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Conner“Still refuse to call him by your name. I don't care what costume you or him wear. As far as I'm concerned, you're my Robin. Always will be.”
Tim“And you'll always be my Clone Boy.”
— Teen Titans #92

TimKon is the slash ship between Tim Drake and Kon-El from the DC Comics fandom.


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A Kids' Game

Kon hears something down in the main room of Titans Tower, where he finds Tim. Kon assumed that Tim was asleep, but Tim just says it's only three in the morning. Kon asks if Batman taught him how not to sleep, and Tim says that he just felt cooped up in his room and wanted to check his email. There's an awkward moment of silence and Tim asks if Kon wanted something. Kon asks why they all joined the Teen Titans and Tim's been wondering that himself. Kon feels like everyone's trying to put the whole world on their shoulders, and Tim says that since they're going to have to deal with that eventually, that's probably why they're here. Kon isn't sure, since none of them came because their mentors told them to. He thinks they all came because they're friends and asks Tim to give him a reason to stick around. Tim says that Kon is smarter than he looks for figuring that out, and Kon says that he knows.

They're interrupted by an alert from Tim's computer where there is an email from someone called Snapdragon. Tim opens the email to see that it's a file on Kon's genetics from CADMUS. They see that Kon is 50% Superman, as expected, but are taken aback by the human half: Lex Luthor.

The next day, Kon is swimming in the Titans pool, and is surprised by Tim sneaking up on him. Kon asks why he does that, and Tim asks what he means. Kon decides to forget it, and Tim brings off how fast Kon ran off last night. Kon thinks someone's just messing with them, but Tim still thinks they should run some tests. He suggests going to Batman, but Kon doesn't want anyone else in on this, and still insists that it's just some sick joke. Luthor has nothing to do with how he was made. His genetics make who he is, and that's all he's got. He leaves the pool, leaving a towel behind, which Tim finds a hair on to test.

After Tim, Kon and Cassie sneak out of the Tower to go see Bart, Kon asks how mad Starfire will be. Tim says that she can be as mad as she wants and Kon asks if Starfire has a temper. Tim thinks that's her problem and she has no right telling them who they are and who they're meant to be. Kon hears that, if Tim get's what he means and Cassie asks what they're talking about. Kon says it's nothing, and Tim agrees. Cassie says that they can have their secrets as they share a look before following.

After the fight with the JLA, Tim says that he finally gets what Dick see's in Starfire, and asks Kon not to tell him that. He then admits to Kon that he had Kon's DNA tested, much to Kon's shock. Tim confirms that half of Kon's DNA is Lex Luthor's and Kon becomes angry over Tim sneaking and lying. Tim says that ignoring it wasn't going to help Kon, and Kon says that he doesn't know what to do with the information now. He has a fifty fifty chance of growing up to be hero, or a villain. Tim tries to break the tension with a joke, but Kon's still mad at Tim for going behind his back. He asks who else knows, and Tim says it's just them and whoever sent the email. Kon questions what will happen if one day he becomes a bad guy, but Tim insists that will never happen. He's not going to let it. Kon says that he was wrong, Tim is nothing like Batman. Tim says he's not like anybody, and they say goodbye till next weekend.

Family Lost

Tim and Conner arrive at Titans Tower around the same time, Conner asking why Tim was late. Tim said that Clayface escaped Arkham, and Tim asks why he was late. Conner lies and says that Bizzaro was trashing the Daily Planet, but Tim gives a smirk since he knows he's lying.

Beast Boys & Girls

Conner is looking for Tim, when he finds Stephanie as Robin. They get into an argument on where Tim is, before they are stopped by Batman. Kon demands to know where Tim is, but Batman won't give it to him. He says that Conner already has the ability to find him, he just has to use his eyes and ears.

Conner sits on a Gotham building and adjusts his hearing to find Tim's voice and flies over to his apartment. Tim comes upstairs to his room, only to find Conner there insulting his CD collection. He asks what Conner is doing at his apartment and Conner knows he's actually asking how he found him. Conner explains how he listened to all the voices in Gotham and asks if anyone in the city is happy. Tim says that he is, but Conner wants to know why Tim wasn't at the tower, and who the new Robin is. Tim explains that his dad freaked out when he found out he was Robin, and Conner points out that his dad seemed normal. Tim says that he quit, and Conner wants to know why. Tim says that he doesn't have to have two lives or lie to his dad anymore, and Conner says that he can't do this to the Titans and that the new girl isn't Robin. Tim says that he just wants a normal life for once, and that there's still a Robin. Conner asks if Tim approves of the new Robin and wants her on the Titans. Tim says he had nothing to do with her, but that she's a strong and capable woman. Conner realizes that the Robin is Tim's ex Spoiler, but Tim tells him to let it go. Conner says that Tim is his best friend, he can't let it go. There's no Titans without Robin, and Tim says that just because he doesn't wear the cape, doesn't mean they can't hang. Conner says that he's heard that from too many friends he doesn't talk to anymore. They're interrupted by Tim's dad, and Conner quickly leaves before he sees him.

Conner is on the farm when Martha tells him that he's got a call from someone named Tim. He answers the phone and ask what's going on. He hears gunshots in the background, but Tim just tells him that the Titans don't need to clear out his room. He's back, and Conner is happy to hear that.

Titans Tomorrow

A future version of Tim is contacted by Conner, who tells him that someone is on Titans Island. Tim says that the security system should take care of them, but Conner tells him that they got around it and shut it off. Conner says that they're going to pick up Raven and head to the tower, and Tim asks for Bart to pick him up. Conner signs off as Tim disappears into the night.

After picking a fight with their older selves, they head off to their rooms for the night. Conner asks what he thinks it's like outside, and Tim says that he doesn't. They start debating the future, but Tim puts an end to it. Conner says that future Tim as Batman is pretty hardcore, and points out the way everyone acts around him. Tim says that he'll never be Batman and Conner starts to leave. Tim asks where he's going and Conner says that he's going to go speak to his future self, since he might have some idea if the Luthor DNA screws him up. Tim says that he shouldn't do that, but Conner just wants to know if it'll be a problem. Tim still thinks it's a bad idea, and Conner notes his opinion, but goes off on his own anyways.

Conner runs back to their room and tells Tim that they have to go now. Tim thinks that Conner looks like hell, and give him an "I told you so", before Conner tells him that this has nothing to do with his Luthor DNA. Conner then tells him that he saw his future self burn off Deathstroke's arm. Tim is shocked and Conner yells that they're the bad guys in the future.

Conner finds Tim in his room and asks if he can borrow a shirt that doesn't have the House of El symbol on it. Bart wants them all to go out and have fun, Tim thinking that they forget how to do that sometimes. Conner thinks that the future they saw is a sign that they need to lighten up, and they need to stick together no matter what. Tim agrees, and they shake on it.


Tim is alone in his room, when Conner walks in, surprised that he's there. Tim asks what's up and Conner closes the door behind him, asking why he's here. Tim asks why he wouldn't be, and Conner brings up that Tim's dad died last weekend. He asks how Conner knows and Conner explains that Clark told him. Tim asks if he told anyone else, but Conner hasn't. Tim says that he just wants to forget it, but Conner says that he can't forget something like this. Conner reminds him that when they found out he was half Luthor, Tim promised that he'd help him deal with it, and that Conner would do the same for Tim someday. Maybe this is it. Tim doesn't want it, he came to the tower to forget. Conner is going to say more, but they're interrupted by Cyborg calling them.

Lights Out

Conner asks if Dr. Light was the prime suspect in Sue Dibney's murder, which Tim confirms. He starts explaining some rumors in the Supervillain community, when Conner interrupts to ask if Supervillains actually hang out. Tim says that they do, and Conner asks what he heard. Tim explains that Dr. Light used to be a psychopath before something messed him up and made him no longer smart. Cassie asks if the rumors are trues, but Tim says that Batman never knew about it, although Conner says that he says he didn't.

The Insiders

Conner is in the library contemplating his existence when Tim comes in and asks if he's been up all night again. Conner asks if he ever gets used to that, and Tim says that he had to, but Conner doesn't. Conner says that he asked Raven if he had a soul, and Tim asks what she said. He says she didn't say anything, just got flustered. He questions if being a clone means he has one, and Tim insists that he does. Conner thinks that all the human DNA is corrupted because it came from Luthor, and asks Tim to gather everyone downstairs. He's going to tell everyone, but needs a minute to gather his thoughts. He knows that everyone else did, including Tim, so maybe he can, and Tim knows that he can.

After a mind controlled Conner takes out Cassie, Tim shows up and tries to pull him away. Conner then headbuts Tim but Tim keeps trying to fight him. Conner then breaks Tim's arm and Tim passes out from the pain, and Conner flies off.

The Virtual Cell

Tim asks Cassie what's wrong with Conner and they head to the medbay where Conner is gravely injured. Conner asks why Tim is there and not protecting his family in Bludhaven, but Tim says that Conner's his family too, and he should realize that. Conner explains that he doesn't charage as fast from the sun, and Tim realizes that there's a cure in Luthor's lab. Tim tells him that his only job is too hold on till he gets back, and Conner says that he will.

Tim and the other find the cure and return to Titans Tower. Tim then starts to administer it to a comatose Conner and tells him to start getting better. When Conner wakes, Tim is happy that he did the one thing he asked him to. Conner then says that he'll join the others in the fight as soon as he gets better, but wants them to get out there.

Infinite Crisis

Conner dies fighting Superboy Prime and is surrounded by the heroes. Tim finds them all and cries as her runs to Conner's side. He just sobs over his body.

New Teen Titans

Tim walks down to the basement of the Titans tower, and accesses a panel. He asks the computer for a report and it informs him that his experiment was unsuccessful. He tells it to make another attempt as he walks past a case with Conner's uniform, and a computer screen that holds information on Lex Luthor and Clark Kent, revealing that he's trying to clone Conner. He makes several more attempts, but isn't successful and he turns in for the night.

Tim is making several other cloning attempts, but they all fail and he pushes the cloning chamber and breaks it in frustration. He breaks everything in the lab, including punching a picture of Conner when Cassie finds him. She realizes that he was only pretending to be okay, but had been trying to clone Conner the whole time. She asks why he never told her and she said it's because he's failing his best friend. Cassie says that he'd fail because it wouldn't be Conner who came back, but a new clone and Tim yells that they could make him close enough. Tim's lost too many people, he just wanted back one. He just wanted his best friend back, and missed him so much. Cassie says that she misses him too and they kiss, before regretting it. Cassie flies away as Tim looks to Conner's uniform.

Titans East

Tim tells Raven that he wants their family back, but Raven says that she can't bring back Conner. Tim points out that she brought back Jericho, but Raven says that's because Jericho's soul never left. Conner's has moved on. Tim says that they can't give up. The Titans are unifying and Conner will make it complete.

The Titans Of Tomorrow... Today!

As Cassie tells Tim that they have to let Conner go and they kiss, Future!Conner attempts to attack Tim. Future!Tim then steps in front of them and shoots Future!Conner with a kryptonite bullet. Future!Tim says that he's sorry, but he had to. Future!Conner repeatedly says Tim's name as he dies.

On the Shoulder of Titans

As their fighting off the Calculator bots, Damian makes a comment to Conner and Conner asks Tim how he puts up with him. Tim says that he doesn't interact with Damian much, and Conner wishes he could do the same. He refuses to call Damina Robin, because Tim will always be his Robin. Tim says that Conner will always be his Clone Boy, and Conner jokes that they should trade them both for Batgirl.

Step into the Light

The Teen Titans split up, Conner and Tim partnered up. Conner says that Tim should defer to Cassie from time to time, she did a good job leading while he was away, and no longer being leader is probably hard on her. Tim says that he didn't take over, that Cassie asked him to. Conner is surprised and Tim thought she told him. Conner says that she didn't when Tim is attacked by a Tataka. Conner attacks it and tells it to let him go, but the Tataka knocks him to the side.

The Vengeance of Superboy-Prime

As Conner is getting attacked by his clones, Tim says it's like a bad dream. Conner agrees, as Tim and Bart are able to seperate some of the clones. Tim thinks to the last time that Conner fought Prime, and died in the process. Tim had been so devastated that he started to try and clone Conner. He see's with these clones, just how stupid of an idea that is.

Family Reunion

When Rose throws the Kryptonite to Damian to defeat the Conner clones, Tim quickly shields Conner from it and tells him to keep it away from Conner. Conner thinks about how the clones look just like him, but Tim assures him that they're nothing like him. Conner says that he started out the same way, a blank slate, but Tim assures him that who he is now is a person with a family and friends. Conner see's that he has a lot, and plans to keep it that way.


Teen Titans Vol 3

Issue #2

  • Kon says he's going to tell Nightwing about Tim hanging onto Kory, but Tim just says that if he does, he'll die.
  • Tim and Kon save some kids from a collapsing building.

Issue #3

  • Tim tells Kon to show some respect to Jericho.
  • Kon is annoyed with Tim obeying Starfire's orders.

Issue #4

  • Kon and Tim discuss what's going on with Bart.
  • Kon yells for Tim to get down and knocks him away from the grenade.

Issue #6

  • Tim points out Cassie's lipstick on Kon's cheek.
  • Tim tells Bruce that Kon isn't a clone.

Issue #8

  • Kon whispers "Here we go" to Tim as they're about to get another lecture.

Issue #10

  • Kon carries Tim as they fly to follow Beast Boy.
  • Tim sarcastically says it's smart of Kon to leave Krypto in Kory's room.
  • Kon says that it's not that he doesn't like holding Tim's hand, but he doesn't.

Issue #12

  • Kon and Tim both agree to be there to keep Raven in check.

Teen Titans/Legion Special

  • Tim hopes Kon will come home with them when everything is over.

Teen Titans #17

  • Future Tim tells Future Conner to use his Telekenesis to get rid of the younger Titans.

Teen Titans #18

  • Future Conner asks Future Tim if he can end Deathstroke.
  • Tim asks Conner if he's okay, but Conner says no.
  • Conner grabs Tim's hand as he flies off.
  • Conner yells for Tim as he drops him.
  • Tim asks what changed future Conner, and Conner says it was Tim, before knocking him out.
  • Conner says that they have to go back for Tim, and he'll go back himself if he has to.

Teen Titans #19

  • Future Tim gets a comm from Future Conner and asks if he's okay.
  • Conner frees Tim and asks if he's okay.
  • Tim asks if Conner's cool, and Conner says that Batman sucks, but Tim rocks.

Teen Titans #20

  • Tim says that Conner is his best friend, but he's not gonna tell him what happened to his dad.
  • Conner places his hand on Tim's arm to comfort him.

Teen Titans #23

  • Conner questions how Tim deals with Batman.
  • Conner and Tim share a look after all the other Titans share their secrets.

Teen Titans #24

  • Tim tells Conner to fight whatever's controlling him, but Conner can't hear him.
  • Tim calls Dick to tell him that Conner attacked the Teen Titans, all while tears are in his eyes.

Teen Titans #25

  • Cassie asks Tim what happened to Conner, but he just stares out sadly.
  • Tim tells the Titans and Outsiders that Conner is also half Luthor clone.
  • Tim says that Conner is his best friend, and needs his help.
  • Tim tries to remind a mind controlled Conner about how he said they can change the future.

Teen Titans #26

  • Conner thinks about how he hurt Tim.
  • Conner believes that with Tim and everyone else, he was getting to be a better person.
  • Conner apologizes to the dream version of Tim for hurting him.

Teen Titans #32

  • Tim stands over Conner after Cassie saves him from Superboy Prime.
  • Tim asks what's wrong with Conner.

Teen Titans #33

  • Conner tells Dick that when Luthor took him over, he broke Tim's arm, but Dick mentions how many time Conner has saved Tim.
  • Conner thinks about talking to Dick about Tim.

Robin #147

  • Tim says they need to destroy Brainiac before it can destroy Conner's cure.
  • Tim grabs as many possible cures for Conner.
  • Raven reminds Conner that he promised Tim he'd stay alive.

Teen Titans #34

  • Tim shows Vic the statue of Conner and explains how he saved the universe.
  • Cassie asks what Tim did after Conner died, and he says that he trained.

Teen Titans #35

  • Tim has a picture of him and Conner on his nightstand.
  • Tim says that he knows Cassie tried to save Conner.

Teen Titans #41

  • Tim says that maybe Raven can make Conner a new body.

Teen Titans #43

  • Slade brings up how Tim lost Conner.
  • Tim mentions that Match sounds like Conner.
  • Cassie says that Match is a lot like Conner, and Tim knows.

Teen Titans #46

  • Tim says they have to fight Match, no matter how much it hurts to fight a clone of Conner.

Teen Titans #50

  • Conner mentions previously telling Tim that he was gonna skip the Titans that weekend.
  • Tim mentions Conner's death.

Teen Titans #51

  • Future!Bart tells Tim that he successfully clones Conner and Bart.
  • Future!Conner stops Tim from arguing with his future self.
  • Future!Conner asks if Future!Cassie still has feelings for Tim.
  • Future!Tim tells Tim that he'll never replace Conner for Cassie.

Teen Titans #54

  • Future!Tim looks at the clone of Conner.

Teen Titans #55

  • The cover show Conner's shadow between Tim and Cassie.
  • Tim assumes Cassie is going to talk to Tim about Conner.

Teen Titans #66

  • Tim mentions that Aura used to work with Conner.
  • Tim looks at a picture of Conner, and laments that he's no longer with them.

Teen Titans #89

  • Conner mentions that Tim told him about Damian.

Red Robin #20

  • Tim says that Conner is one of his best friends.
  • Conner and the other Teen Titans hug Tim.
  • Conner jokes that they were waiting for Tim's approval to kill Damian.
  • Tim starts to correct Conner on his strategy.
  • Conner says that he missed Tim and his plans.

Teen Titans #92

  • Tim tells Conner to use his heat vision to go through the floor.
  • Conner asks Tim if he should melt the android.
  • Conner likes the idea of "we" and having Tim back on the team.

Teen Titans #94

  • Conner says that Tim is focusing, but the cowl does make him seem more broody.
  • Tim asks if Conner sees any sign of Cassie.
  • Conner says that he doesn't know what happened to Tim.
  • Conner tells "Ravager" that the creatures took Tim.

Teen Titans #96

  • Conner flies Tim down to the ground.

Teen Titans #98

  • Tim tells Conner to focus on the building.
  • Tim points out all the Conner clones in his many era's.

Teen Titans #100

  • Tim asks if they're going to put Prime in the Phantom Zone, and Conner says not exactly.

Young Justice: Invasion

Happy New Year

  • Conner thanks Tim for the distraction.


  • Conner asks when Tim and Cassie became a couple.

Titans Season 3


  • Conner sees Tim on the ground and tells the Titans.
  • Dick has Conner X-Ray Tim, and Conner does so, telling him to bullet went straight through.
  • Dick asks for something to stop the bleeding, and Conner goes through Tim's backpack and gives him a sweater to use.


  • Tim says that he knows all about Superboy.

Purple Rain

  • Tim and Conner stand next to each other while they wait for Dick.


“I think about Superboy, forcing us away from our duty in order to follow his heart. I'm furious with his single mindedness of purpose. At the same time, I envy him his pureness of spirit. I live in a world of grays, but to him it's black and white, right and wrong. I know beyond question that I'm going to die. I'm not afraid of it. Well...maybe a little... I just wish I had the chance to talk with Kon one more time.”
— Tim's Narration; Young Justice #36
Kon“What if one day I just, like, go psycho? What if those genes kick in and...I really do become the bad guy?”
Tim“That's never going to happen.”
Kon“How do you know?”
Tim“Because I am going to be here to make sure.”
— Teen Titans #6
Kon“I was wrong. You're nothing like Batman.”
Tim“I'm nothing like anybody.”
— Teen Titans #6

Behind the Scenes

“Look, I'm fully open to anything. I think that I've said it before. There's a community that has the voice and if we decide to go down that route, I'm all for it. And I want to tell it in a way that is respectful and makes sense. I don't want something that is rushed, because that comes with nothing. I want something that is fulfilling and that the fans can cherish and that they can relat to.”
— Jay Lycurgo on Potential TimKon[1]


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TimKon is fairly popular among comic fans, and has a decent amount of popularity. Fans started to ship the two during the original Young Justice run in the 90s, and quickly became a popular pairing for both. Even becoming more popular than any of their canonical comic relationships.

Many TimKon fans aren't happy with the Young Justice TV Series. This is due to the series never focusing on their relationship and switching up which Robin Conner is closer too.

When Tim came out as bisexual in Batman: Urban Legends, TimKon shippers took this as a sign that the ship could become canon. Others were upset that Tim was in a relationship with someone who wasn't Conner, and thought that it would make the story more impactful if Conner was the one he was dating instead.

On AO3, TimKon is the most written ship for Conner and the second most written for Tim. It is also the ninth most written ship in the Young Justice (Cartoon) tag, the eighth most written in the Batman (Comics) tag, the seventh most written in the Superman - All Media Types and Superman (Comics) tags, the sixth most written in the Super Sons (Comics) and Superman/Batman (Comics) tags, the fifth most written in the Teen Titans - All Media Types and DCeased (DC Comics) tags, the fourth most written in the DCU (Comics) tag, the third most written in the Young Justice - All Media Types, the second most written in the Red Robin (Comics) tag and the most written in the Young Justice (Comics), Teen Titans (Comics), Superboy (Comics) and Robin (Comics) tags.



Tim/Conner tag on AO3
Tim&Conner tag on AO3


  • Batman writer James Tynion IV ships the two[2].
  • Graduation Day writer Judd Winick wrote the two in a closet together, and saw it as an oppurtunity for them to "come out"[3].
  • DC Universe Infinite wrote an article describing Tim and Conner's realtionship as "The Greatest Teen Romance that Never Was[4].




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