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Togaraka is the femslash ship between Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Ochako and Himiko have few interactions and most are hostile. Both have confirmed to have feelings for Izuku Midoriya and have a bad home life. Himiko has admitted that she loves Ochako in the same way as Izuku and wishes to be her. While on the side of Ochako, she shows fear of Himiko's murderous nature and wishes to stop her.

They contrast a bit physically; Ochako is brunette, Himiko is blonde; Ochako has round eyes, Himiko's are sharp; Ochako's hair is neat and straight, Himiko's hair is messy and spiky; Ochako's perpetual blush stickers are cute and innocent while Himiko's perpetual luminescent blush alludes to her depraved blood lust.

While Ochako has noted that Izuku is a little "plain-looking", her feelings for him are healthy and she loves his desire to save people, unwillingness to ever give up, and resourcefulness in every situation- and she wants to be like him. Himiko, on the other hand, thinks Izuku is cute and her feelings are mostly twisted, as she loves that he's always getting himself bloodied up and she wants to literally kill him and be him.

Ochako is relatively slow, but she's strong and durable for her size and she's a bare fisted monk who can tank a few strong hits and relies on restraining opponents. She also can easily end most fights by touching her opponents only once to make them float helplessly. Himiko meanwhile is very fast and agile, but she's a weak knife nut who would rather dodge her opponents than take a hit, and she aims to kill when she fights. She has little one hit KO potential outside of stealth and usually has to cut her opponents up a lot before she wins. Finally, Ochako's new grappling hooks nicely mirror Himiko's needle hooks, and they even trade blows with them in their second fight


Himiko first encounters Ochako while fighting her and Tsuyu Asui. Upon meeting her, Himiko proclaims that she is cute and lovely. Himiko says that Ochako has the same scent as her. Ochako uses her martial arts and apprehends Himiko. After being subdued by Ochako, Himiko says that they are in love with someone. Himiko tells Ochako that she knows how she feels because they are girls; Himiko begins talking about people who are in love strive to be like the ones they love. Himiko's talking enrages Ochako. Himiko notes that love stories are fun and uses her machine to stab Ochako's leg, who was unable to stop her due to being caught off guard with Himiko's talking. Himiko begins draining Ochako's blood. Suddenly, the Bakugou Escort Team arrives and sees Ochako. Himiko stops draining Ochako's blood and pushes Uraraka aside, not wanting to engage a large group of enemies and not wanting to die. After that, Himiko confesses to the rest of the Vanguard Action Squad that she made a friend.

During the Provisional Hero License Exam, Himiko disguised herself as Camie Utsushimi so that she could infiltrate during the Exam and confront Izuku. When she's at a safe distance, she used some of the blood that she stole from Ochako at the Forest Camp and realizes that Izuku really trusts Ochako.

Before the League of Villains battle against the Meta Liberation Army, The League attempts to defeat Gigantomachia for over a month. As Tomura Shigaraki and other Villains take on the giant, Himiko is out of turn with Spinner and, while wearing a jacket that she bought with the little funds she received from the doctor (Daruma Ujiko), Himiko tells Spinner that she loves how cute are the jackets that she often wears, then confesses that she loves Stain, Izuku, and including Ochako and that all she wanted was to become the things that she loved.

While headed to Deika City with the League of Villains for the battle against the Meta Liberation Army, Himiko gets attacked by landmines which "Curious", a prominent member of the Meta Liberation Army, had placed the mines with her quirk "Landmine". Chitose Kizuki (Curious) threatens Himiko by saying that if she didn't participate in her "interview", her life wasn't going to be very long, but Himiko rejects the threats and keeps attacking the woman, but for her bad luck, Himiko gets caught by one of Chitose's allies that electrifies Himiko. Himiko tries to escape but gets trapped by Curious and her allies again and Chitose tells that she was an unfortunate girl, which Himiko gets angry and then escapes by disguising herself as Ochako while saying for herself that it was supposed that everyone had to smile when they're happy, as well when you kiss people that they like. Himiko then says that she drinks the blood of those who Himiko liked, and with that, she wasn't unhappy. Curious then gets surprised to the point that she wants to cry about Himiko's quirk, Himiko then says that she had only a portion of blood and points that Ochako trusted Izuku so much that Izuku does the same to her, and Himiko says that she wanted to be near the person she loved. Before getting attacked by Curious, Himiko suddenly realized that she could use Ochako's quirk (Zero Gravity), which she then used to kill Curious and his allies.


Later in the Paranormal Liberation War, Himiko is thinking about Twice's death and wonders where the heroes draw the line. She expresses how she wants to ask Izuku and Ochako this when she sees them again. Soon, she gets to see Ochako and so she fights with her while talking about how happy she was to see Ochako. She then tells Ochako that she used her blood to transform as her and also used her quirk for killing Curious before, and about how much she liked Izuku. Ochako gets mad at this, saying that she didn't have to use her quirk for bad things, and how she wanted to be a hero that wanted to save other people. Himiko then takes something from Ochako, who then tells Himiko to return when she activated her quirk. After dealing with Himiko, Himiko said that she was holding back all the time since she was young, Ochako then replies that she would make Himiko take responsibility for her acts. Himiko then affirms Ochako's words and then leaves the place, thanking Ochako for the answer. Ochako then points out that she could notice that Himiko was crying and seemed worried about it.

After the War, when civilians are against Deku entering the U.A., Ochako is forced to give a speech to help him and while she was giving her speech to the civilians she hesitates after saying "So that tomorrow, we can all smile together" because she remembers Himiko crying. While on the side of Himiko, she was still devastated by Twice's death and Ochako's words, as she was seen sad several times and it took several days to fix her thoughts before returning to the rest of the Villains. Due to this, she no longer focuses on Ochako, and later on Midoriya after he answers the question Himiko has asked Ochako in their second encounter. It is shown that Himiko may no longer harbor feelings for Ochako.


it is considerably popular. A lot of its popularity was sparked by the creator confirming Toga's feelings for Uraraka. It is commonly rivaled by either IzuOcha for Ochako and TogaDeku for Toga.

It is the second most written Ship for Himiko, the third most written Femslash Ship for Ochako in AO3.



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“And regarding Ochako and Toga, I have a scene that I’m itching to draw. Frankly speaking, Toga is a character that was created specifically for Ochako. And I’ve developed Ochako match Toga”
— Horikoshi's Jump Festa 2022 Message[1]




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OchaHimiDeku refers to the ship between Toga, Uraraka, and Izuku Midoriya
OchaHimiDekuTsuyu refers to the ship between Toga, Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui and Izuku Midoriya
HimiTsuChako refers to the ship between Toga, Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui


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