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Tedromeda is the het ship between Ted Tonks and Andromeda Tonks from the Harry Potter fandom.


Andromeda Black and Edward Tonks met at some point during or after their Hogwarts years. They fell in love and got married, by which Andromeda broke family tradition as she was part of the pure-blood supremacist Black family while Ted was a Muggle-born. As a result, Andromeda was burned off the Black family tree tapestry.

In 1972 or 1973, the couple had one child, Nymphadora Tonks. The name "Nymphadora" was chosen by Andromeda. Not much is known about their life together.

During the Second Wizarding War, Ted and Andromeda were Allies of the Order of the Phoenix. They themselves were not members of the group but their daughter was. During the Battle of the Seven Potters, their home was one of the protected locations where portkeys to the Burrow were hidden.

Later during the war, Ted was forced into hiding as the Ministry of Magic, run by Lord Voldemort, started the Muggle-born Registration Commission. Andromeda was safe due to not being Muggle-born and stayed with her pregnant daughter. Ted was eventually caught and killed by Snatchers, leaving Andromeda a widow.


Nymphadora Tonks

Nymphadora Tonks (c. 1973 - 2 May 1998) was a half-blood witch and the daughter of Ted and Andromeda. She disliked her given name, and preferred to be called "Tonks" instead. Her family called her "Dora" for short. She was a metamorphmagus, meaning she could change her appearance at will. Tonks attended Hogwarts in 1984-1991 and was sorted into Hufflepuff. After graduating, she became an Auror and later a member of the reformed Order of the Phoenix. She married fellow Order member Remus Lupin, and the two had a son called Edward "Teddy" Remus Lupin, named after Tonks' father. Tonks and her husband both died in the Battle of Hogwarts.


As Ted and Andromeda aren't major characters in the series, the pairing is rarely talked about. The ship still has fanfiction, although most of the time, it is a side pairing. Like Marthur, not many disagree with the ship.



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