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Togafuka is the het ship between Byakuya Togami and Touko Fukawa from the Danganronpa fandom.


Toko has a one-way obsession with Byakuya. Byakuya does not reciprocate her feelings and is annoyed by her behavior. He often commands Toko to do a variety of tasks, which she blindly carries out. She entrusted her secret of her split personality, Genocide Jack, with Byakuya, who traitorously revealed her secret to the rest of the students during the school trial for Chihiro's murder. Despite this, she remained madly in love with him. She defends him if she feels that anyone is insulting him, even when that is obviously not the case.

Even after Byakuya becomes slightly nicer after the Killing School Life, he continues to treat Toko harshly, as she continues to give him unwanted attention. Toko begins to visualize Byakuya being shirtless and imagines her fantasy of being with him as a couple which Byakuya sensed it and feels grossed out. However, he is grateful after she and Komaru rescued him in Another Episode and trusts them to defeat Monaca in Danganronpa 3.

In the Danganronpa V3 bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, her attraction to him is almost psychotic, she, very openly, stated that was turned on by the thought of being his doormat.


The ship sailed as a result of Toko's canon obsessive attraction to Byakuya. However, it received a mixed reception from the fans. The haters of the ship often wish Toko would stop being obsessed with Byakuya and stand up for herself. Its supporters root for her to eventually win the heart of her beloved and enjoy every little moment when Byakuya is nice to her.

A lot of fans abandoned the ship because of the way Byakuya treats Toko (aside from an occasional moment of "Throw Dog a Bone"). This was especially the case when in Chapter 2 Byakuya exploited Toko's secret of having an alternate personality with a serial killer to frame her during the Class Trial to make things more interesting. The ship has sunk for a lot of fans even more with Ultra Despair Girls giving Toko a best friend with whom she got a much more popular ship.

In fan fictions, their relationship tends to be portrayed like a canon one, Toko gets to win Byakuya's heart or sometimes she ends up losing her interest in him (often for Komaru).


“If it's wh-what Master wants, I'd do anything h-he asks.”
—Toko ready to do anything for Byakuya, in Chapter 4 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.
“Byakuya said he...l-likes a girl to have some meat o-on her bones, so... I'm g-gonna start eating! I'm gonna force it d-down into my stomach! I'm gonna eat till I d-drop!”
—Toko decides to eat more for Byakuya.
“What I share with her isn't just knowledge. She and I also share emotions. If we didn't, there's no way we'd both love Master.”
—Genocider Jack and Toko sharing their love for Byakuya, as the former says in Chapter 4 of Ultra Despair Girls.
Toko“Master and I are rock solid. Even if we're apart, our feeling towards each other will never change.”
Byakuya“...Yes, that's correct.”
Toko“...Huh? Master Byakuyaaaaaaa!”
Byakuya“It's true, what you said. Even if we're apart...My feelings of disgust toward you will never change.”
— Toko and Byakuya once Byakuya is found in the Epilogue.
“Fine. I'll partner with you. For just a little while. At least until I've repaid the debt I owe to Toko and your sister.”
—Byakuya to Makoto in the Epilogue, acknowledging he owes Toko for saving his life.
“I... I can't lose this battle... Master Byakuya wants my help, and that almost never happens.”
—Toko in the subbed version of Future Arc's episode 7.



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  • This ship shares many similarities with Sonda, as both feature a perverted person with an obsessive one-sided attraction to a person from a noble family. Both members of both ships also survive their respective killing games.