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Tetsugou is the slash ship between Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Katsuki Bakugou from the My Hero Academia fandom.


As they are from different classes (Katsuki in 1-A, Tetsutetsu in 1-B), and any moment they do manage to share usually gets overtaken by Eijiro’s “manly” friendship with Tetsutetsu, the two don’t often get to interact. However, their interactions are not completely inhibited- Tetsutetsu’s first appearance in the series was with Katsuki.

After the announcement of the Sports Festival, a large group of students (in classes below 1-A) gather outside of the 1-A classroom to block the students from exiting, and to harass them/psych them out with the given knowledge that they aren’t “superior” to them, even if they had already experienced their first encounter against evil (USJ). Katsuki quickly snarks the crowd with a sharp tongue, causing Tetsutetsu to anger and push his way into the front to shout at Katsuki, yelling that 1-A “is a bunch of brats that think they’re better” than them. Katsuki simply ignores this, and begins to casually walk away, which annoys Tetsutetsu, making him to jump up and tell him not to ignore him. As Katsuki continues to walk, he makes a fist and tells him he’s “coming for him”.

Tetsutetsu would’ve fought Katsuki in the Sports Festival, if not for his loss in the arm-wrestling match against Eijiro. During Katsuki’s fight against Eijiro, he seems to be slightly petty towards Katsuki, from their previous interaction, and is much more biased for Eijiro’s “manliness”, and shouts suggestions for what he should do to Katsuki, like “GO FOR HIS CHIN!! HIS CHIIIIIN!!”

Side Content & Spin-Offs

Light Novels

After being prompted by Neito, the boys of classes 1-A and 1-B compete in an “epic” battle for the prize of high-grade pork. Tetsutetsu and Katsuki are pinned against each other, and their fight is one that Katsuki saves until the end to use as a “grand finale”. (The key art for this chapter [Vol. 2, chap. 5] features Katsuki and Tetsutetsu with intense expressions as they attempt to defeat each other.)

As Eijiro hadn’t yet arrived for his match against Yosetsu (out on work study), the boys began to contemplate which competition should replace it. Tetsutetsu suggests he and Katsuki go, but this is loudly refused by Katsuki, who explains that their match should be the last match, the “title match”. Tetsutetsu finds this dumb, and tells him to stop making everything about him, which evidently annoys Katsuki, and draws them both into a squabble that ends only when Eijiro makes his late arrival.

When the time for their match comes, they sit at the table, both confident, and take each other’s hands even before the match begins. Katsuki looks at Tetsutetsu and tells him “At the word go, you’re dead meat.” Unfazed, Tetsutetsu replies a fearless “Naw, Class B’s taking home the prize today!”

Katsuki manages to take the upper hand on Tetsutetsu early on, and mercilessly heads for the finishing of the match, but before he can exact victory, the mat he was sitting on softened, and slid out from under him (Neito sabotaged the match by copying and using Honenuki’s Softening), giving Tetsutetsu the advantage he needed to win. Katsuki becomes angered by this, and demands a rematch, to which a very satisfied Tetsutetsu denies.


Tetsugou is commonly compared to KiriBaku, due the close relations both Katsuki and Tetsutetsu share with Eijiro, and even holds more popularity when shipped as a poly ship with again, Eijiro. Separately, it is quite the “rare-pair”, shadowed by Katsuki’s mass of ships, and mainly TetsuKendo on Tetsutetsu’s part. However, it has gained decent traction within the fandoms thanks to the similar dynamic of it and KiriBaku, but with the additions of Tetsutetsu’s own quirks and “dudebro” personality, which Katsuki seems to at least somewhat tolerate in comparison to his other friends.



Bakugou Katsuki/Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu tag on AO3


  • As in the light novel excerpt, Tetsutetsu is one of the few to manage defeating Katsuki in a “fight”, even with Neito’s sabotage.


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