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Thasmin is the non-binary ship between the Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan from the Doctor Who fandom.


Yasmin and the Thirteenth Doctor meet shortly after she has regenerated and remain together for a majority of the Thirteenth Doctor's run.

Previous experiences have caused the Doctor to be guarded about romance, leading her to actively push Yaz away at some points and pretend she is unaware of Yaz's feelings. However, in what is one of the most clear confessions of the Nu-Who era, she admits to Yaz in the episode "Legend of the Sea Devils" that if she would let herself be with anyone, it would be with her.

Arachnids in the U.K.[]

The Doctor is able to get Graham, Ryan and Yaz back home. Yaz notices that she doesn't have any messages on her phone, the Doctor explaining that they've only been gone for half an hour. The three asks what the Doctor is going to do now. She sadly says that she's back to traveling the universe...alone. Yaz takes note of how sad she sounds and asks if the Doctor wants to come inside for tea. The Doctor excitedly says yes, and quickly follows Yaz inside.

Yaz leads the Doctor and Ryan into her family's flat and introduces them to her sister and dad. The Doctor strolls around the flat, noticing Yaz's dad's trash collection, and he explains, much to Yaz's embarrassment, about his theory. Yaz has to leave to pick up her mom, but says that she'll be back.

The Doctor and Ryan, along with a Dr. Jade McIntyre discover giant spiders, and the trail leads back to the hotel that Yaz's mom, Najia, works at. They get to the hotel where they meet Yaz and Najia in the lobby. The Doctor greets Najia with a hug, and tells her that she made an awesome human. They hear gunshots and race towards the sound.

The Doctor takes Yaz into a room where a man was just taken by a spider. When she see's it she pulls herself and Yaz out of the room. The group, along with the hotels owener Robertson, all run to the kitchen. The Doctor needs to come up with a plan and needs a blue print. Najia asks Yaz who the Docotor is, but Yaz says they really need to figure out a plan. Najia asks if they're dating. The Doctor becomes confused. She doesn't think they're dating, but asks Yaz to clarify. Yaz says that they're just friends, that the Doctor saved her life several times over. Their then able to get to the basement of the hotel and finds the spiders nest.

They're able to come up with a plan to defeat the spiders, but as the mother spider is suffering Robertson shoots it. The Doctor becomes angry, and the group leaves the hotel on a very sour note.

The Doctor is getting ready to leave, when Ryan, Graham and Yaz seem to come and say goodbye. They reveal that they want to join her. Ryan and Graham need time to mourn Grace. Yaz tell the Doctor that she wants more of the universe, more of her...and her family is driving her nuts right now, so she needs a break. The Doctor smiles, and all four of them set out for the rest of the universe.

The Haunting of Villa Diodati[]

The Doctor takes Ryan, Yaz, and Graham to 1816 to visit Mary Shelley on the night she creates Frankenstein. The Doctor only has three rules for their visit: nobody mention Frankenstein, don't interfere, and nobody snog Byron. They join the group in drink and dance, hearing gossip about the group, such as Byron separating from his wife to elope with Mary's step-sister Claire. Graham leaves to find the toilet and the Doctor suggests they stop their festivities and write a horror story.

Yaz points out that the Doctor is breaking her own rules, but the Doctor knows something is wrong- this should be a famous night of horror writing and just as importantly, Shelley is missing. Graham has now gotten lost in the house, the structure seemingly changing. Yaz notices Claire sneak off and follows her, finding her trying to pick a door open. Claire explains that she believes that Byron's letters about her are inside and she wishes to find out his true feelings for her. Yaz suggests Claire be straightforward and ask Byron, but Claire says she has already tried this and that his answers only increase the enigma. Yaz relates, saying she knows someone like that. Claire reveals that Mary has advised her to not pursue Byron, as he is unreliable. Yaz suggests Mary may have the right idea, as Byron seems like a womanizer. Claire considers this, but steels herself and asks Yaz if she would trade her enigmatic person for someone reliable and dull. Yaz answers that her person is a bit different.

Meanwhile, Byron talks to "Mrs. Doctor" about his work, flirting with her unsuccessfully. The Doctor asks about Shelley, but Byron explains he is indisposed. The Doctor notes that she is getting an "unrelentingly evil" vibe. Something is very wrong in this house. The rooms of Villa Diodati keep shifting around and ghosts are stalking the halls. When the Lone Cyberman comes and confronts the Doctor, Yaz reminds the Doctor of Jack's warning: "Beware the Lone Cyberman. Do not let it have what it wants".

The Doctor saves Shelley and Earth, but this meant giving the Lone Cyberman what it wanted. She then tells the others her plan. Step one: save Shelley. Step two: fix the mess she made in step one.

Chasing the Dawn[]

In this canon short story in the Star Tales anthology, the Doctor takes care of Yaz while she's on her period, giving her a hot water bottle, a bar of chocolate, and letting her relax in a fancy bathroom in the TARDIS, telling Yaz the story of when she (as the Eleventh Doctor) met Amelia Earhart.

Eve of the Daleks[]

When the Doctor leaves Yaz to try and see the amount of Daleks, Dan asks her if she's ever told her how she feels about her. Yaz, clearly embarassed, says that she doesn't know what he means. Dan insists that when they travelled the world together in 1901, after being touched back in time by a Weeping Angel, he could clearly see she was upset being without the Doctor. After talking for a while, Yaz eventually comes to the conclusion that she does love the Doctor. When Dan was helping the Doctor, he said, "She likes you." where the Doctor said, "I like her too!" Dan repeated the phrase he said before with a long pause in between the words 'likes' and 'you'. She said that she doesn't know what he's talking about, but Dan doesn't believe her and says that she hides it from both Yaz and Dan. After blowing up ELF Storage with fireworks to stop the Daleks, the Doctor looked at Yaz, smiling.

Legend of the Sea Devils[]

While the Doctor and Yaz stand in the doorway of the TARDIS in an underwater oxygen bubble admiring their view, the Doctor makes a comment, saying "Not a bad date, am I?". Yaz is taken by surprise by this comment, before turning to the Doctor and telling her, "No." The two share a short moment looking at each other while the Doctor notes that something is missing, and they realise that there is no shipwreck that was expected to be there.

Later on, while inside the Sea Devils' base and trying to trigger a short circuit, the Doctor brings up her own feelings, saying "You know what I said back there about being a bad date?". There is a brief pause between the two while she works and continues to speak, "Well, dates are not something I really do, you know? I mean, I used to, have done, and if I was going to, believe me, it would be with you." There is another pause while Yaz looks to her, confusion on her face, and then the Doctor says, "I think you're one of the greatest people I've ever known. Including my wife." Yaz is taken by the surprise at the mention of her wife - River Song - and the Doctor mentions that she didn't mean to say that, promising, "The point is, if it was going to be anyone, it would be you", but then says that she can't, because at some point time always runs out.

After escaping the base, Yaz and the Doctor sit on the beach, looking out at the sea as they talk. The Doctor explains why she cannot become attached to anyone, and Yaz recounts something that her Nani told her, "Courage is knowing something will hurt... and doing it anyway." The Doctor turns to her, and says, "Can we just live in the present? Of what we have while we still have it?". Yaz accepts this offer, and reaches down, picking up a pebble from the beach and handing it to the Doctor, telling her to make a wish and skim it. She watches as the Doctor takes the pebble and stands up, starting to say the wish out loud. Yaz protests, telling her, "You can't say your wish out loud!", while the Doctor says, "You can where I'm from!". The Doctor thinks for a moment, looking towards Yaz as she says her wish, "I wish this would go on forever." The two look at each other, and the Doctor skims the pebble.


Yaz“What are you gonna do now?”
Doctor“Oh you know... Back in the box. There's loads to see.”
Yaz“By yourself?”
Doctor“Yeah, I suppose...”
— Arachnids in the UK
“Najia, you made a very awesome human.”
— Thirteen to Yaz's mom[1]
Najia“Are you two seeing each other?”
Doctor“I don't think so... Are we?”
Yaz“We're friends!”
—Arachnids in the UK
“I want more. More of the universe. More time with you. You're like the best person I've ever met.”
— Yaz to the Doctor[2]
“If something happens to Umbreen, your whole timeline could be erased. No Yaz! We can't have a universe with no Yaz!”
— The Doctor to Yaz[3]
“I'm with you. Whatever happens.”
— Yaz to the Doctor [4]
“My person's a bit different.”
— Yaz compares her feelings for the Doctor to Claire's about Lord Byron [5]
Dan“Have you told her?”
Yaz“Told her what?”
Dan“How you feel about her.”
Yaz“I don't know what you mean.”
Dan“Yeah, you do.”
Yaz“...Is it that obvious?”
Dan“Well, maybe not to a good-hearted weirdo. I spent four years travelling the world with you. I saw it then -- you didn't half cane, looking at that hologram.”
Yaz“I didn't! I mean, it were just that it-- She just... I don't know what to do Dan.”
Dan“Just tell her”
Yaz - "It's not that easy!"
Dan“Look. I took way too long to tell somebody that I liked them, and then the universe ended and everything got messy. I wouldn't want that to happen to you, Sheffield.”
— Eve of the Daleks
Dan“She likes you.”
Doctor“I like her, too!”
Dan“No, I mean... She LIKES you.”
Doctor“I don't understand what you're saying, Dan!”
Dan“I think you do. But you pretend to me, and to her, that you don't.”
— Eve of the Daleks


Fans began to ship the two right away, but it took off more after Arachnids in the UK. Yaz's reason for wanting to go traveling with the Doctor seemed like admitting she had a crush on her. Yaz's mother also asked if they were dating, added fuel to shippers and fans with Bi!Yaz headcanons. Yaz's reaction resonates as gay panic, while the Doctor's is more open to interpretation (anywhere from confused, to open to being in a relationship with Yaz.) Many fans early on were upset with Yaz for suggesting that the Doctor needed to change out of Twelve's old clothes, given how attractive she looked in them.

While Yaz does not explicitly say the Doctor's name in the show, the script BBC released for The Haunting of Villa Diodati confirmed Yaz as speaking about the Doctor during her conversation with Claire, causing many fans to consider Thasmin canon (or, at least, Yaz's feelings toward the Doctor.) Yaz has proven to be far more devoted to the Doctor than Graham or Ryan. She is the first to run to her aid, to throw herself into the unknown or danger, to insist on staying with the Doctor when there's trouble. For example, in the Series 12 finale, a barrier in space appears before the fam, and while they are beginning the initial discussion of whether they should risk going through it, Yaz is already halfway through the barrier, determined to find the Doctor on the other side.

The Doctor also seems more receptive to physical touch from Yaz, while she is more likely to scronch or cringe when someone else touches her, she will actively touch or hold Yaz's hand often. The Doctor's long looks, frequent touching, and occasional statements about Yaz's importance to her support the fanon ship. When she leaves the fam at the end of the finale, seemingly to her death, the Doctor does a double-take, taking one last glance at Yaz before turning to leave. Yaz is the only one to reach out and try to stop her, the Doctor knowing it was Yaz who grabbed her before she even turned around to see who it was.

There are also several parallels between Thasmin and the TenRose ship (the Doctor and Rose Tyler), something fans have picked up on. For example, the ninth Doctor gave in to Rose when she asked to go back into time to see her deceased father, even though he knew it was dangerous. Chaos ensued and one would think the Doctor would not take that sort of risk again. Yet, when Yaz asked to go back in time to see her gran when she was younger, the Doctor gave in against her better judgement. Some even point out the parallels in Praxeus, when the Doctor saves a gay couple (an astronaut and police officer, similar roles to the Doctor and Yaz) and declares that she's a romantic as the two kiss. In the finale, when they say goodbye, the Doctor asks Yaz and the others to live great lives, much like the Ninth Doctor and Rose when he sent her home to survive while he stayed behind.

In the Series 12 finale, Yaz calls Graham an 'alright human' and when he calls her out on her lacklustre compliment, she says that for her, 'alright human' is a love letter. In Season 11, Yaz had told the Doctor she was the best person she'd ever met. This only adds to the weight behind the ship, as whatever Yaz was conveying to the Doctor meant more than a love letter.



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  • The ship name comes from the number thirteen, the incarnation of the Doctor that is shipped with Yaz, and Yaz's full name.




Thasminster refers to the ship between The Master, Thirteen and Yasmin


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