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Terrella is the het ship between Terra and Cinderella from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Shortly after Terra arrives in the Castle of Dreams, he finds Cinderella in her torn dress, crying over a bench. He attempts to comfort her by encouraging her to be strong and to keep faith. Moments later, Unversed appear around the two, but Terra fights them off before they can touch her. After the battle ends, Terra witnesses the Fairy Godmother appear before getting Cinderella ready for the ball. After she departs in her carriage, he is told by the Fairy Godmother to accompany Cinderella at the ball, as she will help him hold onto his dream.

Once Terra arrives at the castle, he spots Cinderella being attacked by Unversed and goes to her aid. After the current threat is diminished, Terra tells her that are could be more of them. He advises her to stay clear, but Cinderella, still wanting to attend the ball tells Terra that she is taking his advice about being strong. Flustered by this, Terra agrees to serve as her protector and escorts her to the castle's ball room. After the two arrive there, Cinderella thanks Terra for his help and he gives her a graceful bow to welcome her to the ball. Terra watches Cinderella dance with the Prince as he begins to realise light can come from a dream, as long as they don't give up on it.

When an enormous Unversed appears and attacks the ball room, Terra reassures Cinderella and the others that he'll take care of it. After defeating it, the clock strikes midnight and it's time for Cinderella to leave the castle, before the Fairy Godmother's magic wears off. Terra watches her leave and spots Aqua. Before the two go their separate ways, as it was time for him to leave the Castle of Dreams while Aqua has just arrived, he tells her of the woman he met and how she inspired him to keep believing. He requests Aqua to thank Cinderella for him.


Terrella is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts ship. It is one of the most popular ships involving a Disney character with a non-Disney character. Even though it was known from the start that she would eventually end up with Prince Charming, some find him to be boring and would rather see her with Terra. This was especially the case because Terra was the one to comfort her when she was distraught and served as her bodyguard at the ball. Terrella most commonly rivals the Terraqua, Cindercharming and even Aquarella ships.

It is one of a few Kingdom Hearts ships that involves a Disney character with a non-Disney character, following Aquarella, Sorariel and Sorapunzel. These kind of KH ships aren't very common in the fandom since many prefer to ship the Kingdom Hearts characters with each other than with any of the Disney, Final Fantasy or The World Ends with You cameo characters, that they appear close with.

On AO3, the ship has only 8 pieces of written work on it, though it has significantly more on The ship also has a reasonable size fanbase on Tumblr and DeviantArt.



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  • Cinderella is originally from the 1950 Disney film of the same name.


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