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TodoBaku is the slash ship between Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Katsuki sees Shoto as another rival and someone that he needs to defeat to become Number One. The latter has occasionally shown not to be scared of Katsuki in the slightest, casually making comments that could tick the other off. When Shoto and Izuku talked to each other after the Human Cavalry Battle, Katsuki secretly overheard Shoto's backstory, with a seemingly surprised expression on his face after hearing it. Despite hearing Shoto's tragic backstory, Katsuki showed no sympathy towards him, although his statement about not caring about Shoto's problems or feelings could also be taken to mean he wanted the two of them to be able to fight without being held back by anything. After their battle in the Sports Festival, Katsuki despised Shoto due to him not giving him a battle worthy enough of being called Number One. Katsuki's anger caused him to be fully restrained during the closing ceremony of the Sports Festival so he wouldn't release his fury onto Shoto. His nickname for Shoto is 'Icy Hot' or 'Half and Half Bastard.'

However, Katsuki seems to have let go of his grudge as the two were seen having a normal conversation during their training at the lodge cabin. In other words, Katsuki and Shoto appear to be neutral with each other, with the latter not hesitating to interact with Katsuki in a relaxed way.

In a Season 2 CD Drama, Bakugou and Todoroki run into each other, while the rest of the class goes to a mall as a group (where Deku runs into Shigaraki). While they are having their usual banter, a stranger walks up to them and asks them if they are from U.A. The two start to realize that the stranger is, in fact, a villain. Todoroki attempts to get both of them away from the villain, but they both learn that the villain has a quirk that can make someone, when targeted, stick to anything they touch for as long as the quirk is activated. The villain puts the two in awkward positions and takes pictures of them that he says he will upload to the internet. While Bakugou continues to struggle, Todoroki remains calm. This upsets the villain, providing a distraction for Todoroki and Bakugou to headbutt the villain, which deactivates his quirk.


This ship is not as popular as some other ships in the My Hero Academia fandom, but it still has a relatively large following compared to many and is not considered a rarepair by most of the fandom. Its main rival ships are TodoDeku and KiriBaku.



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