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“Amazing... is this girl an angel or what...?”
— Aiura about Teruhashi

TeruAi is the femslash ship between Aiura Mikoto and Teruhashi Kokomi from the The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. fandom.


When Aiura first transferred, Teruhashi greeted her and welcomed her to the school. Aiura was bewildered by her aura, and didn't seem to mind that there were dark feathers mixed within the light ones. As Teruhashi left, Aiura mentioned how crazy Teruhashi's aura was, and said that if Teruhashi was a man, she would've been her soulmate. It is later revealed that Aiura has checked to see who else loved Saiki, and was disappointed to see that it was in fact Teruhashi.

Teruhashi first wanted to talk to Aiura when she saw her with Saiki. They officialy meet when Aiura is talking to Saiki, until he senses Teruhashi coming over. He teleports elsewhere, but still keeps an eye on their conversation. There, Aiura sees Teruhashi and is incredibly shocked over how gorgeous she is. She then lets out an "offu" and blushes, before wondering what she's doing here. Aiura is then surprised that Saiki is running away from her, and wonders if her face is photoshopped. Aiura makes up and excuse that she was doing a phone call, before Teruhashi worries that she's interuppted it. Despite her kind words, Teruhashi thinks about why Saiki is always with her, and thinks about how they're complete opposites, differentiating their grades and personalities. Teruhashi then wonders what's so special about Aiura, before looking down at her breasts and seeing the difference in size. She is then shocked and asks herself if it's that, before Aiura walks away.

As she leaves, Aiura thinks about how pretty she is, and wonders if she has Instagram. Teruhashi, on the other hand, thinks about changing her appearance. The next day, she becomes more gyaru-like, and dyes and changes her hair. Aiura also changes herself to look more cute like Teruhashi. When she sees her, she gives Teruhashi a nickname; Terukoko, and tells her that she looks really good. When Saiki refuses to give Teruhashi attention, she guves up and thinks about padding, before Aiura comes up to her. She then tells Teruhashi that she should be herself through fortune telling.


Although this ship is not as popular as the other femlash pairings in the franchise, it still has a certain following. This is mainly due to their tension as love rivals and Mikoto's admiration for Teruhashi, which can be interpreted as crush by the former, especially since it was implied that Teruhashi's charm is so strong that even straight girls can fall in love with her.



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  • Aiura is often seen saying "offu" at Teruhashi, a common saying from people who love Teruhashi and her beauty.
  • Teruhashi is one of the three people that Aiura has given a nickname; hers being Terukoko.


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