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TimConnor is the slash ship between Tim Drake and Connor Hawke from the DC Comics fandom.


Open Season

While Connor is trying to stop Eddie from killing Milo, when a metal R hits Eddie's hand. Tim then enters in through the window, and Eddie starts to fight him. Tim knocks him aside, and tells them to pretend he doesn't know who anyone is, but that Connor's costume does look familiar. Milo starts to run away, and Tim runs after him, but Connor tells him to wait as a bomb goes off. Tim thanks him for the save, and says that they can still beat him to the street. Connor asks if Tim is Batman's sidekick, and Tim says that he's his partner. He asks who Connor is, and Connor says that he's Green Arrow, the only one. Tim says not to get an attitude, since he wasn't the first Robin.

Tim and Connor track Milo down to a cab, which Tim throws a tracker at. They hop in Tim's car, and Connor comments on how nice it is. Tim asks if Connor is a car guy, but Connor says that he doesn't drive. Tim is confused, and Connor explains that he spent the last five years in a monestary. Tim asks why he left, and Connor says it was to fullfill his legacy, although Eddie thought that Connor should have stayed. Tim then gets excited that he took down Eddie Fyers, which confuses Connor a little.

They reach the location of the signal, which is at a trainyard, where they fight off several goons before finding Milo. They then easily take him out, and find his weapons. Connor asks if he should stick around, but Tim tells him that Batman's not to keen on outsiders. He asks if Connor has to leave right away, but Connor doesn't have any plans. Tim thinks Connor's pretty handy in a fight, and might need his help. Connor decides that he can stick around for a few days.

Sophomore Lethal

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TimConnor is an extremely rarepair in the DC Comics, Green Arrow and Robin fandoms. This is due to their limited interactions, as well as the age difference between the characters. Both are also shipped more with their best friends. Connor with Kyle Rayner and Tim with Conner Kent/Kon-El.

On AO3, TimConnor is the fourth most written ship for Connor and has 17 works.



Tim/Connor tag on AO3


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