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Togahina is the het ship between Aoi Asahina and Byakuya Togami from the Danganronpa fandom.


A conflict quickly developed between the two as a result of their contrasting personalities, with Aoi being more friendly, emotional, and caring in nature, whereas Byakuya is more logical and egoistical. Aoi never liked the way Byakuya talks about the killing game as if it was a game for fun, while Byakuya considered her to be one of many annoyances in the group.

The conflict became heated in Chapter 4. Having stood up against him, Monokuma reveals Sakura's role as the traitor to the whole group as a motive. Byakuya isn't happy to learn that one of the players had an advantage in the game and says that she cannot be trusted, as the whole betraying Monokuma could've been staged, as well as that he couldn't care less if Sakura dies as a result of being targeted by the motive. In response, Aoi slaps Byakuya, telling him he should've been the one to die. Togami is among the three students who distrust Sakura as a result of the motive and who, in turn, are disliked by Asahina, Sakura's best friend. In fact, her hatred for the Ultimate Affluent Progeny was the most intense of the three. After Sakura's body is discovered, Aoi doesn't want to let the trio who didn't like her investigate. Byakuya accepts leaving Toko and Yasuhiro out, claiming they wouldn't be of much help anyway, but demands to let him investigate, which Kyoko Kirigiri and Makoto Naegi agree to because he's been one of the most active participants at Class Trials; which makes Asahina reluctantly agree to his terms as well. During the trial, Togami suspects Hina of being the culprit behind Sakura's murder, using the fact that they were best friends as a cover. Being motivated by what turned out to be a fake suicide note written by Monokuma, Asahina pretends to be the killer, wanting her hated trio to die alongside her (as well as Makoto and Kyoko) for driving Sakura to suicide. Once the truth that neither of them expected came out, Aoi and Byakuya's conflict toned down. In fact, it was both Sakura's and Hina's willingness to sacrifice their own lives that inspired Togami to bow out of the killing game and work with the group to take down the mastermind instead.

In the following chapters, their relationship becomes a more toned down version of its initial status. While not exactly on friendly terms yet, the two work together and have grown closer to each other, as well their other fellow survivors.

Future Arc reveals that Byakuya has grown to genuinely care about his fellow survivors, with them also appreciating him more in return; with Aoi being no exception. At one point, she and Makoto contact Togami through Miaya Gekkogahara's laptop. Both are relieved to see him. Meanwhile, he informs them that no broadcast of the newest kiling game has been made, but keeps the information that Miaya is actually Monaca's robot to himself, so as to not risk their lives. Aoi is able to understand Byakuya's way of cheering up Makoto, when he claims the latter is hard to kill and he wouldn't want him as his enemy. When Togami promises to come to their rescue, Asahina is excited, saying this will be like Class 78th's reunion after the years.

Hope Arc reveals both are working together, along with their fellow survivors and Komaru, to rebuild Hope's Peak Academy.

They have one event together, which they also share with Makoto, in the non-canonical bonus mode - Ultimate Talent Development Plan. In it, they both come to the Ultimate Lucky Student to invite him to a party. However, as Togami soon translates, Asahina doesn't just want Naegi to come, she actually wants him to plan the whole event, stating that everyone in their class likes him, so there would be more chances of everyone coming if he was the one to invite them.


Danganronpa 1 Bad Ending

Byakuya and Aoi's son among her other children in the Bad Ending of Danganronpa 1.

Just like Makoto and Yasauhiro, Byakuya has a son with Aoi in the Bad Ending of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. In this timeline, the murders have stopped after Kyoko's execution and the remaining survivors accepted living together inside the academy for the rest of their lives. Byakuya and Aoi's son resembles his dad, with his hairstyle being just a shorter version of his father's. Just like him, he also wears glasses. Interestingly, judging by the kids' age, Togami was the first one to have a kid with Asahina.

However, it should be noted that the events of the Bad Ending were soon revealed to have happened only in Makoto's imagination when he wondered what revealing Kyoko's lie would cause.



Byakuya“In fact, if she did die, that would settle this entire issue, wouldn't it? It would put the whole problem to rest! [Hina slaps Byakuya] What the hell...?”
Aoi“You disgust me! You''re a monster! To say something like that... It should've been you. You should've been the one to die!”
Byakuya“I should've died...? Interesting. Then are you planning to take care of that yourself? Go ahead. Try it, if you dare. That's how it works here, after all.”
Aoi“You think I can't do it?”
— One of the conversations resulting in the conflict between the two in Chapter 4.

Ultimate Talent Development Plan

Byakuya“Don't get ahead of yourselves. Hina is just speaking for me.”
Aoi“Geez, I told you that you're invited, too!”
Byakuya“What nonsense. If you really wanted me to go, I could go.”
Aoi“The Byakuya from the other class gathered all his classmates for a party, though...”
Byakuya“ Don't compare me to him.”
— Aoi and Byakuya's banter while inviting Makoto, in their Seasonal Event with Makoto, in Ultimate Talent Development Plan.


The ship sailed as a result of the intense conflict between the two among those who enjoy Foe Yay dynamics. The fact that it was the most heated conflict among the three that Aoi had in Chapter 4 further helped for such fans. However, both those and the fans who prefer to ship characters with positive interactions appreciated the fact that the two grew closer to each other over the time, as shown in Future Arc.

While it has a fair amount of fan fictions written about it, Togahina remains as one of the less popular ships for both characters included. This is mostly as a result of the conflict between the two, as well as both having much more popular ships among their fellow survivors and not only, such as Sakuraoi and Naehina for Aoi or Togafuka and Naegami for Byakuya.



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  • Both, along with Kyoko Kirigiri, got a fake death in the second main installement they appeared in:
    • Byakuya had one when Ultimate Imposter, in his disguise, died in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
    • Aoi had one as a result of Monaca's prank in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy/Future Arc.



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