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The Legend of Korra is a television series. It is the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender and aired on Nickelodeon. It is written by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.


Book One: Air

70 years have passed since Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the Hundred Year War. Aang has since passed away and was reborn as Korra, a girl from the Southern Water Tribe. At the age of seventeen, Korra has mastered three of the four elements and must now move on to Republic City to master airbending. However, the city is full of crime and in the middle of an anti-bender revolution. Led by Amon, the Equalists seek to remove all benders from the world.

Book Two: Spirits

Six months after the end of the Equalist revolution, Korra has become a fully-realized avatar. Since then, incidents with dark spirits have arisen and Korra has become the student of her spiritual uncle Unalaq who is the chief of the Northern Water Tribe. Meanwhile, tensions are rising between the two Water Tribes and a civil war is in danger of starting.

Book Three: Change

Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence, a change in the world's energy has occurred due to that event and Korra leaving the portals to the Spirit World open. As a result, more airbenders have emerged throughout the world. While Korra is helping rebuild the new Air Nation, a man named Zaheer who is one of the new airbenders uses his abilities to escape from prison. After helping his friends escape from prison, Zaheer seeks to rid the world of the Order of the White Lotus, all governments, and the Avatar.

Book Four: Balance

Three years later, Korra is recovering from a serious injury while Kuvira is helping the Earth Kingdom recover from a state of anarchy and chaos. However, while she was supposed to relinquish her power to the crowned prince Wu, she instead forms the Earth Empire and declares herself the new ruler. Kuvira ends up becoming a tyrant and sends all who oppose her to reeducation camps. After recovering from her physical injuries, Korra must once again jump back into action to stop this dictator while still dealing with PTSD as the result of her near-death experience.


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Amorra - the ship between Amon and Korra
Baavira - the ship between Baatar Jr. and Kuvira
Baayin - the ship between Baatar and Suyin
Boleska - the ship between Bolin and Eska
Bolinger - the ship between Bolin and Ginger
Bopal - the ship between Bolin and Opal
Borra - the ship between Bolin and Korra
Bosami - the ship between Bolin and Asami
Irosami - the ship between Iroh and Asami
Kainora - the ship between Kai and Jinora
Korroh - the ship between Iroh and Korra
Linumi - the ship between Bumi and Lin
Linzin - the ship between Tenzin and Lin
Makorra - the ship between Mako and Korra
Masami - the ship between Mako and Asami
Mingko - the ship between Mako and Ming-Hua
Mingzan - the ship between Ghazan and Ming-Hua
Pemzin - the ship between Tenzin and Pema
Pheer - the ship between Zaheer and P'Li
Raavaatu -the ship between Vaatu and Raava
Senraq - the ship between Tonraq and Senna
Tahnorra - the ship between Tahno and Korra
Tulo - the ship between Meelo and Tuyen
Varrisami - the ship between Iknik and Asami
Waava - the ship between Wan and Raava
Zhurrick - the ship between Iknik and Zhu


Borrick - the ship between Bolin and Iknik
Broh - the ship between Bolin and Iroh
Lieumon - the ship between Amon and the Lieutenant
Tenlok - the ship between Tenzin and Tarrlok
Unavaatu - the ship between Unalaq and Vaatu
Weilin - the ship between Wei and Bolin
Wuko - the ship between Wu and Mako


Korrasami - the ship between Korra and Asami
Korralin - the ship between Korra and Lin
Korpal - the ship between Korra and Opal
Kovira - the ship between Korra and Kuvira
Kyalin - the ship between Kya and Lin
MingLi - the ship between Ming-Hua and P'Li
Opalvira - the ship between Opal and Kuvira
Pemlin - the ship between Pema and Lin


Amorralok - the ship between Amon, Tarrlok and Korra


The Legend of Korra has a large fandom. Early fan interest was high and this caused the series to be extended beyond its original intended run of twelve episodes. On a Tumblr post, it was revealed that the Legend of Korra was the animated TV series with the largest amount of reblogs. After the series ended on December 19, 2014, a poll was conducted on IGN where the Legend of Korra was voted the most missed show that ended in 2014, beating How I Met Your Mother by over 20%.

Shipping wars have been known to get quite heated among the Legend of Korra fandom. In Book One: Air, the shipping wars were primarily between the Makorra and Masami shippers, with Borra also being heavily involved. However, by the end of Book 1, a lot of fans started to ship Korrasami. From that point on, the shipping war was primarily between Makorra and Korrasami. With Korrasami becoming canon in the series finale, many fans have celebrated, while others are unhappy and claim that the pairing had no romantic development.



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  • Nickelodeon initially held reservations toward Korra being a female protagonist, but eventually changed their minds.
  • The Legend of Korra was initially only supposed to a 12 episode mini-series but was eventually changed to 26 episodes. It was later extended again to a total of 52 episodes.