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ThomaLumi is the het ship between Thoma and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


At the start of the Inazuma questline, Thoma is shown seemingly waiting for her. Thoma calls Lumine as a honored guest, Beidou introduces Lumine to Thoma, Thoma waves and chuckles, telling that Lumine doesn't know how long he has been waiting to see her. He becomes her guide through Ritou, trying to get her traveling permit and going through the process of her application at Outlander Affairs Agency. Thoma calls Lumine a good friend while at Outlander Affairs Agency.

When Lumine went to the Komore Teahouse, Thoma was hiding and teases Lumine, pretending to be Taroumaru who is a shiba inu. Thinking that Thoma was a shibu inu, sooner or later, Thoma showed himself laughing, saying that he had his fun. And after that, Thoma apologizes Lumine for the "test" though it was quite necessary. Thoma then guides again Lumine into some places before letting her meet Ayaka. When helping Ayaka fulfill 3 wishes, Thoma tells Lumine that he's sure that she'll do great to fulfill the 3 wishes. Coming back to the Kamisato Estate to inform Ayaka that Lumine has fulfilled the 3 wishes, Thoma appears and pats Lumine's shoulder while meeting Ayaka in front.

After rescuing Master Masakatsu, Lumine goes back inside of the Komore Teahouse, Thoma exclaims now that they're one step closer to victory and they couldn't done it without Lumine and Yoimiya. He chuckles, saying that Lumine turned out to be much more reliable than he expected. Lumine thanks him for the compliment.

Thoma, Ayaka and Lumine all enjoy a hotpot game together, strengthening their friendship.

During the second act of the Inazuma questline, Thoma is revealed to have been captured by Baal and Lumine has to go to save him. As she stops Baal from capturing his vision, she then loses in a fight against Baal, thus leading to her presumed execution. Just as Baal is about to kill her, Thoma frees himself from his binding and throws a spear right at Baal, which forces her to stop her execution. This then saves Lumine's life, who makes a quick escape with Thoma, fleeing the scene. Thoma tells Lumine to go to the resistance as he cannot go anywhere besides stay in the Komore Teahouse since it will be unsafe to go anywhere besides that.

Hangout Event

Popular Class

Thoma and Lumine discusses about the plan for the day, Thoma says that after all, she is his guest and he would like to hear her ideas. During the discussion, Thoma wasn't so sure about where to take her today. Thoma asks Lumine which would she prefer, indoor or outdoor. Lumine answers him, preferring indoors. Thoma told her that he'll head over to the Komore Teahouse to get a few things prepared, and tells her to come and join him once she's ready.

Thoma welcomes Lumine, he tells that he whipped something up to eat for the mean time. However, Lumine was seen shocked at the food, into which, Thoma notices her shocked expression and asked about it. Lumine talks about the aftermath of the hot-pot game, she thought self-sabotage was his cooking style. Thoma admits it but says it was just a game. And as for normal meals, he mentions that he, of course, is a housekeeper. Thoma inquiries Lumine to dig in as he won't get the chance to cook for her like this everyday.

Popular Class.png

After Lumine finishes eating, she thanks Thoma and Thoma welcomes her. Lumine started suggesting Thoma to make a housekeeping class, whereas, Thoma, seemed to agree to her suggestion and asks her on where to promote the housekeeping class. Lumine answers him saying that they need to get out and spread the word, Thoma questions if she thinks so, because he would need to be prepared. Lumine helps Thoma for the handling of the chairs and tables, after handling the chairs and tables. They started going and promoting the housekeeping class. It was quite successful, and now, the next day. Going to Yashiro Commission to take part off the housekeeping course, Thoma was seen teaching and Lumine participates in it. However, Lumine was dozing off during the course.

Alone Time

After digging into the food, Lumine thanks Thoma for the food. He welcomes her. They talk about teaching the Yashiro Commission about housekeeping, and so on, they started asking around at the Yashiro Quarters to promote a housekeeping class that Lumine suggested. After finishing the day, Thoma tells Lumine that he wanted the opportunity to teach her how to knit a sweater so that she's able to make some warm clothes before winter comes.

Alone Time.png

Lumine responds back, saying that she hasn't managed to give him the respect that he deserves. Thoma laughs off, tells that he's happy that the fact she's ready to look out for him. However, it doesn't bother him at all. And now, Thoma finally teaches Lumine on how to knit a sweater, step by step. After finishing, Thoma compliments Lumine, saying that she's a quick learner. Albeit, he told her to pay attention to what he's about to say, he told her an advice.

The Sea Breeze Carries Memories

New Clothes!

Thoma asks Lumine on what does she prefer, if she prefers indoor or outdoor. Lumine answers him with outdoors, Thoma told that he actually had a couple of places that he recommends. He first talks about the first place that he recommends, the place had cats and dogs if she likes them. And now talks about the second place was about going downtown, he now asks Lumine on which place should they go. And so, Lumine replies the first place, saying she wants to see the cats and dogs. As Thoma heard, he said that it's nice to know that he and Lumine shared the same interest.

New Clothes!.png

Going to the place where the cats and dogs were, Thoma talks about how he brings the stray cats and dogs some food for them and said that it's like a tradition over the time for him, it felt like a chore, but sooner or later, he started to enjoy it. Lumine mentions that they seemed to like him a lot, which Thoma asks if she really thinks so, well he told that if she feeds them enough then maybe she can she'll win their affection as well. Thoma asks Lumine if she can try and feed them. He mentions that he has some of their favorite food so just she can get their good graces, Lumine then accepts it. Thoma mentions again that he trained them enough to not be aggressive towards humans. Thoma tells Lumine that she's a very approachable person as she comes up to them and tries to feed them. After accomplishing on trying to feed them, Lumine goes back to Thoma. Thoma starts talking about ninja dog and while talking about it, Thoma told that he tried patting them on the head to gain trust but got a nasty bite instead. Lumine tells him that perhaps maybe he should give it some time to calm down.

A Lingering Fragrance

Thoma invites Lumine for a stroll around Ritou, reminding her that it's the place that they both first met. They stop at a nearby jewelry shop and when asked to buy either a necklace or bracelet, Thoma says that both would suit her very nicely. During their stroll he also says, "I'm happy to be here with you this time," implying that he really does enjoy her company.

A Lingering Fragrance.png

As the stroll comes to an end, Lumine says there's something she'd like to give him, but he politely refuses and says that "as long as you enjoyed yourself, that's all I could ask for." Lumine insists that he would like it and gives him a Pinwheel Aster, a local specialty from his homeland, Mondstadt. Thoma becomes lost for words at the gift and calls it "invaluable," saying how much he prefers these types of thoughtful gifts over transactional ones.

Although Lumine says she wants nothing in return, Thoma gives her his omamori and says how it can bring the bearer good luck.

The Housekeeper's Other Side

Thoma's Birthday Mail

On January 9th 2022, Thoma gifts Lumine 3 dishes: Butter Crab, Mixed Yakisoba and 'Warmth' (his speciality.) He mentions how he normally spends his birthday with the Kamisatos, but this year he'd like to spend it with Lumine. He also emphasises how much he wants to see her.

“In recent years, I usually spend my birthday with Lord Ayato and Lady Ayaka. But this morning, my lord asked me if I had other plans today... Honestly, I wanted to meet up with you. Lately, I've been worried that you haven't been taking good care of yourself on your journey. As I walk around Ritou, Mondstadt occasionally comes to mind. There are many reasons, but ultimately... It's because I want to see you. Tell me where I can find you! Oh, that's right, leave dinner plans to me. Don't worry about it. I'm on top of my game today and I'm sure you'll be well satisfied. If there's anything else you need, just let me know. Don't be a stranger! I'll be sure to bring everything along!”


Archon Quest

“I've been looking forward to seeing you again every day since I got here!”
— Thoma to Lumine during the quest, "Proof of Guilt"


“It's good to meet you at last, Traveler. I've been hearing about you for a long time now. I'm your new buddy, Thoma — as long as that's okay with you, of course!”
— Thoma's Voiceline, Hello
“Hey... how about we go for a nice meal some time? My treat, of course.”
— Thoma's Voiceline, Chat: Thoma's Treat
“Where'd this rain come from? Are you gonna be okay? Here, I'll lend you my coat...”
— Thoma's Voiceline about Raining
“Come quick, we gotta get down to the market — they slash the prices on fish around this time of day. Oh, and if you find something that you just can't do without, I'll help you haggle the price down.”
— Thoma's Voiceline, Good Evening
“Are you an animal person, too? If you are, let me take you to the outskirts some time, it's great. I just need to give a whistle, and all these puppies and kittens will come out of nowhere and start strutting around your ankles, clamoring for your affection. Haha, just imagining it is already brightening my day.”
— Thoma's Voiceline about Interesting Things: Animals
“Quick, come with me! I remembered it's your birthday, obviously, so I thought I'd throw you a proper party. There's food, there's drinks, and I invited a whole bunch of your friends, too. Hey, this is your birthday we're talking about! I wasn't about to let you spend it all alone!”
— Thoma's Voiceline about Birthday
“If you hadn't put yourself out there during the Vision Hunt Ceremony and taken on the Raiden Shogun all by yourself, I would've lost my Vision, and with it all my aspirations. I've been thinking about this a lot, and it seems there's only one way I could ever properly repay you... I, Thoma, give to you my weapon and my loyalty, and I promise to fight for you, no matter what.”
— Thoma's Voiceline, About Us: Oath
“Thank you for placing your trust in me. Your kindness warms my heart more than the brightest flame ever could. But not to worry, I've figured out what I want to do now. My strength is your shield, and I will always be here to protect you.”
— Thoma's Voiceline about Ascension: Conclusion

Hangout Event Quotes

“Hmm...maybe it's not entirely to do with the seasons. Anyway, the main point is, I'm happy to be here with you this time.”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "A Lingering Fragrance" route
“As long as you enjoyed yourself, that's all I could ask for.”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "A Lingering Fragance" route
“Haha, the fact that you're so ready to look out for me has already made me very happy.”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "Alone Time" route
“There's too much going on here. Let's find somewhere more peaceful to discuss the plan for the day. You're still my guest, after all, and I'd like to hear your ideas.”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "Host's Inviation" route
Thoma“Oh, welcome! It must've been a while since you were last here. Since it's about time to eat, I couldn't resist whipping up a little something for us. So please, help yourself. Hope you enjoy it. And... I can't claim to compete with the likes of Uyuu Restaurant's chef, but I think I did alright. What's wrong? You look shocked!”
Lumine“After that hot pot game, I figured self-sabotage was your cooking style...”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "Thanks for Your Hospitality!" route
Thoma“Well, seems like my cooking has your seal of approval.”
Lumine“Thanks for your hospitality./It was delicious!”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "Thanks for Your Hospitality" route
Thoma“But you're my guest and I live to serve, so if you have any other thoughts on the matter, please do share them with me. I'm willing to give anything you suggest a shot — as long as it's a serious suggestion, of course.”
Lumine“I'll ask around at the Yashiro Commission...”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "Unforeseen Circumstances" route
“Thanks for helping out. This place should be a little more tranquil now, Lumine.”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "Ninken by the Shore" route
Thoma“They're all handmade by top chefs, and the flavor is as authentic as it gets.”
Lumine“Tastes pretty good.”
Thoma“Great, I'm glad you like it. I'll see about trying to make my own when I get the chance. They're made to a traditional family recipe though, so replicating them won't be easy.”
Lumine“Your cooking is better.”
Thoma“Haha... you flatter me.”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "A Trip for Two in Ritou" route
Thoma“Alright, time to call it a day. Let's head back.”
Lumine“Hold on.”
Thoma“Hmm? Not ready to leave yet? Come to think of it, I do have a couple more places I could take you...”
Lumine“I have a gift for you, too./I want to repay your kindness, too.”
Thoma“Haha, there's no need for that.”
— Thoma to Lumine during the "A Trip for Two in Ritou" route

Serenitea Pot

“Morning, Lumine! If you'd like some breakfast, I'd be more than happy to whip something up for ya?”
— Thoma to Lumine
“*Sigh* That's good, I always knew that you were a kind-hearted person.”
— Thoma to Lumine
“Since we're already here, why not try to leave your worries behind and put your mind at ease for a while? And if you ever feel lonely, don't worry — you've always got me here to keep you company.”
— Thoma to Lumine
“Great job here, you really know what you're doing! If you placed this in Inazuma, you could probably steal a good chunk of business from Hanamizaka.”
— Thoma to Lumine
“Heh, you never cease to impress me. I mean, taming youkai? Who knew you had that kind of talent!”
— Thoma to Lumine
“Actually, I was hoping to find a nice, open area and invite you to do some skygazing together.”
— Thoma to Lumine
Thoma“Haha, I guess I always try to see the positive side of things.”
Lumine“I appreciate that about you, Thoma.”


Thoma bares a lot of resemblance to Tartaglia, in terms of appearance and personality, making a lot of ChiLumi shippers enjoy this ship as well. A lot of ThomaLumi shippers also like how sweet and playful Thoma is, making him a good match for Lumine. The Inazuma questline where Baal almost kills Lumine only fueled the ship even more, with shippers loving the fact that Thoma and Lumine 'saved' each other.

As Inazuma has only recently come out, the ship is still very new and there is currently not much content of it. A lot of shippers were uncertain about the spelling of Thoma, so some refer to him as 'Tohama', making there two ship tags.



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AyaThomaLumi refers to the ship between the two and Kamisato Ayaka
ChiTohLumi refers to the ship between the two and Tartaglia


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