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ThoYae is the het ship between Yae Miko and Thoma from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Thoma and Yae Miko currently do not have any interaction in game. Although in Thoma's voiceline about Yae Miko, he states that Kamisato Ayaka often sends him to the Grand Narukami Shrine to deliver letters. Thoma also talks about how this destination is his least favourite, and how he possesses a "deep respect" towards Yae Miko, although it is clear he fears her. This is because of Yae Miko's teasing nature, typically towards men. Thoma was also featured on Yae Miko's first banner. The two don't have any canon interactions besides Thoma delivering letters to her.

Thoma and Yae Miko both enjoy going to hot springs, as seen in one of Yae Miko's Serenitea Pot voicelines, and Thoma when he talks about yearning to go to the hotsprings in the Archon Quest "Omnipresence Over Mortals. The two also enjoy reading stories, as seen in their 'Favourite Hobby' voicelines. In Thoma's voiceline, he talks about how he likes to read about shape-shifting Yokai. Kitsune can be an example of shape-shifting Yokai. In Yae Miko's voiceline about her interests, she talks about how she find humans "fascinating creatures" and how she is fond of them. She refers to their perseverance through brightness that does not dim, and a prominent quality of Thoma's is that he continues to be a loyal person towards Kamisato Ayato, despite being offered to quit his irritating job as a housekeeper for the Kamisato Clan, otherwise stating that he is a man who does not give up.

In one of Thoma's Serenitea Pot voicelines, Thoma talks about how calming the atmosphere is near the Grand Narukami Shrine is. He also talks about how the area is a sight to behold. Also how the place alone can make the traveler fall in love with Inazuma. He later goes on to talk about how the traveler should avoid attacking any kitsune they find there, as it leads to bad luck. In this line, it can be assumed that he is referring to Yae Miko, typically in her fox form.



“Lady Miko? Wh—What about her? *sigh* Every time Miss Kamisato sends me out to deliver messages, my least-favorite destination is the Grand Narukami Shrine... Oh! N—Not because Lady Miko scares the bejeebers out of me, it's, uh... respect. Yes! She strikes respect deep into my heart, ahahahaha...”
— Thoma about Yae Miko


ThoYae is not a popular ship within the Genshin Impact fandom. Many who ship it enjoy the dynamics they have, Thoma being a "malewife" whilst Yae Miko is a "girlboss". This ship originated from Thoma's voiceline and eventually grew from that. Most fanarts depict Thoma being nervous or cowering in front of Yae Miko. It's two main rival ships are EiMiko and ThomaTo.



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ThomaYae hashtag on Twitter


  • Thoma has a fascination of animals, especially dogs. It is noticeable that Yae Miko is a kitsune, a 9 tailed fox. Foxes are apart of the Canidae family, a type of dog.
  • Thoma's ascension material, Fluorescent Fungus, looks similar to Yae Miko's ascension material, Sea Ganoderma.
  • The pair have good friendships with Kamisato Ayato.
  • Thoma cannot handle alcohol well, as seen in his voiceline about 'Least Favourite Food'. Yae Miko, on the other hand, enjoys alcoholic drinks like sake.


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