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Thea“Where are you going?”
Barry“Well since we're fighting aliens I figured we should get one of our own, right?”
— Flirty

Theallen is the het ship between Thea and Barry from the Arrowverse fandom.



Barry is Felicity's date to the party Oliver throws for his mother at the Queen Mansion, which includes Thea. As Thea doesn't know Oliver's secret at this point, nor Felicity that well, she might not have been introduced to Barry but they will likely have seen each other as it was a small gathering and Thea saw Barry and Felicity dance.


Barry and Thea are introduced properly when Barry runs to Star City to ask for Oliver's help with a stranger who has attacked Kendra and Cisco. Barry saves Diggle, Thea and Oliver from Damien Darhk and Thea's shocked to find out that they know The Flash. They venture to the Arrow cave where Barry, Cisco and Kendra discuss the situation with Team Arrow. Malcolm Merlyn, then-current R'as al Ghul, shows up suddenly to inform the teams further of Vandal Savage and Thea scoffs at his presence, explaining to Barry that it's only 'her father'.

Oliver invites everyone to his apartment where they hang out a bit before being suddenly attacked by Savage barrelling through the windows. Barry saves Thea, among others, from Savage's knives and is later knocked over upon which Thea tends to him before continuing the fight. When Merlyn later suddenly appears again in the bunker, Barry, exasperated, asks "is this the only way that guy knows how to enter a room?" to which Thea just gives an air of continued annoyance at Merlyn's presence in her life.

The teams decide to stay at an A.R.G.U.S. safe house where they can strategise. Thea talks about how strange it is to now have to deal with an immortal being. Although their first attempt kills everyone, Barry runs back in time and the teams succeed in taking down Savage, where Thea and Barry fight together.


After being called into action following the Dominator attack on Central City, Thea meets up with Barry one of his S.T.A.R. Labs properties, a hangar, where they walk and talk a bit about what they're up against.


A rare pair, though fandom quite enjoys the idea of Oliver's reaction if Thea and Barry fell in love. Thea and Barry only meet in crossovers, but there is some fan creations out there, for instance a lot of manips/manip gifsets of an AU relationship or interactions. Following the last crossover Thea was part of, there hasn't been a lot of new material for the ship in fandom. AUs and fanworks generally play with the opposites attract quality to this pairing; Thea as the hardened and stoic warrior, Barry as the emotional, optimistic and caring guy, and of course their superhero alter egos.



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