• RABNerd VP continues to take out large chunks of texts from pages that I have made or have edited to help other people and they still having given me the answers to help be better understand what I have done wrong or how I could do better in the future. Since RAB did edited Flansoff before a few weeks ago, where it was only a little texts taken out, before a large chunk was taken out just yesterday.

    Since you got back to me when I tried to ask Tizmoa what has been going on with RAB, as they hadn't got back to me like RABNerd VP is avoiding the question (which is hurting my feelings of late), I hope that maybe you could give me the answers to my questions. As I have talked myself out of rebellion by putting back the text that were taken out or messing around with RAB's edit list, as I know that it won't solve anything and would lead to me getting blocked. Which is why I want to end this peacefully, by gaining a better understanding and hopefully get a few helpful tips that could prevent a future fallout over this.

    Update: Just know a friend has told me a theory that the RABNerd VP I had grew fund of might have been replaced by another person who is using their account and name. If that is so I'm not very sure, but that is the case is it a good thing for a bad thing?

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    • It's still the same me. I just finally have time to edit a lot of the pages.

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    • That's good to know, but the way you have been editing those pages has got me to think that I might have done something wrong when I made and edited themselves and I would like to know how I can improve in the future.

      Since your edits to make them stubs again, after I had placed a lot of work into them, has been hurting my feelings and was close to crying when you stubbed Adrigami (as the season three section to took out was a place holder until I could get back to it) and Lukagami. Also your edits to those pages have be brutal and a part of me wishes that you could at least try to prevent them from being turned back into stubs, as it paints an not so nice picture of your thoughts on those pages, but I chose to kindly give you the chance to tell me that it isn't so. If you can tell me how I could improve or give me some helpful tips, I can fix those pages the right way and you can have more time to focus on your other planned projects, that have been put on hold, here.

      Please get back to me as soon as possibly, as I have asked this question at least four times and not getting the answer is being to make me think that you have been avoiding it or just me. You have been my favourite Admin here and someone I could turn to for help, but of last it hasn't been so.

      If it was the other way round, wouldn't you want to know why your hard work is being taken down like it was for nothing or that the admin doing them would at least try to be kind in their edits to prevent future deletion. Since the Stub bar doesn't say the six month deadline, people don't know of the danger their pages are in if left alone for too long.

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    • Okay, a few things.

      1) It's a shipping wiki. Calm down.

      2) Don't make things full paragraphs that don't actually take up that much time. Characters standing next to each other would not end up in canon but moments.

      3) Don't put in the fanon section fanon for the individual characters. I see this a lot in the Ladybug pages where you'll bring up fan speculation for a character, and it has nothing to do with the ship. Or is just a general fandom theory that has nothing to do with shipping. This can go in the fanon section of the official Ladybug page (for general theories), or can go in the fanon section for the currently existing character pages (for character theories).

      4) Don't over explain. Sometimes you'll do this thing where you overexplain situations and ideas. Normally this happens for crossover pages. Instead of saying something like "They have strong ties to their families" it ends up as "They have strong ties to their families; as Character A has [lists a million things that have nothing to do with the ship] and Character B has [lists a million things that also have nothing to do with the ship]. Sometimes less is better.

      5) Don't overreach. Don't list simple things that people might have in common. The walking barefoot thing is one of those. As is the animal thing, as most non horrible human can be good with animals. Some of them end up feeling exagerated, since you'll give an example that is a core or very prevalent part of one character, and then was seen for five seconds with another character.

      6) Don't set out to make character pages. If you are making a ship page, it doesn't have to be something you care about more than anything, but you shouldn't be making them just to get certain characters to have pages on the wiki.

      7) I want you to really remember this one; Not every ship, needs to have a page. There is not a single fandom on this wiki that has every single ship page in blue, unless there is only one ship in the fandom. It's fine. As long as it's just listed that can be good enough. Especially for ships that don't have that many fans. Even then, I would rather have someone with more experience with the fandom for those ships come in a fill out the pages. Especially the fanon sections.

      8) If I ever go back and look at something that I edited three months ago and said was fine, it's because I looked at it again and realized it needs work. Wiki is constantly changing, and sometimes things need to be updated and changed to make the pages better. I filled out the Symbrock page when the movie first came out, but then I also re-edited a month ago because it looked like a hot mess. It happens.

      9) Please just know that if I'm not getting back to you it's a day where my brain can't handle any form of confrontation. I have days like that. And then also have bad memory and forget to talk to people when I'm in a better mood. Weirdly enough I can remember 90% of the episodes in Once Upon a Time, but I can't remember to text my boss back lol.

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    • Also don't put things that might have possible happened in the canon section. Unless it actually happened it's not canon.

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    • Thanks for getting back to me and I'll try to remember all this. At the beginning I wasn't making ship pages for the sake of a character page, I just noticed that they had the right number of pages and there was someone who kept making character pages by not following the rule and I was trying to setting things peaceful. I do had a bad habit of over explaining, but for some reason it is the only way I can put down the right facts by putting the rest in, if you know what I'm trying to say.

      Because of the stub rule and it could cause someone to panic a little when the little has limit facts to add on the page. Which is why I'll focus on ships that can allow a page to be filled the right way.

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