaven and Hell

  • Sam and Dean fight Castiel to protect Anna.
  • Castiel feels awkward as Sam and Dean argue.
  • Sam and Dean watch as Castiel tries to smite Alastair.

On the Head of a Pin

  • Castiel looks to Sam and Dean.

The Rapture

  • Sam and Dean go to the address that Cas gave them.
  • Sam asks Dean what Cas wanted but Dean doesn't know.
  • Dean and Sam find Cas knocked out on the floor.
  • Sam and Dean question Jimmy on where Cas is.
  • Anna tells Sam and Dean that Cas got dragged back to Heaven.
  • Cas and Dean watch Sam drink demon blood and excorcise one of the demons.
  • Dean and Sam watch Cas switch vessels from Claire to Jimmy and walk away from Amelia and Claire.
  • Dean and Sam watch Cas leave.

When the Levee Breaks

  • Dean calls Cas to help Sam.

Lucifer Rising

  • Cas stops Dean from going to Sam.
  • Dean tells Cas that he wants to fix things with Sam.
  • Cas tells Dean to go save Sam.

Season 5

Sympathy for the Devil

  • Dean calls Cas a stupid bastard, Sam reminding him that he was trying to help them, but Dean says that's the point.
  • Cas asks Zachariah how Sam and Dean got on the plane.

Good God Y'all

  • Cas stands between Sam and Dean.

I Believe the Children Are Our Future

  • Dean and Sam both mess with the Cas "doll".

Changing Channels

  • Cas tries to take Sam and Dean out of TV land but Gabriel stops him.
  • Dean and Sam discuss how Gabriel seemed to know Cas.
  • Cas joins Sam and Dean outside.

Abandon All Hope

  • Sam puts his arm over Cas and Dean's shoulders.
  • Ellen asks Sam and Dean if they've seen Cas.
  • Cas lies about joining the Winchesters to get to Lucifer.
  • Sam asks Dean if he thinks Lucifer took Cas.

The Song Remains the Same

  • Cas looks from Dean to Sam.

My Bloody Valentine

  • Sam and Dean are confused by Cas wanting a burger.
  • Sam and Dean encourage Cas as he talks to cupid.
  • Cas tells Sam ad Dean that the cupid is telling the truth.
  • Sam and Cas watch Dean leave.
  • Dean and Cas lock Sam to stop him from getting to Famine.
  • Sam calls to Cas and Dean.
  • Cas assures Dean that it's not really Sam in there.


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  • The ship name comes from a phrase by Dean in the episode The Song Remains the Same, where he refers to himself, Sam and Cas as Team Free Will.


Destiel refers to the ship between Dean and Castiel
J2M refers to the ship between their actors; Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins
Sastiel refers to the ship between Sam and Castiel
Team Free Will 2.0 refers to the ship between Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Jack Kline


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