Yeah I'm not sure why I made Romelle in the first place. Also, thank you for explaining the Holtcest page, but if you make it the standard format, it just shows that incest ships deserve the same respect as normal ships, which is not a good message to send.  Especially considering we have gay ships on this site.  Putting incestuous relationships in a normal light, alongside het and gay relationships, might be interpreted by some that incest is the same category as het and gay ships, ESPECIALLY gay ships. And that is not the message we should send. You don't have to delete them, I just believe the incest ships should be restricted to 18+ users, and/or come with a content warning, at the very least. Also, thank you for being so polite in this discourse. That's not an insult, it's a genuine compliment. Civil discourse is rare on the internet. Also, I didn't know we had more female than male pages.  That curbs my urge for representation a bit. Also, I'm glad you understand my feelings about representation. And you're welcome. I appreciate our conversations. 

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