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Thomiya is the het ship between Thoma and Naganohara Yoimiya from the Genshin Impact fandom.



Yoimiya 's voicelines about Thoma mentions that he's a very talkative person, and he has reasons behind most of his words. Even if at first it might seem like there's no connection, but as he goes on, everything will eventually dovetail nicely towards a single purpose, which is different from how Yoimiya does things. She also says that sometimes she asks for help with him whenever she encounters a matter she can't settle.

Thoma's voiceline about Yoimiya states that she's an easy person to get along with, and that she is super straightforward, saying what is on her mind. He also compliments the services of Naganohara fireworks, and says that the traveler should see them in action. He also shows the coupon to traveler, meaning that he might be a relevant customer or that he just simply has discounts on goods or services from Naganohara fireworks.

Thoma is also mentioned in Yoimiya's voiceline about Kujou Sara. She says that Sara is most likely to acknowledge her perspectives on things if she is on right, otherwise she will have to correct her, and Thoma will be there to help her apologize to Sara when that happens.

In the Archon Quest, after Thoma's eating competition, he says: "Ugh, my stomach! It feels like Yoimiya's fireworks are going off inside me..."

In Yoimiya's character demo, Thoma can be seen with her carrying a box. This might be a reference to her voiceline, since she states that she asks for his help when it's needed. He also can be seen at the end of the demo, saying that the samurai that Yoimiya was fighthing already fled while she kept talking.

Yoimiya is a very cheerful and happy-go-lucky person, but she's also an incredibly intuitive and insightful too, and her voicelines about Thoma demonstrastes that very well. It's a nice constrast to Thoma's calm personality and "keeping things in check" nature.


“Of Naganohara Fireworks fame? She's so easy to get along with. Super straightforward, just says whatever she thinks. Oh, and Naganohara fireworks are just incredible, you should take every chance you get to see them in action. Ah, on that note — here, have a coupon!”
— Thoma's Voicelie about Yoimiya
“He's quite the talker and has reasons behind every word that he says. Sometimes, it might seem like there's no connection, but as he goes on, everything will eventually dovetail nicely towards a single purpose. It's... quite different from how I do things. I ask him for help whenever I encounter a matter I can't settle.”
— Yoimiya's Voiceline about Thoma


Thomiya is a small ship in the Genshin Impact fandom, being considered a rare pair. The ship itself does not have many fics, but it has a considerable amount of fanart depcting the two as platonic partners, friends, and with romantic tones. People who view them as platonic also are likely to give them a sibling dynamic, since both characters are very similar in appereance.

The ship is usually overshadowed by more popular ships with both characters. Its rival ships are Thomaya, ThomaChi, ThomaLuc and ThomaLumi, which are some of Thoma's ships, and Ayamiya and Ittomiya, which are some of Yoimiya's ships.



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  • The koreans VAs of Thoma and Yoimiya are married in real life, and they both voiced Yoimiya's character demo trailer together.
  • Both are pyro characters with a good synergy, since Thoma can provide shields and act as a support for Yoimiya, who is a DPS.
  • Both characters need the same Talent and Character Ascension Materials - The Smoldering Pearl and Teachings of Transience.
  • Both characters share the same outdoor gift set in the Serenitea Pot, which is the Sakura-Hued Street, and they are the only characters who are present in the set.
    • In the Archon Quest, Thoma also says that he wanted to go to the hot springs very badly. Yoimiya and Gorou both share a hot spring set in the Serenitea Pot, the Wakeful Spring.



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