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Rip“I can't leave you, Gideon”
Gideon“No, Captain. You can't. I will always be here”
— Prelude[1]

Timeship is the het ship between Rip Hunter and Gideon from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Gideon is the A.I. of Rip's timeship the Waverider. She is only seen as a blue 3D blueprint-textured floating buste, and heard on the ship. However, Rip and Gideon are very close; she is loyal to him and has always been, even though Rip defected from the erstwhile Time Masters and stole the Waverider. Rip is very reliant on Gideon, not only as an assistant but moreso as a kind of friend and, at times, even family.

When Rip is lost to his own mind after having it meddled with by Eobard Thawne, Sara and Jax enter his mind via Gideon to save him and encounter Gideon as a physical human. Jax and Sara succeed in helping an ailing Rip and the "mental" Waverider collapses around them. Rip stays and shares a passionate kiss with Gideon before waking up. When he later interacts with Gideon, she mentions their kiss, indicating that it did take place in some form of reality forged from Rip's subconscious and Gideon's complex 22nd century system.


Rip and Gideon remains one of the most popular ships for Rip, which spiked when they kissed in Season 2. Fans especially deem Gideon the best option for Rip as she is the only one who has been loyal to him throughout, but never afraid to call him on things that don't work.



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