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The Four Muffinteers is the friendship between Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and BadBoyHalo from the Dream SMP fandom.


The Four Muffinteers met each other in a variety of different ways. Dream met Sapnap and BadBoyHalo on McPvP in early 2013 and late 2013 respectively.[1][2] Dream met George when George became a developer at MunchyMC, BadBoyHalo's Minecraft server, in 2015-2016.[3] This is also how George met BadBoyHalo as BadBoyHalo is the owner of MunchyMC. Sapnap also met George through MunchyMC.[4]

BadBoyHalo, George and Sapnap are all hunters in Dream's Minecraft Manhunt series. There are a total of five videos of the group alone in the series. Before those five videos, BadBoyHalo had not yet been added to the hunters. After those five videos, AntFrost and Awesamdude were added to the hunters, making The Four Muffinteers not the only people featured in the series. Though, the four are still in the series and were not replaced.

For Minecraft Championship All Stars, the four were on the Red Rabbits team together. The event's teams were more focused on fun combos rather than balance.[5] The group won the event. They were even the best performing team for various games including Parkour Tag, Sky Battle, Ace Race, Sands of Time and To Get To The Other Side And Whack A Fan. Besides the All Stars event, the four have not all been in the same Minecraft Championship team.

Dream SMP

The group was included in the original eight Dream SMP members, with Dream being the creator and the rest being his close friends. BadBoyHalo isn't involved with a lot of story-related things with the other three, though it is known that he is the father of Sapnap in the story.


The Four Muffinteers became more popular after BadBoyHalo became one of the hunters in Dream's Minecraft Manhunt series and more content of the group was made. Some fans include BadBoyHalo in the Dream Team as an unofficial member and refer to The Four Muffinteers as the Dream Team. While The Four Muffinteers was popular, it slowly became overshadowed by another group with Dream, George and Sapnap, the Crew Boys. While The Four Muffinteers may not be as popular as it was before, it is still appreciated by fans.

Despite most people liking The Four Muffinteers as a friendship, there are some that like it as a poly ship. This is because of the popularity of ships like Dreamnap, DreamNotFound and SapNotFound. Though, there are some reasons why others prefer to keep BadBoyHalo out of the poly ship and ship Dream, George and Sapnap alone. One reason is because of the rival ship Skephalo. Another reason is because of how Sapnap has stated he's uncomfortable with being shipped with BadBoyHalo[6] and BadBoyHalo is Sapnap's dad in the Dream SMP roleplay. Even with all these reasons, the ship between the four currently has 60+ romantic works on AO3. The ship also has 354+ gen works on AO3.



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BadNotFound refers to the ship between BadBoyHalo and George
DreamHalo refers to the ship between Dream and BadBoyHalo
Dreamnap refers to the ship between Dream and Sapnap
DreamNotFound refers to the ship between Dream and George
Dream Team refers to the ship between Dream, George and Sapnap
SapBoyHalo refers to the ship between Sapnap and BadBoyHalo
SapNotFound refers to the ship between Sapnap and George



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