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“Ugh... should've known... but with Shoto at U.A. and finally able to see mom again... and now that she's starting to cheer up, since you're making an effort... I thought... I thought we might just turn into a real family...”
— Fuyumi to Enji after Natsuo leaves the family dinner in "The Todoroki Family"

Todoroki Family is the family ship between Enji Todoroki, Rei Todoroki, Touya Todoroki, Fuyumi Todoroki, Natsuo Todoroki and Shoto Todoroki from the My Hero Academia fandom.



A Doctor saying it's taboo to create 'custom' children

The Todoroki family is not a typical loving family, but a forced, abusive, unloving one from the start, Enji marries Rei so he could get a "custom" childrem, and Rei agrees, despite knowing full well that the marriage is a quirk-marriage, she was willing to do that for her family. The biggest conflict of the family comes from Enji's treatment of Shoto and Touya. Ever since a young age, Enji has put them through a inhuman training routine with the intent of raising someone that could eventually surpass All Might. The only difference is Touya willingfully follow his father's training meanwhile Shoto is unwillingly forced to. The Todoroki's family backstory is first shown in Season 2, when Shoto talks to Izuku about his family, it gets more in The Hellish Of The Todoroki Family and the most are after Touya's Hell Dance. Enji used his power as the number two hero to force a marriage with Rei, the only reason he married Rei is that because he want to create 'custom' children with a powerful quirk, which the doctor said it's taboo in the quirk-based society, but Enji keeps on doing it.

Enji was happy even though they didn't have "custom" quirks

First of all, he have Touya as his first child, Touya... isn't particularly the child Enji dreamed to have, but he was good enough for him since he have more powerful fire than his flames. Enji placed his ambitions on Touya's shoulders due to the more powerful fire quirk he inherited, the time Touya notices that he was hurt by the fire, Enji thought it was him who could be the one to reach Enji's eternal goal (Surpassing All Might), his frustration, his envy, the ugliness in his heart, Touya could have been the one to smash it all to dust. However, Enji notices that Touya's body has keep on having scars in every training, burnt scars. This is because meanwhile Touya have a powerful fire quirk, Touya's body can only handle freezing temperature, making his skin weaker than normal people to fire, if only Touya have an access to Rei's quirk (Which is ice), he can be strong and can handle the fire. Meanwhile Enji still yearned for a child that have combined quirk of ice and fire, Rei wanted another child, with the reason that she thinks they can supports each other that way, and after that, Fuyumi was born, she have an ice quirk, not like what Enji was hoping for but he was nevertheless happy with her existence.

Touya being disappointed with Fuyumi's answer

But due to Touya's fragile skin, the training that Enji gave to Touya stopped. Touya throws tantrums and being mad at Enji for suddenly changing his mind, while Enji just replies that it's for Touya's own good. Touya still stare at Enji with a stubborn angry look while Enji started to sweating. Touya talks to Fuyumi, telling her that well, yeah he got hurt, but its just a little burn scars, he think that he knows his body more than anyone! Fuyumi, while keeping on munching her snacks, answered that she don't like it when her brother get hurt either. Touya glares at her and gets off from the couch, walks away from the room while shouting at her about her not knowing anything because she is a girl. Fuyumi shouted back and tells him that she is just worried, that's all! Touya replies with tears on his eyes and a vengeful glare that he already got in his head that he need to surpass 'the other guy' (All Might) and it's Enji's fault, Enji is the one who lit that fire inside him.

The Todoroki Family starts to crumble apart

At night, Enji told Rei something, which made Rei reacts in disagreement, telling him that it's too much and it would be too cruel, especially when Touya knows that Enji is hoping to achieve through the children. So it's safe to assume that Enji told Rei about stopping his training for Touya. Enji, with frustrated look replies that no matter what he say, Touya always came back with fresh burns everyday. Enji knows that Touya inherited 'that pigheaded stubbornness' from him, so that's the only way to make Touya gave up, since he will not be the one to surpass All Might, making Rei's worried face turned into a terrified look. After that, Natsuo was born, Enji tries to have a new replacement for Touya and Touya knows it so well, so he isn't very happy meanwhile Fuyumi is happy. All Might keeps on being on the top, Enji became more frustrated, Rei started to lose her sanity and the Todoroki Family starts to crumble apart, until Shoto was born.

Touya attacking infant Shoto

Dejected, Touya tearfully trains in a forest with his fire, telling his father to look at him because of how powerful his flames already are even though his father isn't present. Enji tells Touya to stop because he is covered in burns and tells him to look beyond the world of being a hero and do things like play with his siblings or make friends at school, saying he can understand that and one day it will all be a distant memory. Touya, however, with tears flowing from his eyes, tells Enji that everyone at school wants to be heroes themselves, and he can't understand what it is like to give up because he has him as a father. He lit the fire in him to surpass All Might and it is not going out, just as he calls him by his hero name "Endeavor" rather than with "father". He tells him to look at him before he charges with his flames activated at his mother carrying an infant Shoto, Fuyumi pushes Natsuo away with her to avoid the dangerous action their older brother do.

"Heroes? Aren't you just running away?"

After that accident, Enji told Rei that he will keep Shoto away from his siblings (Touya, Fuyumi and Natsuo). He told her that he is to busy with work to look after him 24/7. Which is why, he have hired someone to help, and he told Rei to not take her eyes off of Touya. Rei, with sleeping Shoto next to her, replies that Touya only wanted Enji to look at him (Acknowledge him, etc), for Enji to notice him. With darkness in his face, Enji replies that all he can show anyone is world of heroes. Rei glares at Enji, "Heroes?" She repeated. "Aren't you just running away?" she continues, making Enji sweats and widens his eyes.

Touya notices Enji dragged Shoto away

Timeskip to 5 years later, Fuyumi and Natsuo walked up to Touya whose sitting in front of a computer, wanting to play with him. Touya agrees and then they played ball together. Meanwhile they played balls together while being watched by their maternal grandma, Shoto, from 2nd floor watched them in jealousy, wanting to play with his older siblings. Enji suddenly showed up and drags Shoto's hand away from the window, telling him to not look at his siblings because 'they belong to a different world than him'. Shoto begged him to let him play with his older siblings just that one time, "Lemme play with Touya and them!", Endeavor, still with his cold tone replies "No" and tells him that it's time to train his output capacity. Touya notices that and glares towards Enji.

Touya spill out his feelings to Natsuo

That night, Touya talks about how he pitied Shoto to Natsuo, he admits that it's his fault one time when he attacked infant Shoto, 'Little Shoto' didn't do anything wrong, but their father, Enji is to blame too! Enji won't even pay attention to them because they're 'Failed Creations'? Touya thinks it's crazy, he asked sleepy Natsuo is that what modern heroes are all about, making all these kids (The three) they don't even need? Natsuo replies by asking Touya to bug their only-sister, Fuyumi instead. Tears formed in Touya's eyes even more and with a pained heart he replies with a surprised expression that he was surprised that even Natsuo, the only person who understood Touya in the Todoroki Household telling him to buzz off, and asking if he agrees that all the women in their household are good for nothing.

Touya telling Rei is guilty with venom in his words

The next day, Rei caught Touya that are planning to run off to 'that' mountain (Sekoto Peak) again to train his fire quirk. She told Touya to just hang out with his classmates once in a while. Touya replies that he don't need friends, stating that they live in different worlds. Rei asked did he really want to be a hero, not just feeling responsible. She tries to open Touya's eyes that there's so many countless available paths opened for him, telling him to look beyond his father, and she was sure if he do that, he will find what he really want to become. Touya glares at her and asked what the hell do she knows, he sarcastically asked with venom in his words, asking where did she got 'that tid-bit', some self-help book? He knows, he knows about Rei's parents, which also means Touya's maternal grandparents and about them being very poor... so they had to sell Rei off to Enji to get money. He knows that Rei have no choice. Rei's eyes widens even more in shock, sweats appearing on her face, and Touya continues by saying that is how he was born, and then turns around to face Rei, telling her that she is guilty too. Rei keep staring at Touya in horror while repeatedly saying his name. The fire... won't go out.

Touya wanting to show Enji is new moves, making Enji mad at Rei

At winter, Touya were 13 that time, Touya were practicing his fire at Sekoto Peak, there's a description that mentions that Touya was always small because he came out of the oven a little too early, but at long last, he had a growth spurt. Touya believes that it's just a bodily process, he is sure his father will be proud of his flames turning from orange to blue. He started to tear up because he got worked up. One day, Touya invited Enji to go to Sekoto Peak the next time Enji got a day off. Enji's face hits in realization and suddenly lifts up Touya's body, there's visible scars on his body, burn scars, and it's still new. Enji angrily cursed and asked "Again?!", Touya, still with the same excited look he have since he first talked to Enji, telling him that what he can do that time is really cool, so he tries to assure Enji that he needs to come to see. Touya rubs his neck, saying that he might be as awesome as his younger brother, Shoto sooner or later. Maybe he will even be better than 'that' All Might someday, then he believes that Enji gotta give him some respect.

That night, Enji furiously shouts at Rei, asking why didn't she stopped him, cursing and saying that's all Enji asked her to do. Little Shoto tries to defend his mother, telling Enji to not bully his mom, telling him to stop being mean to her. Enji shouted at him telling him to get out, telling him that it's none of his business meanwhile Natsuo and Fuyumi hurdles up together in fear, Fuyumi closes her and her younger brother's ears with tears in their eyes. Rei replies that she cannot stop Touya due to his stubborn personality. Touya runs to Sekoto Peak in sadness because of this. He sat on a rock and starts crying, while he told himself to stop crying already, and suddenly, under his eyes, he just summoned fire. His whole body got all burned, he can't stop the fire, even if he wanted too, because all Enji ever taught him is how to turn up the heat, not how to cool the heat off. His fire burned the whole place and the only thing left from his 'dead' body is his jaw.

After that, because Enji thinks it's already too late, he then focuses all his power in training Shoto. Rei became more frustrated, making all that Shoto sees was his mom always crying, until he caught his mom boiling water in a kettle while talking to his maternal grandmother a.k.a. Rei's mom. Rei notices Shoto was there and then pours all the boiling water on Shoto's face, and then tries to heal it with ice after realization hits her. That's what made the scar even worse.

The Todoroki's Deeptalk

Both Enji and Rei admits that they don't know what to say to Touya to stop him using his fire. Fuyumi admits that she knew that their family was already broken, but she was too scared to interfere. All she could do was to try to fix things up was to keep us appearances. Natsuo admits that yes, Enji was the root of cause, but if Natsuo slugged Enji in the face and made him have a few serious talks with Touya, 'Dabi' would never come. Rei made the conclusion that Enji is not the only one whose responsible, and now, all of them have to take responsibility of what comes next. Enji watches in shock and questioned is Rei really the woman he married? Shoto told Enji that if he is done grieving, stand up, because they all needs to stop Touya. The entire Todoroki Family is ready to help Enji defeat 'Dabi', despite the fact that he's connected to them by blood as Touya. Hawks and Best Jeanist is willing to help.

Chapters & Episodes

Chapters and Episodes that are made special for the Todoroki Family




“Ugh... should've known... but with Shoto at U.A. and finally able to see mom again... and now that she's starting to cheer up, since you're making an effort... I thought... I thought we might just turn into a real family...”
— Fuyumi to Enji after Natsuo leaves the family dinner in "The Todoroki Family"
“I've been dreaming the same dream every night. My wife and children... sitting happily around the dinner table. But I'm never with them
— Enji reasoning about building a separate home for Rei, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto to live there while Enji still staying in the old home

“Can't wait to see their pathetic mug. I've... waiting too damn long for this. Enji Todoroki. Mom. Fuyumi. Natsu. And Shoto. Take a real good look at me. In the depths of hell.
— Touya regarding his family


Due to Enji's past abuse and neglect to his family that ended up 'killing' Touya, the fandom didn't really like it. But some part of the fandom sees the part where Enji really, really tries to fix himself for his family, and they ended up liking this. They are usually featured in a comedic family animatic videos. There have also been AUs of Enji releasing the mistake of his actions a lot sooner than he did on the manga, as him working to fix them when his children were little allows Shoto and his older siblings to have a much happier childhood. Along with preventing Rei's mental break down and Touya from becoming Dabi. Many people who didn't really pay attention thoughts that Enji, other than forcing marriage upon Rei, also raped her to have child, meanwhile Rei willingly have one.



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