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Thor Odinson is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel comics fandoms.


Thor is the golden son of King Odin and Queen Frigga of Asgard, and Loki is his adoptive brother. Thor is skilled in battle, a member of the Avengers on Earth, and he is the preferred son to inherit the throne of Asgard. Thor has a troubled relationship with his brother Loki, who is an important aspect of Thor's life; he is occasionally an ally and occasionally an antagonist, which is a common element of conflict in Thor's storylines.

As a member of the Avengers, Thor spends a lot of time on Earth (Midgard) protecting the people as a hero.

Thor iconically wields the hammer Mjolnir, which helps him channel his lightning powers and gives him the ability to fly. Mjolnir can only be lifted by someone who is worthy of its power.



Black Thunder — the ship between Thor and Natasha Romanoff
Fosterson — the ship between Thor and Jane Foster
Scarlet Thunder — the ship between Thor and Wanda Maximoff
Thorkyrie — the ship between Thor and Valkyrie
Thunderwar — the ship between Thor and Sif


Thorquill — the ship between Thor and Peter Quill
Thunder Iron — the ship between Thor and Tony Stark
ThunderShield — the ship between Thor and Steve Rogers
Thunder Nanny — the ship between Thor and Phil Coulson
Thunder Science — the ship between Thor and Bruce Banner


ThunderFrostIron — the ship between Thor, Loki, and Tony Stark
ThunderIronShield — the ship between Thor, Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers


Domestic Avengers — the ship between all the Avengers
Thorki — the ship between Thor and Loki


Thor x Mjolnir — the ship between Thor and his hammer Mjolnir


Jane Foster

Main article: Fosterson

Thor has an on-again off-again canon relationship with Jane Foster in both the MCU and in the Marvel comics. They are currently not together.


Main article: Thunderwar

This is canon in Marvel comics, but unrequited in the MCU. In the comics, Thor and Sif have an on-again off-again canon relationship; they are currently not together. In the MCU, Sif is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, but Thor does not seem to feel the same.


Bruce Banner

Main article: Thunder Science



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13223 Thorki Loki non-binary
5368 Fosterson Jane Foster het
3466 Thor & Loki Loki family
2015 Thunder Science Bruce Banner slash
1271 ThunderShield Steve Rogers slash
721 Thunderwar Sif het
625 Thunder Iron Tony Stark slash
230 Thorquill Peter Quill slash
222 Thorkyrie Valkyrie het
219 ThunderHawk Clint Barton slash


  • In the Marvel comics, Thor had a daughter with Sif named Torunn Thorsdóttir.



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