TogaDeku is the het ship between Himiko Toga and Izuku Midoriya from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Himiko appears to have a crush on Izuku, because she had seen him in the same description of the "type" of boys she likes and wanting to cut him up to make him suit her taste more.

Himiko's crush on Izuku becomes stronger, bordering on an obsessive level. This was evident when she entered the Pro Hero License Exam disguised as Camie. She went on her own to engage against Izuku one-on-one. From the moment she saw him to the end of their fight, throughout their interaction and even during the entire exam, her main interest was solely on Izuku.

The entire interaction with him during the exam was based on her own self-interest with the evidence being that neither Atsuhiro Sako nor Shigaraki Tomura knew of her motives or whereabouts for a couple of days.

When they met again in Internship Arc, she seems to be overly glad that Izuku remembered her name and expressed desire to see him bruised and bloodied up again.


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The pairing has some popularity, but it is less common than TodoDeku, as shown by the fact that Google asks if you meant TodoDeku, when searching TogaDeku.



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