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ThomaChi is the slash ship between Thoma and Tartaglia from the Genshin Impact fandom.


So far, the two haven't met nor interacted. As Childe is from Snezhnaya and Thoma is from Inazuma (and was born in Mondstadt). For now, it can be rare for them to meet. However, they bare a lot of resemblances from appearance to personality. They were also featured in an official artwork and was in a Bilibili Livestream.

They both can bargain, as from one of Thoma's voiceline he seems to ask the Traveler if they have any problem with bargaining then he can help them haggle it down. And then for whereas, Childe, is rich and gave the Traveler some mora so they can bargain. They have also technically saved the Traveler once, as before the Traveler was about to get executed by the Raiden Shogun, Thoma threw a spear at her and was able to save the Traveler. And while on the contrary, for Childe, he defeated the guards that were chasing the Traveler and getting them out.

Both have the same model, meaning same height (even though it isn't actually confirmed whenever they are the same height). They seemed to have similar hairstyles as Thoma's hair is short and messy, and then Childe's hairstyle is also short, but choppy, instead of messy. Their bangs seemed to be almost the exact same. They both wear jackets, and appear to have the almost same and exact cuff. And their Vision can be seen attached and hanged to their belt.

From personality, Thoma is seen as a friendly and kind person to the Traveler. Meanwhile, for Childe, he was first seen as a friendly and kind person despite being one of the Fatui Harbinger and is a bloodthirsty warrior. They're both friends with the Traveler and is supposedly trying to get close with them, and they can have playful side with them. A lot of people have compared their personalities, saying that Thoma is the light-hearted side of Childe.


Ever since of Inazuma's release, whereas Thoma's appearance made its debut, a lot of people from the Genshin Impact fandom has made a lot comparisons between Thoma and Childe due to their resemblances. Therefore, people also started shipping the two due to their resemblances. And, lots of memes creating that were saying Thoma is Childe 2.0. This became much more popular after miHoYo, has posted an official art with them, seemingly hanging out.



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ChiThoLumi refers to the two and Lumine
ChiThoTher refers to the two and Aether


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