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Tielsanna is the polyship ship between Anna, Elsa and Tiana from the Disney fandom.


As Anna, Elsa and Tiana are from different series, they have never met in canon. While the film Ralph Breaks the Internet has online versions of the three known as "netizens", where they are three of the Disney Princesses from the website, Oh My Disney. Netizen Elsa, Anna and Tiana are seen sitting close to each other, while the Disney Princesses talk to Vanellope.

In the beginning at both their films they were seen as children, before having a family moment with their fathers, who have died some time ago. The three at one point in their films, and short special, were each seen wearing a blue colored dress and a green colored dress, with flower-like designs on them. Along with them traveling through forest-like settings, where they meet and befriend its friendly animal, people and magical inhabitants, and doing it with a male companion. The magic in Tiana's film is Voodoo, while Elsa and Anna's are elemental magic that has ice as its main magical property before Frozen II features wind, fire, water and earth magical beings. The sequel also reveals the origins of Elsa's magic as a bless from the four spirits, while Anna (in her first film) and Tiana (in her only film) were unattended victims of the magic that they were struck with, until love helped the two to be free of it while love is what helped Elsa to regain control of her magic.

Because of the thing that they were blinded to, until love helped them to see what has been in front of them and why they need it in their lives, their main antagonists had took advantage of it in order to gain something from them. At the end of their films, the three give their male traveling companions and animal friends a job that brings them happiness, in both their lives as a thanks for helping them and being their friends.


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While the exact origins of the ship is a mystery, it could be due to fans enjoying doing crossover, femslash ships that involve the Disney Princesses. Or believe that a few of their similar traits can have the three get along with each other. Many fan artist will draw the three in their modern outfits from Ralph Breaks the Internet, and some fan fic writers will use them as influence in their modern AU's.



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  • They are three of the limit time characters, with limit time clothing, in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • All three appear in Once Upon A Time.


Elsanna refers to the ship between Elsa and Anna
Tianna refers to the ship between Tiana and Anna
Tielsa refers to the ship between Tiana and Elsa


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