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The Tallest is the slash ship between Purple and Red from the Invader Zim fandom.


In the intro of the show, Purple and Red are shown deciding on what to do with Zim.

In 'The nightmare begins' they are shown coming out of the ship together. On the way, they are arguing about smoke machines or lasers. They assist each other with making a fake mission for Zim, and a broken S.I.R, or G.I.R.

In 'Germs' they both share a mutual hate for Zim. They discuss where they could've sent Zim. After the call from Zim is over, Purple asks if Red was also scared, which he nods his head yes.

In 'Megadoomer', Purple and Red fly up together and view the malfunctioning S.I.R's. They share a laugh over the thought of sending them to Zim and endangering him. Afterwards, they both get food. They both share an icing treat at the end of the video.


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