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TodoSoba is the cargo ship between Shoto Todoroki and soba from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Shoto's favorite food is cold soba. It was first revealed while he and Inasa Yoarashi were walking together and he asked Todoroki what his favorite food was.

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He's seen quietly eating soba in the cafeteria with the Dekusquad multiple times as his classmates chatter next to him.

When Shoto's father comes home from the hospital following his battle with High-End, sporting a massive mark on his left eye; Shoto makes one comment about his "nasty scar" and continues to silently slurp soba while staring at his father.

Shoto tends to eat soba silently with a deadpan expression, daring anyone to disrupt his time while eating. His brother Natsuo does the same thing.


In the fandom it's joked that Todoroki's love for soba rivals that of his love for Izuku Midoriya or Katsuki Bakugou, two popular Todoroki ships.

It is a common side pairing, Todoroki's love for soba is often thrown in as an easter egg or joke in fanfiction. It's not listed as an actual ship, but is featured in many popular fanworks.

Todoroki's love for zaru soba stems from his mother making it for him whenever he was sad.




  • Shoto likes cold soba more likely due to his past resentment for fire.
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