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    Please refrain from creating ship pages, just so that a character page can be created. It's easy to tell, and requires a lot of clean up by the admins, especially when users have no intention of adding to the pages. The pages will be automaticall deleted for this reason.

    Thank you for your time and Happy Shipping!

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    • Why? I only do it so that female representation can be had. The new rules tend to sideline female characters that are important to the narrative of the work the fandom is based around, and I just want the pages to acknowledge the female characters that are important to these narratives. If I add confusion, I'm really sorry. I just want to have these female characters, as well as other marginalized characters central to these narratives, represented on this site. 

      Granted, Romelle is not that important, so if she gets deleted, I don't freaking care, and frankly the plot development she brings to Voltron is stupid and just ruins the beautiful complexity that Lotor brought and just brings the paladins back to square one, to old challenges the paladins already know how to face. 

      But the other female characters I've worked to bring aren't that bad, and are really important to their narratives. If there's any way I can bring these female characters and other marginalized characters representation, please let me know. If not, well again, I'm sorry I caused such confusion, and I look forward to editing with you. 

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    • Also, thank you for deleting Shirocest. I can't believe that's a ship. Now, could you delete Holtcest, please? Also, I see you kind of deleted all the Romelle ships. Which I kind of regret, but hey, like I said, she kind of introduces a shitty plotline. 

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    • I understand wanting female representation, but this is a wikia and not a piece of media. We cannot change how the media represents minorities and are more focused on ships than the characters themselves either way. This argument also falls apart because the character pages aren't focused on them as characters, but just their ships. There are plenty of female characters who aren't as improtant to the narrative that have character and ship pages. There's also the face that you want mariginalized groups and I have seen you create ship pages followed by creating character pages that aren't in those marginalized groups. This is not a call out, I'm just pointing out that you've been consistant with this kind of adding of pages.

      You counter me deleting the character page with, "Romelle is not that important, so if she gets deleted" which makes me question why you even made the page in the first place. Just because the character has five ship pages, doesn't meant they're required to have a page automatically created, so therefore it was unecessary for you to create both. I know you said it was for "female representation" but once again we can't change that, plus we have more female pages than male pages.

      As far as I know there has never been a page called Shirocest. If it was listed on the Voltron or Shiro pages than I had no idea about it. The Holtcest page can stay however. A user created it with the intention of shaming the ship and was quickly edited by other users to the standard format. The wiki does allow incest ships as long as it does not become too innapropriate, only after that do they get deleted or protected.

      Once again, I understand wanting to see marginalized characters, especially if you are part of one of those characters groups. But this wiki is about shipping and is focused on creating for the relationships between the characters and not the characters themselves.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    • Yeah I'm not sure why I made Romelle in the first place. Also, thank you for explaining the Holtcest page, but if you make it the standard format, it just shows that incest ships deserve the same respect as normal ships, which is not a good message to send.  Especially considering we have gay ships on this site.  Putting incestuous relationships in a normal light, alongside het and gay relationships, might be interpreted by some that incest is the same category as het and gay ships, ESPECIALLY gay ships. And that is not the message we should send. You don't have to delete them, I just believe the incest ships should be restricted to 18+ users, and/or come with a content warning, at the very least. Also, thank you for being so polite in this discourse. That's not an insult, it's a genuine compliment. Civil discourse is rare on the internet. Also, I didn't know we had more female than male pages.  That curbs my urge for representation a bit. Also, I'm glad you understand my feelings about representation. And you're welcome. I appreciate our conversations. 

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      And yes, it is a bit hypocritical that I made super-privileged pages when I claimed I wanted marginalized pages. I understand that now. 

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    • We are now no longer allowing incest ships on the site. There was a discussion amongst the admins and we agreed to get rid of them. We also implemented some new rules for character pages. There were quite a few of them, so I'll just link you to the Style Mannual so you can see them all.

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    • I saw the rules.  Thalia Grace actually already had five ship pages prior to being deleted though, so I'll be restoring her character page. 

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    • Also thank you for getting rid of the incest ships!

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    • Keyfabe wrote:
      I saw the rules.  Thalia Grace actually already had five ship pages prior to being deleted though, so I'll be restoring her character page. 

      Sorry, we've recently added new rules for the character pages. It's 10 ships listed on the page mininum and five of the ship pages must have been created. This is to make sure the focus on the wiki is on shipping. Thalia Grace's page only had 8 ships on the page prior to deletion and so that's the reason why it was originally deleted. 

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